Kangaroo Valley House, Australia: New South Wales Home

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Kangaroo Valley House, NSW

Rural New South Wales Residence, Australia – design by Turner + Associates

2 Jan 2008

Kangaroo Valley House


Architects: Turner + Associates

Photographs © Brett Boardman

Kangaroo Valley House, NSW

New South Wales Residence

Location: Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia

Kangaroo Valley House Kangaroo Valley House Kangaroo Valley House

Kangaroo Valley House is sited near an escarpment edge and surrounded by a rugged bushland context. A meandering approach road allows a gradual revealing of the house that appears defensive and deceptive in scale.

Kangaroo Valley House Kangaroo Valley House Kangaroo Valley House Kangaroo Valley House

The house is made up of a family of containers, roofed and open to the sky. The geometry of the house is simply orthogonal forming quietly arranged spaces within a dramatic natural landscape. The simplicity of the spatial configurations and overall form belie the ability of the building to offer different living patterns that respond to seasonal and diurnal changes.

Outside the winter months, the terrace, living volume and southern external courtyard represent an extended flexible living space, orientated north south, whilst in the colder months, living is internalised in an east west direction with open fireplace as the focus.

Kangaroo Valley House Kangaroo Valley House Kangaroo Valley House Kangaroo Valley House

Concrete is used as a robust material where connections to the ground are made echoing the massive organic rock shelf formations. Copper is used as a crafted and patinaed surface the colour of which makes a connection the hues of the surrounding tall Bloodwood’s and Stringybark’s. Timber is used on the external living surfaces as a rich but domestic contrast to the cladding and structural materials.

Kangaroo Valley Residence – Building Information

Use: Residential
Site Area: 100 hectares
Gross Floor Area: 325 sqm
Architects: Turner + Associates
Location: Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales, Australia

Photographs: Brett Boardman

Kangaroo Valley House photos from Turner + Associates 111207 & 020108

Kangaroo Valley House design : Turner + Associates

Location: Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia

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Kangaroo Valley House, NSW, Australia

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