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Kathryn Findlay – Key Projects

Featured Kathryn Findlay Designs

Hotel Puerta America, Madrid, Spain
Design: various interiors, various designers
Hotel Puerta America interior by Kathryn Findlay
image from Hotel Puerta America website

Kathryn Findlay – Spanish designer hotel
Kathryn made her name as part of the Ushida Findlay practice. Ushida Findlay went into voluntary liquidation in Jun 2004. Kathryn has been teaching at Dundee University School of Architecture, Scotland, since 2004/2005.

Homes for the Future, Glasgow, Scotland
Date built: 1999
Homes for the Future housing by Kathryn Findlay architect
Ushida Findlay : Homes for the Future
Kathryn Findlay housing – contemporary housing
Homes for the Future was masterplanned by Page & Park Architects and coincided with Glasgow’s 1999 Year of Architecture.

Kathryn Findlay – Building News

Victoria & Albert Museum proposal, Dundee, Scotland
Date: 2007
Design: Fieldwork

‘The Hill’ – proposal, Potters Field, southeast London, England, UK
Date: 2007-
Design: Fieldwork
The Hill
image from University of Dundee PR 081007

Fieldwork – The Hill, London
Public building focusing on sensory experiences adj. Tower Bridge
For Simon Elliot
Green organic form reminiscent of Future Systems Library proposal for Prague, won 2007

The Fieldwork practice is located inside the Dundee University School of Architecture

Kathryn Findlay: Professor of Architecture and the Environment at Dundee University

Kathryn Findlay – Maggies Centre Wishaw, Scotland, UK
now carried on by Reiach and Hall

Granton Strand, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Ushida Findlay Partnership
Kathryn Findlay, 1953-
Eisaku Ushida 1954-

The Tokyo-based Ushida Findlay Partnership was set up in 1987 by the Japanese architect Eisaku Ushida and the Scottish architect Kathryn Findlay. Ushida and Findlay are former associates of Japanese architect Arata Isozaki (1976-82).

Ushida Findlay work is characterised by plasticity: one of their most noted works is the fluid, organic project entitled Truss Wall House.

Ushida Findlay Partnership
Ushida Findlay Architects: Homes for the Future

Ushida & Findlay Architects

Location:Carlow House, Carlow Street, London, NW1 7LH