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Charles Garnier Architect, Parisian Building, Office, Opera House, French Project

Charles Garnier : Architecture

19th Century Architect in France, Europe

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Charles Garnier – Key Projects

Key Development by Charles Garnier:

Opéra Garnier / The Garnier Opera House
Paris IXe
Date: 1875

Architecture Competition win in 1861 for the design of a new, state-funded opera house. The design contest was announced in 1860. This architect was one of about 170 entrants in the first phase. He was awarded the fifth-place prize and was one of seven finalists selected for the second phase. He won the prestigious job in 1861. The opera house was finally inaugurated in January 1875.

The decorative style of design was titled ‘Style Napoleon III’

The auditorium of this famous Paris building was painted by Surrealist artist Marc Chagall in 1964.

Charles Garnier – Other Buildings

Designs by this 19th Century French Architect, alphabetical:

Astronomical Observatory, Nice (with Gustave Eiffel), Provence, France
Ateliers Berthier, boulevard Berthier, Paris, France
Casino, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Casino, Vittel, Provence, France
Chapelle-en-Thiérache – église, Provence, France
Église de Terrasanta, Bordighera, Italy
École Communale, Bordighera, Italy
Grand Hôtel de Paris, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Hôtel particulier rue du Docteur-Lancereaux, Paris, France
Opéra de Monte-Carlo, Monaco
Théâtre Marigny, Paris, France
Thermal baths, Vittel, Provence, France
Tomb of Jacques Offenbach, cimetière de Montmartre, Paris, France
Villa Bischoffsheim, Bordighera, Italy
Villa Garnier, Bordighera, Italy
Villa Studio, Bordighera, Italy

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