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Barcelona Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

UIC Barcelona School of Architects Exhibition

How to achieve balance in Northern Poblenou, Barcelona

The UIC Barcelona School of Architecture rethinks the concept of the “22@ district” twenty years after its initial creation and presents new proposals in the old factory in Poblenou, Ca l’Alier

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9 Jun 2019
Soler de Vilardell Nursery and Primary School, Sant Celoni
Design: FORGAS Arquitectes
Soler de Vilardell Nursery and Primary School in Barcelona
photo : Simon Garcia

Soler de Vilardell Nursery and Primary School in Barcelona

24 May 2019
Mesura Office, Carrer de Gomis
Design: Mesura – Design and Architecture Studio
Mesura Barcelona Office Interior
photo : Iris Humm

Mesura Barcelona Office Interior
What do we require from a space when we come into work?

17 Dec 2018
Tánger 66, Poblenou
Architects: BuckleyGrayYeoman, UK
Tánger 66 Barcelona
photo © Peter Landers

Tánger 66 Barcelona
Located in the 22@ innovation district in Poblenou, a former industrial area that is the subject of one of Europe’s largest regeneration projects, Tanger 66 has repurposed a mid-century industrial building to create more than 8,400 sq m of workspace.

23 Jul 2018
Lycée Français Maternelle, Carrer de Munner
Design: b720 Fermín Vázquez Architects
Lycée Français Maternelle, Barcelona School Building
photograph : Simón García

Lycée Français Maternelle
The existing school was the result of additions of temporary buildings over many years around two villas of the early twentieth century. The new set brings forward a dialogue between the historical school and the new one.

11 May 2018
Born House Apartment, heart of the Ciutat Vella district
Architects: Gokostudio
Born House Apartment in Barcelona
photo : Valentín Hincú

Ciutat Vella Apartment
The residence is located close to the former Born market, in a fashionable neighbourhood.

25 Mar 2018
The Student Hotel Campus, Marina and Poble Sec districts
Architects: Masquespacio
The Student Hotel Campus in Barcelona
photography : Luis Beltran

The Student Hotel Campus
The Dutch hotel group, which provides a unique co-living and co-working hybrid, opens its first two student-only Campus properties.

18 Jan 2018
Paisos Catalans Square, Premià de Mar
Architect: VSarquitectura
Paisos Catalans Square in Premia de Mar
photography : Arnau Solé / Vopi-4 / Lappset

Paisos Catalans Square in Premià de Mar
Premià de Mar is a town nearby Barcelona, it use to be a fishermen and little manufacturing town, nowadays struggles to keep its personality without becoming another Barcelona suburb.

17 Jan 2018
Cabrils Secondary School near Barcelona

9 Jan 2018
iGuzzini Ibérica SA Headquarters in Barcelona

7 Jan 2018
Barceloneta Market, Plaça Poeta Bosca
Architect: Josep Miàs
Barceloneta Market
photo from architects

Barceloneta Market
When Josep Miàs was a student at the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB), Barceloneta was the subject of much conversation. Restaurants on the beach which later disappeared… narrow streets, cramped flats, the clothes hanging out on the balconies, the shops, the artisans’ workshops… and its people, who talked, and still talk, fast and loud.

10 Nov 2017
Persiana Barcelona Rope Blind
Design: Pau Sarquella i Carmen Torres Arquitectes
Persiana Barcelona Rope Blind Vinçon
photo © Joan Guillamat Castells

Persiana Barcelona Rope Blind
A sustainable, innovative and modern piece that responds to various problems and requirements. Usón and Sarquella have developed a high quality design maintaining a process of artisan production that pays special attention on preserving tradition.

2 Nov 2017
Vallès Oriental Residence, Maresme Mountains, Catalonia
Design: YLAB Arquitectos
Vallès Oriental Residence Catalunya
photo © Eugeni Pons

Vallès Oriental Residence by the Maresme Mountains

22 Oct 2017
Ciutat Vella Apartment
Architects: YLAB Arquitectos
Ciutat Vella Apartment in Barcelona
photograph : Tobias Laarmann

Ciutat Vella Apartment in Barcelona
This space was presented to the public during the last Barcelona Design Week 2017.

20 Sep 2017
Solo House II
Architects: Kersten Geers and David Van Severen (Office KGDVS)
Solo House II near Barcelona by Office KGDVS Architects
photo courtesy of Thonet / Solo

Contemporary Catalan House near Barcelona
A portfolio of daring holiday home architecture in the midst of the Catalan wilderness – French real estate developer Christian Bourdais is currently realising this dream.

7 Sep 2017
Green Space in Badalona
Design: peris+toral.arquitectes
A green space in Badalona
photo © José Hevia

Badalona Play Area Landscape
peris+toral.arquitectes architecture practice has designed a project to reorganise the green space situated between Avinguda de Mònaco and Carrer de Verdi in the town of Badalona, a site which provisionally hosted Santa Coloma’s Fondo Market.

7 Sep 2017
Aura’s Insurance Company Building, Barcelona
Design: Pich Architects
Aura’s Insurance Company Building
photo © Simón Garcia

Aura’s Insurance Company Building in Barcelona

4 Aug 2017
Restaurant Marea Alta in Barcelona, Edifici Colón, Ciutat Vella
Thonet All Seasons Chairs in Barcelona Restaurant
image courtesy of architects
Restaurant and bar by Spanish star chef Enrique Valentí on floors 23 to 24 of Edificio Colón Building on the Avinguda de les Drassanes.

2 Aug 2017
Poblenou Apartment in Barcelona

29 Jul 2017
La Calma House near Barcelona
Architects: Ramón Esteve Estudio
La Calma House
image courtesy of architects

La Calma House is placed in a small town close to Barcelona. Its site is located in a forest area with a very steep slope and an abundance of pine, oak and olive trees.

18 Jul 2017
ENIGMA Restaurant in Barcelona
Design: TheSize
Enigma Restaurant in Barcelona
image courtesy of architects

The design aimed to ensure the perfect outcome for his passion project. The chef wanted to create and immersive environment to captivate his guests. The chef’s style of cooking and menu is heavily influenced by the surroundings, hence, the interior had to reflect that.

13 Jul 2017
Aribau Apartment in Barcelona
Design: YLAB Arquitectos
Aribau Apartment
photograph : Tobias Laarmann

Located in the traditional Barcelona Ensanche area, this apartment shows some typical traditional aspects such as a long, narrow and partitioned layout from façade to façade with hydraulic tile flooring, and wall and ceiling moldings.

13 Jun 2017
Deposit of King Martí in Barcelona
Deposit of King Martí
photograph : Simon Garcia,
The idea was to find out what happened with the deposit of the King Martí, an old deposit of water retention in the original property of the tower and viaduct of Bellesguard, designed by Antoni Gaudí.

28 Mar 2017
Urban Beach Home in Barcelona
Design: Egue y Seta, architects
Urban Beach Home

Forty square meters allow for much when you´re talking about two. Two inhabitants, two guests or two months maximum period of summery stay.

6 Mar 2017
Mediterrani 32 in Sant Pol de Mar
Architects: Estudi Isern Associats
Mediterrani 32
photo : Adrià Goula

The project for this house emerged from a very simple premise, to build on a very steep piece of land with a gradient of almost 100%, boasting wonderful views and on a tight budget.

Barcelona Architecture News – chronological list

Barcelona Architecture News up to 2017

page updated 29 Dec 2016 with new photos
Ninot Market Barcelona, Calle Mallorca 135
Design: Mateo Arquitectura
Ninot Market Barcelona
photograph : Adrià Goula

Ninot Market in Barcelona
The architects have conserved and repaired the beautiful structure that supports that roof. Beneath, the solution was to dig into the site to introduce new services that complement sales activity: logistics, parking, installations.

15 Nov 2016
Punta Brava 4, Sant Feliu de Guíxols
Design: DNA Barcelona Architects
PB4 Villa
image from architects

PB4 Villa in Sant Feliu de Guíxols
This outstanding property is ideal to be valued by those who want to enjoy absolute privacy in a quiet neighborhood. Sitting in the middle of a lush green plot, the property boasts magnificent tree-lined areas and a breathtaking panoramic vista.

26 Sep 2016
La Massa Theatre, Vilassar de Dalt, comarca of Maresme, province of Barcelona, Catalonia
Date built: 1880-81
Design: Rafael Guastavino Moreno, master builder
Teatre La Massa Vilassar de Dalt
photograph : Simon Garcia |

Teatre La Massa, Catalunya
The most distinguishing feature in this Catalan building is the 17-m diameter Catalan vault over the main hall. It features a 4-m diameter oculus in its centre and small peripheral vaults supported by cast iron columns that create the perimeter boxes of the hall.

11 Oct 2013
Banc Sabadell Tower Block Entrances
Design: Josep Lluís Mateo
Banco de Sabadell Barcelona
photo © Adrià Goula

In Josep Lluís Mateo’s own words: “the space is black but full of life, veined with colour”.
Banc Sabadell Tower Block

17 Sep 2013
Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel
Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel
photo © Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Emporis Skyscraper Award 2012 shortlisted

11 Jun 2013
BruumRuum!, Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes – Article by Milos Stipcic for e-architect
Design: David Torrents, artec3 with MBM, architects
BruumRuum! Barcelona
photo : Milos Stipcic

BruumRuum! Barcelona
A few months ago the large public space around Design Museum has been opened to the public: it consists of two plateaus. One is the picturesque lower part with sculpturally shaped fountain, stairs and platforms creating dynamic scenes with the building and opening new views to the existing Agbar tower, showing diversities in urban typology of this zone.

10 Jun 2013
Nou Mercat dels Encants Barcelona – architecture article for e-architect
Design: architect Fermín Vázquez, studio b720
Nou Mercat dels Encants Building
photo of the new market as it nears completion

Nou Mercat dels Encants Barcelona
“The wider zone of the Glories square has drawn lots of attention in the last few years as a transportation hub of Barcelona being at the same time a contemporary architecture hub (with buildings like Agbar tower, Design Hub, Mediacomplex 22@, Diagonal 197 and soon-to-open Encants market). This isn’t a surprise having in mind the role and even geometrical significance of Glories square as the core of the urban concept of Barcelona….”

29 May 2013
Barcelona Design Museum
Barcelona Design Museum Building
photo © Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre
Barcelona Design Museum
Key new building designed by this established Catalan architecture practice.

17 May 2013
Pomaret Houses, Collserolla / Barcelona
Design: Picharchitects
Casa Pomaret
photo : Simon Garcia

Pomaret Houses

14 May 2013
La Selva Show Villa, Catalonia
Design: Studio RHE
PGA Catalunya Villa Spain
image from PGA Catalunya

PGA Catalunya Villa
Overlooking the perfected landscape of the PGA golf course we described a simple arced line in the landscape. This line of local Catalan stone creates a strong visual and structural anchor throughout the site for the contemporary house design, as sculpture in the landscape.

12 Oct 2012
Salon Central, Sant Boi de Llobregat, south west Barcelona
Design: Batlle Roig Architects
Salon Central
photograph : Jordi Surroca

Salon Central
The Saló Central area is located in the junction of two axis which have a significant importance in the city of Sant Boi de Llobregat: Santa Creu de Calafell road (C-245) and Josep Mariages avenue. These two axis have different characters. The C-245 road is one of the most important interurban roads in the region, having a very strong industrial character but at the same time experiencing very important transformations towards a more urban, green, residential and pedestrian character. On the other hand, Josep Mariages Avenue will soon become an important north-south pedestrian connection.

4 Oct 2012
Escola Bressol Jardins Malaga – Barcelona Nursery Building
Design: Batlle i Roig, arquitectes
Escola Bressol Jardins Malaga Barcelona Nursery Barcelona
photo from architects

Escola Bressol Jardins Malaga
The redesign of the Malaga gardens, located in the block interior bounded by Nicaragua, Berlin, Numancia and Avenida Josep Tarradelas streets, in Barcelona, promoted the allocation of a small site for the construction of an education facility: a nursery. The rectangular shaped site is attached to a dividing wall one of its long sides closing the block interior, and faces the gardens on the other.

4 Oct 2012
Can Bisa, Vilassar de Mar, Catalonia
Design: Batlle i Roig, arquitectes
Can Bisa Vilassar de Mar House Casa Vilassar de Mar
photograph : A. Flajszer

Catalan Housing
Can Bisa is a late-19th century mansion now owned by Vilassar de Mar Council. Situated on the Riera de Cabrils watercourse, it occupies part of a street block that used to include a factory, now demolished. Its historic and heritage value and the strategic position it occupies in the town as a whole led the Council to consider it the ideal venue for a cultural facility, completing the complex with a social housing block.

23 Jul 2012
School CEIP Josep Guinovart, Castelldefels, Catalunya
Design: Pich-Aguilera Architects
CEIP Josep Guinovart
photo : Simon Garcia • arqfoto

School CEIP Josep Guinovart
The proposed implementation of the project responds clearly to the specific characteristics of the site. The developed project incorporates favourable solutions and spatial relationships to external and internal requirements for an educational activity. The proposed solution for the whole building is to divide it in two sections each one associated with a teaching activity; the kindergarten is organized in one story building and located in the south part of the site, and the primary school program is distributed in two stories in the north.

Casa Renau + Casa Prat
Rob Dubois
Casa Renau
Casa Renau
picture from architect
A high wall of almost 6m at the back of the site is the cause that the house is organized sideways towards the only free side of the plot where there are no obstructions in sight on short distance.

30 Apr 2012
Casa Prat
Casa Prat La Roca del Vallès Property House Barcelona
picture from architect
A simple geometry and a concept with references to a rocky world as a tribute to the nearby mountains considered for a generous house with an extensive program (790 m² built between basement, groundfloor & first floor), situated on a hill with unbeatable views towards this group of mountains that form the Montseny.
Barcelona Properties

24 Nov 2011
House 712, Gualba, northeast of Barcelona
Casa 712
photo : Adrià Goula Sardà

House 712

15 Nov 2011
IMO Instituto de Microcirugía Ocular Ronda de Dalt
Josep Llinàs Carmona architect
Ocular Microsurgery Institute
photograph : Julio Cunhill

Ocular Microsurgery Institute

5 Nov 2011
Cloud 9 – World Building of the Year 2011
Media TIC
photograph from architect
Media-ICT Barcelona

17 Aug 2011
Barcelona Architectural Photos
Barcelona Pavilion
photo © Adrian Welch
Barcelona Architectural Photos

8 Aug 2011
Porta Fira Hotel
Toyo Ito & Associates / b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos
Porta Fira Hotel
photo from FCC

Porta Fira Hotel wins Gold Emporis Skyscraper Award 2010

Torre Diagonal Zero Zero
EMBA – Enric Massip-Bosch
Torre Diagonal Zero Zero
photo : EMBA

Torre Diagonal Zero Zero

New Offices for the CTTI of “Generalitat de Catalunya”
Marc Casany Estrada, ACXT Architects
CTTI Offices
photo : Eugeni Pons

CTTI Offices
The project consists of the rehabilitating and reform of an existing building to convert it in the new offices of the Centre for Telecommunications and Information Technologies (CTTI) of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia – Spain). These offices were built to group all the IT and telecommunication services of the Government of Catalonia. In its design has prevailed the most representative values such as innovation, technology, communication and service.

Torre Plaza Europa
Roldán + Berengué arqts.
Torre Plaza Europa
photograph from architect

Torre Plaza Europa

Galería Il•lacions : Barcelona’s first design gallery
Barcelona design gallery
photo from gallery
Barcelona design gallery

Hotel for Telefónica Company, La Roca del Vallès
Batlle & Roig Architects
La Roca del Vallès Hotel
picture from architect

Hotel for Telefónica Company

OAC Girona, Catalonia
OAC Girona offices
photograph : Santiago Garcés

OAC Girona

World Architecture Festival – WAF
three-day event in Barcelona : Prix de Barcelona

Nou Camp stadium redevelopment
Nou Camp stadium
image : Foster + Partners
Nou Camp stadium – reports advise building proposal abandoned
Barcelona Architecture News : Nou Camp

La Gardunya, Barcelona, Spain
Estudio Carme Pinós
NoLa Gardunya Barcelona
picture from architect

La Gardunya Barcelona

Mediacomplex 22@
Patrick Genard and Carlos Ferrater
Mediacomplex 22@
photo : Alejo Bagué

Mediacomplex Barcelona : European Copper in Architecture Awards – Shortlist 2009

News re Antoni Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona
Sagrada Familia, Gaudi:
Sagrada Familia
photo © Adrian Welch
UNESCO has added four Barcelona buildings by architect Antoni Gaudi to its list of World Heritage sites: the Nativity Façade and crypt of the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, the crypt of Colonia Güell and Casa Vicens.
Other Barcelona buildings by Antoni Gaudi – Parque Güell, Palacio Güell and Casa Mila – were listed in 1984.

Barcelona Architecture Symposium
CCCB: Rem Koolhaas / Michel Houellebecq
Barcelona Architecture Symposium

Zaha Hadid Building : Edifici Campus
mixed-use office + exhbition + University buildings adj. Forum Barcelona

Location: Barcelona, Catalonia, North East Spain

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