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The Blade, Seoul, South Korea
Dominique Perrault Architecture
The Blade Seoul
images © DPA / Adagp

The Blade Tower Seoul
Dominique Perrault has been selected to build a tower within the future Yongsan International Business Center in Seoul, whose master plan was designed by Daniel Libeskind.
Paris, 14 May 2012 – Dominique Perrault has unveiled on May 2, during a press conference in Seoul, an original silhouette tower reaching 300 meters high: The Blade.

Tours du Pont de Sèvres Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt
Date built:-
Citylights Paris
photo © DPA / Adagp
Pont de Sèvres Towers – 13 Jan 2012
The high complex composed of 3 towers, all formed with 3 main bodies of building (petals), with hexagonal shapes, comes to different heights, creating the effect of an organ flues assembling . Faded and drab, the ageing arrays contrast today with the blazing outfits of the constructions sprouting out of the ground, plunging all the district of the Pont de Sèvres, whose constructions responding to each other, into a lifeless urban isolation.

le Nouveau Longchamp à Paris, France
Date built: 2011-
New Longchamp racecourse Paris
picture © DPA – architects studio
le Nouveau Longchamp à Paris
Dominique Perrault wins the international competition for the New Longchamp racecourse.

Dominique Perrault – Key Projects

Featured Building:

Bibliothèque Nationale François Mitterand / New Bibliotheque Nationale
12 quai Panhard-Levassor, Paris XIIIe, France
Date built: 1995
Bibliotheque Nationale
photo © Georges Fessy / DPA / ADAGP
Bibliothèque Nationale Paris
The largest of Mitterand´s Grand Projets for Paris: formed from four L-shaped corners of a square, 25 storeys tall on the banks of the Seine with a garden in the middle. Simple and powerful building, with a clear programme.

Ewha Womans University Seoul
image from architects studio

Dominique Perrault : background / awards / competitions / full building list

Dominique Perrault Buildings

Designs by this Paris architecture practice, chronological:

Sofia City Centre, Bulgaria
Date built: 2009-
Sofia City Centre
image © Perrault Projets Adagp
Sofia City Centre

DC Towers, Vienna, Austria
Date built: 2008-
Design with Hoffmann and Janz
DC Towers Vienna
image ©
DC Towers Vienna

Theatre Mariinsky II, Saint-Petersbourg, Russia
Date built: 2003-09
architecture competition win
Theatre Mariinsky
picture © Perrault Projets / ADAGP

Rouen Stadium, France
Date built: : 2007-09

Habitat Sky Hotel, Barcelona, Spain
Date: 2007-
Habitat Sky Hotel
picture © Perrault Projets / ADAGP

Cour de Justice des Communautés Européennes, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Date built: 2008
Court of Justice of the European Community
image © Perrault Projets / ADAGP
Luxembourg Building

Milan hotel towers, Italy
Date built: 2008
Milan hotel towers
image from architects studio
Italian building

Universite Feminine d’Ewha, Seoul, South Korea
Ewha Womans University Campus
photograph © André Morin / DPA / ADAGP
Korean Building

Olympic Tennis Centre / Madrid Sports Complex, Madrid, Spain
Date built: 2002-07/09
Olympic Tennis Centre Madrid
image © Perrault Projets / ADAGP
Olympic Tennis Centre Madrid

Masterplan de Donau-City, Vienna, Austria

Aplix factory building, Le Cellier, Nantes, France
Aplix factory building
photo © Georges Fessy / DPA / ADAGP

Olympic Velodrome + Swimming Arena, Berlin, Germany
Olympic Velodrome Berlin Olympic Swimming Arena Berlin
picture © Werner Huthmacher / DPA / ADAGP ; © Georges Fessy / DPA / ADAGP

Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris, France
Date built: 1989-95

More Dominique Perrault buildings online soon

Priory Park Pavilion, Reigate, Surrey, England, UK
Date built:2007
Priory Park Pavilion
image from architects office
Priory Park Pavilion

M-Preis Supermarket, Wattens, Austria
Date built:2003

Hôtel Industriel Jean-Baptiste Berlier, Paris, France
Date built:1986-90
Hôtel Industriel Jean-Baptiste Berlier
photograph © Georges Fessy / DPA / ADAGP

Location: 6, rue Bouvier, 75011 Paris, France

Dominique Perrault Practice Information

Architect studio led by Dominique, based in Paris, France

Dominique Perrault Architect : Paris Architects

The architect:
Dominique Perrault
image from Dominique Perrault

Dominique Perrault Architecture : Centre Pompidou Architecture Exhibition

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