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24 Jul 2018
WAP Art Space, Seoul, Korea
Architects: Davide Macullo Architectss
WAP Art Space Seoul building
photo : Yousub Song – Studio Worlderful, Seoul, South Korea
WAP Art Space
This work results from a close collaboration between the architect and an enlightened client capable of assimilating and encouraging architectural choices motivated by reasons that generate forms. An extraordinary passion has bound us throughout the years of the project, reaching a synthesis expressed by the completed work.

2 Jul 2018
Swiss House XXXII in Rossa, Switzerland
Swiss House XXXII in Rossa
photograph : Alexandre Zveiger, Lugano, TI
Swiss House Rossa
This building represents the constant commitment to build with respect for the places we inhabit and to make every effort in helping our understanding of civilisation.

26 Jul 2017
Swiss House XXII, Preonz, Switzerland
Swiss House XXII
photograph : Alexandre Zveiger, Lugano, CH
Swiss House XXII
The project site lies in the area of urban expansion at the limit of the countryside, north of the historical centre of the village of Preonzo in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland.

24 Jul 2017
Swiss House XXXIV, Galbisio, Switzerland
Swiss House XXXIV
photograph : Alexandre Zveiger, Lugano, CH
New Swiss house in Galbisio
The design is an articulated construction meant for the enjoyment of the spaces for many years to come. From afar the building is a marker in the landscape, it expresses a meaning already suggested by its context. From close up, it is a collection of many things and from within, a world, that changes with the passing of the hours of the day and the days of the year.

Jansen Campus, Oberriet, SG, eastern Switzerland
Oberriet Building
photo : Enrico Cano
Swiss Office Building – 12 Jun 2012
The new Jansen Campus lies in the village of Oberriet, in the Rhine valley, one of the most industrialised areas of Switzerland. The company is currently run by a dynamic young team and though in existence for almost a hundred years, the last ten years have seen a particularly rapid expansion into international markets.

Davide Macullo Architects – Key Projects

Featured Buildings, alphabetical:

Elounda Beach properties, Crete, Greece
Elounda Beach Yacht Club Villas
image from architect
Crete Property
The amazing location of the site in the worldwide known resort Elounda Beach (leading of the world hotels) suggests a new project simulation that aims to link the scale of the land with the one of the sea marked by the beautiful surrounding bay that offers intimacy and wide view to the horizon at the same time. Set back on the coast the raw of volumes faces the water as they would be anchored yachts towards the sea, while proposing a urban atmosphere on the land side.

House in Canobbio, Ticino, Switzerland
Canobbio house
photo : Enrico Cano
Canobbio House
Nestled on the Alpine slopes north of Lugano, this house is characterised by a volumetric architecture that emerges from the terrain and follows the natural contour of the land. Its constructed volumes embrace the land in an organic and fluent sequence of spaces, each relating to each other and to the surrounding landscape. In order to communicate an identity and a language to the inhabitants, the project has a strong and precise form, its clearly identifiable geometric structure delimits an organised development of spaces.

House in Carabbia, Ticino, Switzerland
Carabbia House
photo : Pino Musi
Carabbia House
Carved in a clear square geometry, the spaces meet the slope and extend in a spiral – fluent movement that constantly changes the perception of the space and its relation with the exterior, offering privileged views towards the beautiful landscape of the region.

House in Comano, Ticino, Switzerland
Comano House
photo : Pino Musi
Comano House
The construction stands on the lower part of a steep slope; it organically integrates with the landscape thanks to the verticality of two volumes built according to a strict regulation and bearing in mind the building height in order to preserve the view on the historical village on top of the hill. The arrangement of the storeys links every room, visually and physically, with the garden thus enhancing the feeling to be constantly at ground level.

House in Lumino, Switzerland
Lumino house
photo : Enrico Cano
House in Lumino
Located in the Swiss Alpine village of Lumino, just north of Bellinzona, this house stands as a monolithic element, quietly complementing and echoing its context. The surrounding area is characterised by traditional stone built houses, many of which date back centuries and are marked by their use of this single construction material. The new house is intended as a relevant response to and contemporary interpretation of the vernacular; its exposed reinforced concrete form recalls the revered strength and resonates the presence of these old stone houses. Sitting on the edge of the old village, the house acts as a sort of bastion between the old core and the modern residential expansion.

House in Ticino, Switzerland
Ticino house
photo : Enrico Cano
Ticino house
Located in one of sunniest places of southern Switzerland, this house rises on the site where once old rural constructions were. It is characterized by small monolithic volumes standing on the natural slope of the land and it is surrounded by nature. The new construction reminds the pre-existences by four volumes that follow the edges of a 14 meter-square ground and by displaying a carved roof. The landscape seems to “flow” through these volumes that become a protected living space; a continuation of the green environment modeled as if to be part of the building.

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photo from Davide Macullo Architects
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