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Sustainable Housing Student Awards

Sustainable Housing Competition Exhibition : CUBE Gallery, UK

7 Mar 2009

Nationwide Sustainable Housing Awards Student Competition Exhibition of competition entries

Sustainable Housing Competition Exhibition

Venue: CUBE Gallery, 113 – 115 Portland Street, Manchester
Dates: 20th March to 18th April 2009On display at the CUBE gallery are all the entries to the Nationwide Sustainable Housing Awards competition 2008-09, including the winners and those shortlisted.

Nationwide’s new annual design competition is open to undergraduate architecture and design students and is run in conjunction with RIBA Competitions. Proposed to run for three years, the theme for the 2008 – 09 awards was ‘Sustainable housing in an Urban Environment’ with sub categories of new build and communities & neighbourhood. In sponsoring this competition Nationwide seeks to encourage architects, designers and homeowners of the future to take account of social, economic and environmental sustainability.

As the third largest mortgage provider and the biggest lender to Registered Social Landlords in the UK, Nationwide has a strong interest in housing issues. The Society is committed to supporting sustainable and affordable housing for all, and is confident the new competition will stimulate and reward innovative thinking about how people can live more sustainably in the future.

The Nationwide Sustainable Housing awards were presented on 2 February 2009 at the RIBA in London by Wayne Hemingway who also opened the first exhibition. This exhibition is now travelling to the CUBE Gallery in Manchester. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the exciting and varied range of competition entries.

Nationwide Sustainable Housing Awards Student Competition Exhibition information from RIBA 070309

Location:113 – 115 Portland Street, Manchester, UK