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House on Bondi Beach, Sydney

Contemporary Sydney Waterfront Property in New South Wales, Australia – design by Tony Owen Architect

26 May 2008

Bondi Beach house

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Design: Tony Owen NDM

Bondi Beach House Bondi Beach Home Sydney House Sydney Home Sydney Home

Wave Rider House

The Wave Rider House by Tony Owen NDM is the companion house and is being built next to the iconic Wave House designed by Tony Owen and built in 2005. The form of the house is a response to the owner’s love of motor boats and it owes its form to the lines of the modern motor yacht.

When new owners of the Wave House purchased the site they decided they needed more space for a growing family. They purchased the property next door and commissioned the original architect to design an extension. This extension contains entertainment areas and a new master bedroom and swimming pool. It also contains a unique al fresco outdoor living and dining area with an out door kitchen.

The design process employed new 3-D modeling technologies to explore the spatial possibilities of the design concept. Using Maya, the team moulded the program and spatial relationships with the morphology of modern boat design to create a unique, striking and very functional design that blends inside and outside whilst maintaining a strong relationship with the existing house.

Bondi Beach House – images / information from Tony Owen NDM Architects

Bondi Beach Property design : Tony Owen, architect

Location: Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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