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Chris Wilkinson – Key Projects

Featured Building:

Stratford Market Depot – Stratford Station, East London, South East England, UK
Date built: 1996
Design: Chris Wilkinson Architects
Stratford Market Depot building design by Chris Wilkinson architect
image from RIAS in 2002 re Convention
Stratford building

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Wilkinson Eyre : current architecture practice with Jim Eyre, since 1987

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition – architectural installation
Date built: 2012
Design: Chris Wilkinson RA, Wilkinson Eyre Architects
Royal Academy Installation
image : Luke Hayes
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
The 244th annual Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts features a site specific architectural installation designed by this architect and artist, Director at Wilkinson Eyre Architects.

Location: London, south east England, UK

Chris Wilkinson Architects – Practice Information

Chris later formed the British architecture office Wilkinson Eyre with Jim Eyre.

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Chris Wilkinson (CW) founded the architecture practice in 1983.

Chris Wilkinson of Wilkinson Eyre talked at the RIAS Conference in 2002:

The architect was deservingly proud of his own and his colleagues’ achievements in the world of building technology, using examples such as the Hulme Arch bridge in Manchester, the unbuilt Merryhill multiplex cinema and again unbuilt bridge in northern Greece. Chris ended with two exceptional projects – the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Newcastle and the Stirling Prize 2002 winner, the Magna Centre, Rotherham.

[Review – Isabelle Lomholt]

The light bulb went off in my partner Jim Eyre’s head
‘One of those moments you’ll never forget’

Chris Wilkinson on the Gateshead Millennium Bridge finally being manouvered into position with possibly the world’s largest floating crane still there.

Chris’s talk was honed to perfection and full of inventive and intelligent schemes. Back in the Eighties I felt that Wilkinson was just another Foster accolyte putting technology on the pedestal like another conference speaker, Nick Grimshaw. The slides, shown in slick overlap sequences, showed a more lyrical side, though one felt that engineering was still a strong draw.

Each project from the Maidstone Bridge to Stratford Station, from the Hulme Bridge to the Science Museum, started with invention, simple strong concepts carried through in a remarkable fashion. The four original ideas for the Challenge of Materials Gallery were clearly visible in the built result: such tenacity shows skill, determination and vision. Again, the competition-winning montage for the Gateshead bridge was near identical to the completed work.

Chris ended of course with the Stirling Prize winner, the Magna Centre in Rotherham. It could be argued that this was not as imaginative as the Eden Centre, but as a series of interventions on a low budget this scheme is very successful. It also has given hope to an area in very real need.

[Review – Adrian Welch]

Wilkinson Eyre Building – image provided by RIAS May 2002

Millennium Bridge
Millennium Bridge – image © Adrian Welch

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