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Temporary spatial installations by BNS

Aug 6, 2012

Latest Designs by Ball Nogues Studio

Pavillon Spéciale 2012, Paris, France
Date built: 2012
Pavillon Spéciale by Ball Nogues Studio
image © BNS
Pavillon Spéciale – 9 Jun 2012
The Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris inaugurated the 2012 Ball-Nouges studio ‘Pavillon Speciale’. This marks the 2nd edition of the summer architecture series that gives young emerging international architects the opportunity to build with students a temporary project in the heart of Paris. Curated and conceived by Matteo Cainer.

Yucca Crater, Mojave Desert, CA, USA
Yucca Crater
picture : Courtesy Ball-Nogues Studio
Mojave Desert Design – update 13 Oct 2011
As an engineered oasis and climbing structure, Yucca Crater will stand 24 feet tall, towering above the desert plane. Positioned along the slopes of its interior shell, rock-climbing holds will make their way into and out of 8 feet of water. Heated with solar power and pumped through a wind powered turbine, the cavernous pool awaits climbers and weary desert travelers.

Key Projects by Ball Nogues Studio

Featured Designs / Installations by Ball Nogues Studio, alphabetical:

Built to Wear, SZHK Biennale Project, China
Shenzhen Hong Kong Biennale Installation
photo : Benjamin Ball
Ball-Nogues Studio Installation – Shenzhen Hong Kong Biennale Installation
Design for the 2009 Shenzhen Hong Kong Biennale of Urbanism. Temporary spatial installations within urban cultures are a rapidly evolving phenomenon. Unlike “permanent” buildings, these structures nimbly respond to the accelerated temporality of cities on the move like Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Contraptions for the Production of Cultural Confections, Guggenheim Museum, USA
Design with Jessica Fleischmann
Contemplating Void Guggenheim
image : ballnogues with Seal
Ball-Nogues Studio Exhibition, New York City
On the occasion of the Guggenheim Museum’s 50th anniversary, the Guggenheim has invited approximately 250 artists, architects, and designers to imagine their dream intervention in Frank Lloyd Wright’s rotunda. A salon-style installation of two-dimensional renderings of their visionary projects will emphasize the rich and diverse range of inspired proposals will take place.

Cradle, Santa Monica, California, USA
Cradle Santa Monica by Ball Nogues Studio
picture : Courtesy Ball-Nogues Studio
An installation sited in a heavily trafficked area the beach. The project is comprised of hundreds of mirror polished stainless steel balls each supported by a cable. The project is inspired by the Newton’s Cradle: a toy found commonly on the desktops of business executives. The shape of the project is determined by the effects of gravity. Each ball reflects the surrounding landscape.
This winning entry for a competition is expected to complete mid-2010

Spock’s Block’s – Temporary Spatial Installation in Bordeaux, France
Spocks Blocks by Ball Nogues Studio
photo : Benjamin Ball
Spock’s Block’s Bordeaux
Spock’s Block’s is a tribute to the rationality and calm detachment of the First Science Officer of the Starship Enterprise, Star Trek (our apologies to Diedrich Diederichsen). Comprised only of strings and ink, we employed Spock-logic to construct the lightest wall imaginable – an ephemeral architecture that mirrors the modular units of stone at the Entrepôt. The complex system of overlapping catenary curves were cut and printed by a computer-controlled machine-Instal_lator with Variable Information Atomizing Module- that we designed and fabricated to yield “printed” visual and spatial effects.

Unseen Current and Echoes Converge, USA / Italy
Ball-Nogues Studio Installation
photograph : Michelle Litvin
Ball-Nogues Studio Designs

Two installations by Ball-Nogues Studio – Catenaries as a unit : Works in Chicago + Venice

Unseen Current
Unseen Current
photograph : Michelle Litvin

Unseen Current was like a billow of fog flowing through Extension Gallery in Chicago. Two thousand six hundred strings (or catenaries) hanging under self-weight yielded this diaphanous site-specific installation. Totaling ten miles in length, the strings spanned between the walls of the gallery, each one in precise relation to its neighbors.

Echoes Converge
Echoes Converge
photograph : Eric Holm

Curators Aaron Betsky and Emiliano Gandolfini invited Ball-Nogues Studio to create a site-specific installation for a triangular passage space at the 11th Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2008.

More projects by Ball-Nogues Studio online soon

Location: 3533 East Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90023, USA

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