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ZAC Seguin Housing, southwest Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt / France
MCBAD Colomer Dumont

ZAC Seguin Housing
photo : Stephane Chalmeau – Colomer Dumont MCBAD

ZAC Seguin Housing – Collective Housing
The project take part of the master plan “ZAC Seguin” located on the lands once occupied by Renault car factory. The building is located in macroBlock A2 coordinated by the swiss architects Diener & Diener. The project is characterized by the interplay of tensions between the mass of the six buildings built on the edges of the plot and the central void. Exterior spaces of the block are configured by public circulations and crosses. Four of the buildings extend inside the block composing a set of tensions drawing the central void.

Digital Art Centre, Zaragoza, Spain
MCBAD Colomer Dumont

Digital Art Centre Zaragoza Digital Art Centre Spain
images : Colomer Dumont MCBAD

Located in an exceptional site between the city entry, the new high speed train station and the campus, the project responds to topographical and accessibility constraints that give it a unique character. 1_Station entry : Direct link to the train station line Madrid Barcelona by the public footbridge accessible from the terrace of the building. 2_City entry : Visibility from the highway at the entrance to the city 3_Campus entry : Opened access to all the programs from ground floor level of the Milla Digital Campus

The Digital media transforms the concept of art and technology. The purpose is not to create a space to exhibit the works of the time but to think about a flexible space to expose the future.

The compartments interfering on the envelope contains the defined spaces of the building. The stable spaces are determined according to specific uses. Each stable space is separate and independent, the distance between them conform the unstable area. Their position determines the intensity of use of the building. They are independent and generate a flow and a frecuency according to the interest of the proposed program.

Exchange and hybrids spaces conform the identity of the equipment. Unstable spaces are dependent ensuring the link between the different programs. Flow management, relationships and movements of the building generate density, congestion and tensions. Unstable Space is used as a public space, unexpected and undefined, unlimited as a digital expression and in constant motion. The programmable envelope offers a changing architecture.

Project Title: Digital Art Center, Zaragoza, Spain
Client: Zaragoza City / Mit Media Lab
Architect: Colomer Dumont MCBAD
Site area: Campus Milla Digital
Gross Floor area: 16,271 m²
Location: Campus Milla Digital
Project start date: 2007
Cost: 28.4 m²€
Collaborators: Carlos Wendt / Agence Ter

ZAC Bottière Chenaie, Nantes, France
MCBAD Colomer Dumont

ZAC Bottière Chenaie Mixed housing Nantes ZAC Bottière Chenaie Nantes ZAC Bottière Chenaie Housing Nantes
photos : Stephane Chalmeau – Colomer Dumont MCBAD

English text (scroll down for French):

“Flexible spaces, convertible and reversible places guarantee, in the project, the evolution and the adaptation of the practice use by relying on the individual, the privacy and the changing spaces. Foremost, the project responds to issues of buildings integration in the environment and in compliance with the identity of the place.

We adopt an attitude of continuity with the site and the environment. Orientations, views and links are being treated for user comfort. The basic elements of architecture: walls, terraces, water, wind, vegetation, light guarantee an architecture that limits its presence in merging with the physical environment in which it occurs.”

French text:

Des espaces flexibles, des lieux transformables et reversibles garantissent dans le projet l’évolution et l’adaptation des usages en nous appuyant sur l’individu, l’intimité et l’évolution des espaces. Le projet répond en priorité aux enjeux d’intégratin des bâtiments dans leur en vironnement et au respect de l’identité du lieu.

Nous adoptons une attitude de continuité avec le site et l’environnement. Orientations, vues et liens sont traités pour le confort des usagers. Les éléments basiques de l’architecture, murs,terrasses,eau,vent,végétation,l umière garantissent tout une architecture qui limite sa présence en se confondant avec le milieu physique dans lequel elle s’insère.

ZAC Bottière Chenaie Mixed housing Nantes Nantes Housing Housing Nantes
photos : Stephane Chalmeau – Colomer Dumont MCBAD

Project Title: Mixed housing, Nantes, France
Client: Gambetta
Architect: Colomer Dumont MCBAD
Site area: ZAC Bottière Chenaie
Gross Floor area: 4,095 m²
Location: Chemin de la secherie – Nantes (44)
Status: stacked and individual housing
Project start date: 2005
Cost: 4.3 m²€
Collaborators: –

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Location:80 rue du Faubourg, Saint Denis, 75010, Paris