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26 Feb 2017

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Motion sculpture: English National Ballet, London, England, UK

This is a motion sculpture at the new home of the English National Ballet in East London.

An assemblage of three delicate elements slowly transforms itself playing out a graceful balletic motion in the square.

The sculpture consists of three, twenty-metre-long carbon fibre spars, connected via rotating axis points, enabling the sculpture to move in a subtle dance-like motion.

The project was developed in collaboration with robotics specialists, aerodynamic engineers and specialist art fabricators.

The practice has made a short animation of the sculpture which you can view by clicking the link below:

Motion Sculpture at the new home of the English National Ballet from Ian McChesney on Vimeo

Recent Designs by McChesney Architects

‘Memorial to those lost at sea, Valentia Island’, Republic of Ireland
27 Feb 2013 – This is a recent proposal for a memorial to those lost at sea off the Island of Valentia off the Republic of Ireland.

About the piece:
We see mooring bollards at quay-sides all over the world, universal symbols of travel, solemn monuments to journeys. They are the last land-based object the sailor touches on departure and the first he-or-she touches on arrival.

Memorial to those lost at sea, Valentia Island
image : Ian McChesney

I recently made a piece of work based mooring bollards entitled ‘Arrival and Departure’ for Plymouth University, to represent its marine history and the journeys both metaphorical and physical of the students.

My proposal for Valentia adopts a similar theme. While in Plymouth I adopted a pair of forms representing journeys completed, a single form is proposed for Valentia representing journeys incomplete, there has been no arrival.

A single, solemn form is proposed, redolent of a mooring point it is a monument to those who have untied from this island and never come back. It is poised to reach out to sea and sky, its large grey surface somehow alluding to the vastness of the ocean. It awaits forlornly for those lost who are never to return.

The monument would be hand sculpted from Valentia Slate or Kilkenny limestone, both of which have a grey colour. At the lower end would be a simple inscription. The top flattens like an altar to form a place where people might lay flowers or offerings.

It is intended to be a very simple, beautiful object, hand-crafted from the highest quality Irish stone. It is not figurative but a symbolic piece, from it people can form their own interpretations. Through its elegance and abstract nature it can appeal to many people in a variety of different ways.

‘Out of the Strong Came Forth Sweetness’, The Angel Building, London
Design: Ian McChesney Studio
Out of the Strong Came Forth Sweetness
image : Ian McChesney

McChesney Architects – Major Design
Out of the Strong Came Forth Sweetness is a stunning new sculpture by Ian McChesney for the Angel Building in London. The shape of the piece was generated by allowing treacle to fall from a spoon – the resulting form is then inverted. The unit comprises an oval seating area from which extends a narrow twenty two metre high spar – that’s over 5 double decker buses. The title is taken from the motto on the Lyles Black Treacle tin which, in turn is a reference to a story in the Old Testament. It is fabricated from carbon fibre which is both strong and very light enabling it to be incredibly slender. At the foot of the piece is a seating area upholstered in leather by designer Bill Amberg.

Key Projects by McChesney Architects

Built Projects by Ian McChesney, alphabetical:

Avenham Park Pavilion, Preston, Lancashire, England
Avenham Park Pavilion
photo from architect
Avenham Park Pavilion

Blackpool Wind Shelter, Lancashire, northwest England
with Atelier One
Blackpool buildings

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