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Professor Nigel Coates Named Winner of the RIBA Annie Spink Award 2012
Nigel Coates
picture : Sophie Laslett
Professor Nigel Coates6 Nov 2012
The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has named Professor Nigel Coates as the winner of the 2012 RIBA Annie Spink Award for Excellence in Architectural Education.
The biennial award, established in 2000 by architect Herbert Spink FRIBA as a lasting memorial to his wife Annie, was conceived as an honour for the ‘advancement of architectural education’. It is open to individuals who have made a significant contribution to architectural education.

London Design Festival Event
Nigel Coates to present ‘Baroccabilly’ at the Thurloe Street space in the London Design Festival, Sep 2010

Nigel Coates – Key Projects

Major Developments by Nigel Coates, alphabetical:

Geffrye Museum Extension, Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, East London
Date built: –
Geffrye Museum
picture from Nigel Coates
Nigel Coates : Geffrye Museum

NC Middle and Over Wallop restaurant, Glyndebourne, south England

Glyndebourne restaurant
photo © Charlotte Boulton

National Museum of Pop Music, Sheffield, Yorkshire, north England
– ; closed
Nigel Coates Architects
National Museum of Pop Music
photo © webbaviation
The Hubs Sheffields

Jigsaw, 31 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, southwest London, UK
Date built: 1991
Branson Coates Architecture Ltd
Jigsaw Brompton Road
photo © Adrian Welch

More projects by Nigel Coates online soon

PLUMP Scubism sofa Nigel Coates for Fratelli Boffi
PLUMP Scubism sofa
image from architects

PLUMP chair + Baroccoco mirror Scubism Coates for fratelli Boffi copy
PLUMP chair
image from architects

Pouff CICCIONA Scubism Coates for Fratelli Boffi copy
Pouff CICCIONA Scubism
image from architects

Scubism collection Coates for Fratelli Boffi copy
Scubism collection Coates
image from architects

Location: London, England, UK

Nigel Coates Practice Information

Architect office led by Nigel, based in British capital in Wapping, London E1

London Architect

Professor Nigel Coates was born in 1949 and studied firstly at the University of Nottingham before continuing his training at the Architectural Association. In 1983, during his tenure as a Unit Master at the AA, he set up his subversive magazine NATO (Narrative Architecture Today) where he espoused his approach to architecture and the concept of narrative.

Central to his exhibitions and monographs was the idea of narrative, through which architecture could interact with popular culture and experience. With this in mind he formed Branson Coates Architecture and began working in Tokyo, which eventually led to his 1990 Japan Inter-design Award for Cities.

In 1995, he became Professor of Architecture at the Royal College of Art and concurrently taught and designed, producing interiors and buildings, most notably the Body Zone in the Millennium Dome and the Museum of Popular Music in Sheffield. In 2008 he became Art Director for Slamp SpA in Rome creating products, collections and exhibitions in Italy, France and the UK. He is now an RCA Professor Emeritus and was awarded the FX Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to Design Award in 2012.

Nigel Coates’s publications include the Guide to Ecstacity (2003), Collidoscope (2006) and Narrative Architecture (2012).
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