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We select key examples of French Buildings. The focus is on contemporary French buildings.

French Building Designs from D-F

Recent additions to this page:

Drulingen Family Creche, near Strasbourg, eastern France
Design: Fluor Architecture
Family Creche Drulingen France
image from architect

Drulingen Family Creche – 1 May 2013
The family creche is both a living space where the children thrive and a workplace for the staff. The building is the set for this environment in every aspects and needs but also in its poetical dimension.

The Beam, Villeneuve d’Ascq, north east France
Design: MVRDV
Villeneuve d’Ascq Masterplan
picture © MVRDV

Villeneuve d’Ascq Masterplan – 21 Mar 2013
MVRDV win Competition with ‘The Beam’, Marking the Urban Renewal of Villeneuve d’Ascq, France. Development corporation ADIM Nord with MVRDV and de Alzua+ have been announced the winners of an urban renewal competition in the French town of Villeneuve d’Ascq, beating four other entries. An iconic building, The Beam, will hover over the motorway signalling urban renewal and acting as visual reference point for the town’s centre.

Dijon Mustard Lab, eastern France
MVRDV, Architects
Dijon Mustard Laboratory building
photo : MVRDV

Dijon Building – 12 Jul 2012 – award 11 Dec 2012
MVRDV has completed transformation of a disused Dijon Mustard laboratory into an large call centre – 600 work spaces – with an education centre, incubator and social program. For these Dutch architects it represents an “exemplary project” : transformation through reuse is one of the contemporary issues in European architecture since the current crisis.

European International Trade Centre, Lorraine, north east France
Design: McAdam Architects
European International Trade Centre Terra Lorraine
image from architects

European International Trade Centre – 27 Nov 2012
The European International Trade Centre Terra Lorraine (ITEC) is a 6m sqm retail & logistics complex. The trading city will comprise up to 3 million sqm of flexible retail space including 4 expo halls of 250,000sqm, hotels and accommodation for 40,000 visitors and staff, 500,000sqm of logistic storage, and a new customs clearance terminal. A new passenger railway and goods rail connections are planned.

Ecole Maternelle, Nimes, southern France
Design: Tectoniques
Ecole Maternelle Nimes
image © Jerome Ricolleau

Ecole Maternelle Nimes – 20 Sep 2012
A large part of the programme is placed on the first upper floor to comply with flood protection requirements for the area. As a result, the architecture is unique among the design schemes produced by the firm. The building seems to float a few metres above the ground, like a vessel hovering at the height of the roofs of the surrounding houses.

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French Buildings – Outwith Major Cities

Buildings in France, D-F, alphabetical:

Docks Quay Rambaud, Lyons
Design: Odile Decq Benoît Cornette
Lyons Docks building
image © Odile Decq – Labtop

Lyons Docks building

EDF Campus Saclay, Paris
Design: ecdm
EDF Campus Saclay
picture from architects

EDF Campus Saclay

EHPAD Grenoble + Mervans, s.east France
Design: Tectoniques Architectes
EHPAD Grenoble Mervans
image from architects

EHPAD in Grenoble + Mervans

ENERGY + office building, Paris
Design: SOM Architects
ENERGY + building Paris
image : pmBdesign

ENERGY + office building

Follies Poissy, northern France
Design: AWP + HHF
Follies Poissy
image © AWP – HHF, Sbda

Follies Poissy

Fondation Imagine, Paris
Ateliers Jean Nouvel / Valero Gadan
Fondation Imagine Paris
image © Ateliers Jean Nouvel / Valero Gadan

Fondation Imagine Paris

Fonderie Center, Mulhouse, eastern France
Atelier Zündel Cristea
Mulhouse Building
ves et Romain MARCHAND et MEFFRE

Fonderie Center

FRAC Centre Garden, Orléans
Bassinet Turquin Paysage – design
FRAC Centre Garden design
image from landscape architects

FRAC Centre Garden

FRAC Centre Orléans, northern France
Jakob+MacFarlane Architectes
FRAC Centre Orléans
image from architect

FRAC Centre Orléans

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French Buildings – No Images

French Buildings – D-F:

Dance Centre, Aix-en-Provence
Rudy Ricciotti

Primary School, Daours, nr Amiens, Somme, Picardie
Ian Ritchie Architects
Picardie school building

Delcourt House, Croix, Nord
Richard Neutra Architects

E1027, Roquebrune-Cap Martin, south of France
Eileen Gray

Electricity Pylons for the EdF
Ian Ritchie Architects
French pylon designs

Espace Corbusier, Firminy
Le Corbusier

Evry Cathedral, Essonne
Mario Botta

Fluy House, nr Amiens, Somme, Picardie
Ian Ritchie Architects
French house

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