Bold House Pest County

Bold House in Pest County

While luxury was an underpinning facet of the Bold House, designed by B13 architect Ltd, it was a careful, tactful understanding of moderation that has helped turn it into something noteworthy.

Veres Residence in Budapest

Veres Residence in Budapest

Designed by István Bényei – B13 architect Ltd Veres Residence, a house and garden suitable for family life and social life with a beautiful western-facing panoramic view in a small town belonging to the suburbs of Budapest.

I am a monument by Josep Garriga + OfficeShophouse in Hungary 2018

Hello Wood Cabin Fever

Hello Wood Cabin Fever – students from 65 universities mentored by architects participate in International Summer University and Festival to build moveable, liveable and unique tiny cabins.

Great Hungarian Plain House

House in the Great Hungarian Plain

Hungarian architects built a house which took the classical cross-section and layout of a traditional farmstead and reconstructed it with a modern eye in the Great Hungarian Plain. That unique merge is expressing the contemporary need of smart integration of traditional values that come from folk inspiration.

Campus in Kecskemet

Campus in Kecskemet, Hungary

Design: Lima Design, Architects

The shape of the buildings is in a modern organic form, located within an existing park with 50 year-old trees. A special blind system connects into the intelligent electrical system.

Long Brick House in Hungary property

Long Brick House in Hungary

Long Brick House in Pilisborosjeno, Pest County,: Hungarian residential development – design by Foldes Architects – Pilisborosjeno residence, Hungary brick property: contemporary residential building in Pest County: architecture, architect info + photos