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Custom Home Design Challenge, Bahamas

Design Competition in Bahamas, Lucayan Archipelago: Caribbean Architecture Contest News

12 Feb 2009

Bahamas House Competition

TITLE: Custom Home Design Challenge, Bahamas

Bahamas Home Competition

BRIEF: The objective of the architectural competition is the design of a 7,000-8,000 square foot multigenerational home on the waterfront in the Bahamas. The architectural ‘guideline’ for the home design should be one that stimulates and delights with its unique ideas, exotic details and classic emphasis, and harmonizes indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Bahamas beach

CATEGORY: International

TYPE: Open, two stage

ELIGIBILITY: Professional Architects, Interns, Architecture and Design students

TIMETABLE: January 30 – March 30, Question & answer period
April 17, submission deadline for Stage 1
May 25, announcement of winners & finalists from Stage 1

Bahamas beach Caribbean


AWARDS STAGE 1: First Place US $12,000
Second Place US $5,000
Third Place US $2,000


Location: Commonwealth of The Bahamas, Lucayan Archipelago

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Bahamas Home Design Competition

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