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page updated 9 Sep 2018

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Ketil Kiran

RIAS Convention
building image from RIAS for Convention

Ketil Kiran

ARCHUS Architects, Norway

Ketil started with a long section on Norway’s reduction in tourist numbers, enough to lift us Scots from our own gloomy situation. He maintained that Norway’s identity related to nature and suggested architecture could save the ‘brand’.

Ketil Kiran talked about new fast roads that ‘disconnect the traveller from the stories of communities on the way’.

He suggested that nothing happened on the roads without the agreement of the architectural committee, and that they didn’t upgrade, but instead retained character: ‘we want something new we want something fresh….accentuation of what is already present’; experience can lead to ‘soporific mediocrity’.

Adrian Welch at RIAS Convention 05.05.03, Scotland

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Location:Pilestredet 75c, N-0354 Oslo, Norway

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