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page updated 20 Aug 2016

Latest Aedes studio Design

Red Apple Residential Building, Sofia, Bulgaria
Date built: 2013
Red Apple Residential Building Sofia
photo : Nedyalko Nedyalkov
Red Apple Residential Building – updated 26 Jan 2016 ; 9 Apr 2013
This residential building (11,000 sqm) with shops and small office part is located near the city center between a park and a stadium, amidst concrete blocks from the 1970’s. The building connects past and present using brick, rather forgotten in Sofia. The façade openings are regular as the brick bond. Some are missing while others appear exaggerated – as huge double-height glazings.

Major Aedes studio Building

B3 Sofia Tower, Bulgaria
Date built: 2010-
B3 Sofia Tower
image from Aedes studio
Aedes studio : Sofia Building

Aedes studio – Key Projects

Featured Buildings by Aedes studio, alphabetical:

Borovets Hotel Proposal, Rilla mountain
Date built: 2008-
Borovets Hotel
image from Aedes studio
Borovets resort hotel
A five-star hotel in Borovets skiing resort
The project’s most ambitious drive was to make the huge hotel look as small as to fit into the mountain scenery. At the same time, we had to live up to a preset number of rooms and a high convenience degree. Aedes studio split the facility into four independent bodies as a way to secure a 1:3 partition between the two owners.

Ivan Vazov Apartment Building, Bulgaria
Date built: 2010-
Ivan Vazov Apartments Building Sofia
image from architects
Ivan Vazov Apartment Building
Aedes studio set the uneasy task to design a new “old building”; a contemporary building with past – a building that contains opposites. We wanted to enrich the neighborhood with an atmosphere from another time, to create something that makes us a flâneur (Baudelaire’s character – stroller in Paris) in the city.

Jaclyn Residential & Office Building
Date built: 2005-08
Jaclyn Building
photo : Georgi Markov
Jaclyn Building Sofia
The building is composed of multiple volumes fitting into one another. Aedes studio wanted a potential for motion and further development rather than a finite set of elements. The allocation of material and color across the site helped us “diminish” it and make it intelligible so one might grasp it in a single glance. The various graphical signs cropping up here and there on the boxes contribute to its being life-size. They are intended to put across a character, a face out of anonymity rather than just showing the way.

Sofia Tower Building
Date design: 2010-
Aedes studio
Sofia Tower
image from Aedes studio

Sofia Tower Building
The structure of the building is monolithic, reinforced concrete. The structural solution follows the architectural shape which is unique and presents a challenge to the designers of the structure in many aspects. It is modern, differing, and impressive. The building has all prerequisites to become an emblematic repère for the city – not just a vertical of urban development but a characteristic mark which is both derived from the spot and permeating it with a new meaning.

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