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20 Feb 2017

Furniture Design News

Villa Harnischmacher II, Germany
Villa Harnischmacher ii
image courtesy of architects
Bauhaus Masterhouses Dessau,
An iconic Bauhaus villa in Wiesbaden’s city centre by Marcel Breuer in 1954 sets the ideal stage for the tubular steel furniture that he designed in the late 1920s for the Frankenberg-based company.
These classic Breuer designs are supported by a sympathetic cast of contemporary designs from the Thonet portfolio. The bungalow is Breuer’s only existing example of a residential home in Germany and is considered an outstanding work of modern architecture. The clear, open and simple design of the Thonet furniture harmoniously merges with the elegantly discreet and highly functional layout of the house.

10 Nov 2015

Design of closet unusual. Very creative!
Via: Archiproducts

Website: Contemporary Furniture Design – cabinet

14 Sep 2012

Furniture Design – Latest Collection

Herman Miller Announces Select Edition 2012
Eames LTR, for limited time, in Ray Eames colors

Eames LTR furniture
image copyright Herman Miller
Herman Miller Furniture
Starting in October, Herman Miller will offer a special limited run interpretation of its classic Eames Wire Base Low Tables (Eames LTR) in three colors that pay homage to Ray Eames on the 100th anniversary of her birth. Although it is difficult to distinguish the individual contributions of a creative duo such as Charles and Ray Eames, Ray clearly brought a gift for color. Herman Miller has chosen three bold colors for this years Select Edition program that were Ray’s favorites and used on the exterior panels of Case Study House #8, which she and Charles designed. The tables will be sold through the Spring of 2013, and then cease to be produced, giving these tables added appeal to collectors.
Please note these tables will only be available in the US and are not being shipped out to other countries.

6 Jul 2012

Recent Furniture Design Collection

Estudio Carme Pinós presents their first furniture collection, Barcelona, Spain
Estudio Carme Pinós furniture collection OBJECTS
image : Estudio Carme Pinós
Carme Pinos furniture collection
Named OBJECTS, it is composed of versatile pieces that are easy to assemble. The collection is sold exclusively on-line, has been manufactured entirely in Spain and features the architect’s flair for creating extremely light yet solid structures.
Architect Carme Pinós has presented her collection OBJECTS, eleven pieces of furniture and shelving elements that are true to the spirit of the project – functional, attractive pieces at an accessible price. According to the architect, the project was born out of her – and her friends – everyday needs.

18 Jun 2012

Contemporary Furniture News – Design Copyright

Information provided to e-architect:

The Government has recently announced a change in the Law for Design Copyright from 25 years of first production to 70 years from the death of the Author.

This means designs already out of copyright for 30 years will be given back protection.

The largest sector affected with be the Furniture industry where iconic pieces of furniture now affordable through reproductions will no longer be available.

we believe the law perhaps should be changed from the day it is passed to all designs going forwards or from 1988 (covering items just reaching 25 years).

However, it should NOT be applied to anything that precedes this date as the protection has already long run out.

Giving back this protection will damage legitimate business leaving thousands out of work in the UK and gives a monopoly to the handful of companies who are allowed to buy licenses to sell these designs at inflated prices.

Online petition: Contemporary Furniture Design Petition

Contemporary Furniture Design – News

La collection Essences
Jean Nouvel, architect
Furniture Design by Jean Nouvel
photo © Jean Nouvel Design

Furniture Designs by Jean Nouvel – 7 Jun 2012 – text in French only

PH Lamps

Unusually Large Vintage Poul Henningsen PH-6 1/2

Creator: Poul Henningsen
Period/Style: Mid Century Modern
Country: Denmark
Date: c. 1960’s

Large Vintage Poul Henningsen PH-6 1/2 Large Vintage Poul Henningsen lamp Large Poul Henningsen PH-6 1/2 Vintage Poul Henningsen PH-6 1/2

Description: Amazing and extremely rare extra large-sized vintage PH-6 1/2 with white finish. Provides uniform 360 degree glare free illumination. The design of the shade creates indirect light for both horizontal and vertical surfaces within a space. Glare from the neck of the lamp is screened by an adjustable anti-glare ring. This fixture was designed to be mounted up high and become an alternative to the domestic chandelier.

26″Dia X 20″H
66cm Dia X 50.75cm H
Condition: Good original condition
Number of items: 2
Update: sold

14 + 13 Jan 2012

Seating Design

Archetto, Pitti Uomo, Florence, Italy
Design: Sybarite Architects
Archetto Florence furniture design
photograph : Cristiano Corte
Archetto Firenze
Presenting a solution for communal seating which is adaptable on many levels, the Archetto was initially designed for the Buyer’s Club at the 2011 Pitti Uomo, a large fashion trade fair held in Florence, Italy. The brief was to make the best use of a small temporary space, to give substance and luxury to what could otherwise be boring and nondescript.

Furniture Designs

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Furniture Design. We try to include only the best, most interesting Furniture Designs!

Latest Architectural Products + Contemporary Furniture

Ben van Berkel / UNStudio design
SitTable UNStudio design
photo : Roel van Tour / Pim Top<


FLAKES designer chairs and tables
Design: Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen K/S, Danmark
You can now customize your very own FLAKES designer chairs and tables straight from the manufacturers, courtesy of an ingenious 3D web tool.
Schmidt Hammer Lassen Furniture design
picture from architects
The idea is the brainchild of leading Danish architectural practice schmidt hammer lassen and Finnish furniture manufacturer Piiroinen, who together dreamed up the idea of allowing private customers to create their own unique designer furniture.
Flakes Designers Chairs

MYchair, Walter Knoll
Design: Ben van Berkel
MYchair, the new lounge chair from Ben van Berkel / UNStudio, is an example of architect-designed contemporary furniture. MYchair is the first chair designed by Ben van Berkel/UNStudio and is described as a real architect’s chair.

MY chair furniture design
image from designer
“The architectural approach to furniture is different from that of the industrial designer as the architect begins with the space and the environment that the chair will become a part of. All the details of the chair are considered for their spatial effects. This architectural approach to furniture is connected with a very personal ideology of space.” – Ben van Berkel
Walter Knoll chair

Genesy lamp for Artemide
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Genesy lamp
picture from architect

The lamp’s structure increases in complexity as it rises from the floor. Like a growing organism, the central support sprouts branches that adopt a greater radial geometry to enhance the dynamic tensional forces of the structure. Nature continues to inform the design as these branches frame voids, enhancing the contrast between positive and negative, convex and concave, tension and compression.
Genesy lamp

Kanera sink : GRAFT
picture from architect

Ambar Light Fitting : Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
Ambar Light Fitting
Ambar light fitting photo © Reggiani

Arzu Rugs : Hope by Designers Rug
Arzu Rug design
picture from architect

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LACOSTE footwear : Zaha Hadid
LACOSTE footwear
picture from architect

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