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What to look for in a new house

Article – 23 May 2012

What to look for in a new house

Searching for a property is such a personal thing, as we are choosing a private space that we will usually be spending most of our time in. When it comes to the inside of a property, imagine how you would use the space and what it feels like to be in the rooms. This helps you to hone in on the right one for you.

One aspect to think about is stairs. Whether you are looking at flats or houses there are usually stairs of some kind present, so consider whether these are practical for you. Look especially at the width of the stairs. If you have young children, will you be able to carry prams and toddlers up and down them easily? If they’re steep and narrow, will you feel safe and comfortable with them? This may not bother you at all, but just have a think about it.

Another aspect is windows; what view do they give, and are they overlooked by neighbors or not. In built up areas there is usually some element of overlooking, but blinds and drapes can easily provide attractive screening. Just check this out to make sure this factor is within your comfort zone.

Take a look too at how the rooms in the property flow together. If bedroom doors open out into the living room would that work for you, or do you really need a bit of a corridor in between? It’s always worth remembering that you have complete freedom to use rooms in any order you like; that’s part of the joy of owning your own property. Don’t view the use of rooms by the present occupier as the only possible layout; this is simply their own personal style, and you can easily re-arrange and change this once you move in.

You can find information for inspiration on different houses by visiting an estate agents, or through sites such as findaproperty.com. That way you can see what kind of properties are available, and see if you could get inspiration for yourself.