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Recent Architectural Competitions, chronological:

Venice Re-Creation Centre Competition
Ctrl+Space – Architectural Competitions are organizing and hosting:
Venice Re-Creation Centre Competition 2016
Venice Re-Creation Centre Competition
This is a single stage Ideas Competition with the aim of identifying the best proposal for a Cultural Building Refurbishment in Lido Island – Venice, Italy.
A total fund of 5000€ in prize money will be awarded to winning entries and awards of merit. To all the awarded proposals, online promotion will be made through specialized websites and blogs.
Feb 19 – First Stage Registration deadline – 40€
Apr 9 – Second Stage Registration deadline – 60€
Apr 30 – Final Stage Registration deadline – 90€
Apr 30 – Final Project Submission deadline

Bangkok Artists Retreat Design Competition


Bangkok Artists Retreat competition


Bee Breeders architecture competition organisers have launched their latest architecture
competition for the Bangkok Artists Retreat. This competition looks to revitalise an area of
Bangkok’s Old Town and repurpose one of the city’s notable landmarks -the Nightingale
shopping mall – as an artists retreat.

Bangkok has long been a haven for artists, with a unique vibe and culture, and a low cost of living,
it’s a popular location for artists to travel to in order to get inspired. A new artists retreat could
reinvigorate some of the city’s tourism that has been lost due to recent political and social unrest.

Registration for the Bangkok Artists Retreat architecture competition is open now until the 24th
February 2016.

Winners will be announced on the 23rd March 2016, in the meantime more information can be
found on

Bangkok Artists Retreat Architecture Competition

Ugandan LGBT Youth Asylum Design Competition
Ugandan LGBT Youth Asylum Design Competition
For the Ugandan LGBT Youth Asylum architecture competition, Bee Breeders architecture
competition organisers were inspired by the work of multi award-winning filmmaker, and Ugandan
LGBT activist, Kamoga Hassan. This competition seeks to generate ideas for a youth centre that
can support the local LGBT population in what is a strict and dangerous society for LGBT

The Ugandan LGBT Youth Asylum should offer practical and psychological support for those youth
most affected by the country’s strict anti-gay laws. The work of the brave filmmaker Kamoga
Hassan, whose projects highlight just how dangerous it can be for LGBT individuals living in this
East African country, highlights why an LGBT youth centre is so important.

April 20: final deadline for registration

The announcement of the winning designs, and the recipients of the $5,000 prize fund, will be announced on May 18, 2016.

More information can be found on

Non Architecture Competition

Organization: Non Architecture Competitions

Title: Sleeping – Alternative designs for hotels

Non Architecture design competition

Non Architecture Competition

Registration Deadlines: 31 March, Early registration (45 euros). 30 April, Regular registration (60 euros).

Submission Deadline: 1 May


3 winners (1000 euros prize), 14 honourable mentions, 50 Finalists. All selected projects will be published in the Non Architecture competition book.

Non Architecture Competition

Fee: 45,00€

e-architect offer a 10% discount on the subscription fee when you enter.

Click on the link below and hit the ‘Have a Discount Code?’ button and type ‘earchitect’:

Sleeping – Alternative designs for hotels : Non Architecture Competition registration

Konstrukt : Design and Innovation Awards 2016
Registration Starts from: February 06, 2016
Submission Deadline: March 16, 2016

Konstrukt design competition 2016

KONSTRUKT is a competitive assembly that endeavours to recognize and honour niche aesthetic design to simple functional innovation, from Student to Architect or Civil engineer. It is their first ever chance in Eastern India to showcase their skills and get accolades from the stalwarts.

For more details, visit:

AA Architecture Competition
Design Competition for the new central academic facility at Hooke Park. Open to AA Community.

11 Dec 2015 Registration deadline

An Ideas Competition The AA community is invited to take part in an ideas competition for the new central academic facility at Hooke Park. A design and learning strategy is sought that will inform the design development and construction of Wakeford Hall:

AA Hooke Park Architecture Competition

University of St Andrews Music Centre Architecture Contest
The University of St Andrews has announced a design competition for a new music centre

Practical and cost-effective proposals demonstrating both ‘flair and innovation’ are sought for the new facility which will be located on historic Queen’s Terrace.

The project will create a new home for the university’s music centre which is currently based inside the iconic 1828 Younger Hall on North Street.

The Music Centre provides facilities for enjoying music in all its forms to all sections of the St Andrews community. Situated in the Younger Hall, the largest public auditorium in the area, we offer facilities and opportunities for individual and group practice, tuition and performance, concert-going and formal academic training.

University of St Andrews Music Centre Architecture Competition

NOA South America 2014
NOA South America 2014 Competition

Nature Observatory of Amazonia Contest
Contestants: Architecture students and young architects
Register: April 11, 2014 to June 13, 2014
Prizes: € 6,375 + Free digital subscription to AV Proyectos and Tectonica-online + Publication in
Plataforma Arquitectura, Future Arquitecturas, ARQ ediciones, Pedacicos Arquitectonicos and Taller al Cubo.

City-County Building Plaza Design Competition

Submission: May 28, 2014
Registration: May 28, 2014
Language: English
Location: Indianapolis, USA
Prizes: 1st Prize $ 15.000 ; 2nd Prize $ 7.500 ; 3rd Prize $ 2.500
Type: Open competition for architects in two stages.

International architecture competition seeking a final conceptual design that would be implemented on an existing 1.94 acre open space on the City-County Building Property also known as the City-County Building Plaza (CCB Plaza).

Where is Indianapolis’ Millennium Park experience? Downtown Indianapolis features several unique public spaces, but none of these spaces offer a full interactive experience.

The new CCB Plaza should serve the residents, employees, and visitors from Market East and downtown Indianapolis. The space should be flexible enough to draw in a young family as well as a retiree. This space should be mentioned in the same breath as other popular urban parks including Millennium Park (Chicago, IL), Jamison Square (Portland, OR), The Yards (Washington D.C), and City Garden (St. Louis, MO). More specific goals and recommendations will be featured in the Design Submittal Document that will be released in accordance with the Timeline.

The design team whose winning design is selected will receive $15,000 (2nd Place – $7,500; 3rd Place – $2,500) and will then be the preferred professional services provider for a full engineering/design contract (upon obtaining available funding) with the Indianapolis-Marion County Building Authority (IMCBA)

This competition is a two-stage competition. During the first stage, minimum qualifications from design teams will be requested. The second stage is the design submittal.

Kinmen Passenger Service Center International Competition, Taiwan
Taipei Pop Music Center
picture from architect
Kinmen Passenger Service Center Architecture Competition
The project site for the Port of Kinmen Passenger Service Center is roughly 5.2 hectares in area and lies directly behind the apron of Shueitou’s South Dock. The projected goal for Phase 2 of the Center is an annual processing capacity of 5 million travelers. Based on the projected growth and airport expansion in 2031, the design of Phase 1 will be for an annual processing capacity of 3.5 million mini-three links travelers, with construction completion and quality assessment of construction on Dec. 2017.

Triumph Pavilion 2014 Competition, London, England
Organiser: ArchTriumph
Triumph Pavilion Architecture Competition
image : ArchTriumph
Triumph Pavilion 2014 Design Competition
The brief is to design a temporary, freestanding, transportable and contemporary showcase Pavilion to be installed in the Museum Gardens during the summer of 2014. The Pavilion will be entitled “Dream Pavilion”.

Busan Tower Architecture Competition, Republic of Korea
May 23, 2014 submission deadline
Busan Tower Architecture Competition
International Design Competition is announced to remodel Busan Tower to a hot place in the world as the center of history, culture and tourism by resurfacing the history and symbol of Busan Tower and encouraging the improvement of the citizen access, the public function, and the activation of the old downtown through the remodeling based on architectural conservation and utilization for Busan Tower prototype of architectural landmark in Busan.

Coonskin Base Ideas Competition
Telluride, CO
Coonskin Base Ideas Competition 1
April 25: early registration deadline
June 9: late registration deadline
June 16: submission deadline

Telluride Arts is pleased to invite architects, urban designers, students, engineers, designers, and artists from around the globe to take part in the 2014 Telluride Coonskin Base Competition, an open competition for generating ideas for the community of Telluride.

For more see:

Architecture Student Competition, UK
The Future of the Conservatory architectural contest
31 May, 2014 : submission closing date
1st Prize – An iPad + £1000
2nd Prize – £500 + an iPad mini
There are also runners up prizes of £250.
Entrants can submit their designs as 3D models or detailed drawings. They must use their imagination to create new eye catching ideas, but it’s important to keep practicality in mind because there’s a chance the winning conservatory may get built.
Further details and the rules:
Entries are open now and will continue to be accepted until 31st May 2014.

London SkyScraper Design Competition
10 Jun 2014 submission deadline
International Design Competition for Architects + Architecture Students and Graduates
This international architecture competition calls on and challenges participants to design or present a fresh concept for an Organic Skyscraper – a skyscraper that grows or changes form according to future requirement.
London Skyscraper Competition
o Architects
o Graduate Architects
o Architecture Students
o Team (Architects, Graduate Architect, Architecture Students, Engineers, Designers, Urbanists)
o Special Registration: $60 US from 06th February 00:00 (GMT) to 20th February 2014 23:59 (GMT)
o Early Registration: $80 US from 21st February 00:00 (GMT) to 17th March 2014 23:59 (GMT)
o Standard Registration: $100 US from 18th March 00:00 (GMT) to 29th May 2014 23:59 (GMT)
o Late Registration: $150 US from 30th May 00:00 (GMT) to 10th June 2014 23:59 (GMT)
o Closing Date for Submissions 10th June 2014

Voronezh Reservoir Open Ideas Competition
The development of a strategy for the renovation of the Voronezh reservoir
Open Ideas Competition

Voronezh Reservoir Design Competition

Registration due: Jun 14, 2014
Projects due: Jun 27, 2014

The Voronezh Reservoir is 30 km. long and 2 km. wide and was created in 1972 in the centre of Vonorezh, a city of over 1 million inhabitants 500 km south of Moscow.
The aim of this competition is to gather ideas on the renovation (ecological cleanup and improvement) of the Voronezh Reservoir so it can be more attractive for the population and used as a resource for the development of the city. The projects should not just address ecological issues, but also address the way the reservoir can be used in future, meaning that it should contain proposals on the urban development of the Reservoir and its direct surroundings.
The ideas should not necessarily concern the whole reservoir, but can be proposals for one or more parts. It is important to show how the proposal can be realized — it should be feasible both technically and financially.


Architects, urbanists, landscape architects and ecologists can take part in the open competition. The competition is also open to students in these fields.

The Client of the competition is the Department of Natural Resources of the Voronezh region (
Organizer is PROJECT MEDIA in Moscow, curator is Bart Goldhoorn

For more information:

Voronezh Reservoir Closed Competition
The development of a strategy for the renovation of the Voronezh reservoir
Call for Portfolio’s for a Closed Competition

Voronezh Reservoir Architecture Competition

Portfolio’s due: May 26, 2014

The Voronezh Reservoir is 30 km. long and 2 km. wide and was created in 1972 in the centre of Vonorezh, a city of over 1 million inhabitants 500 km south of Moscow.
The aim of this competition is to develop a strategy for the renovation of the Reservoir based on the vision of the design team and the results of an Open Ideas Competition that is held prior to the Closed Competition. This strategy will concern the whole reservoir. It should include proposals to:
– liquidate the shallow parts of the reservoir
– improve water quality
– prevent untreated water flow into the reservoir
– improvement of the character of the reservoir so it will be an attractive and meaningful place for the city.

The proposals should include chapters on the economic and technical feasibility of the strategy and a road map for its implementation.
The first round of the competition concerns a call for portfolio’s. Four teams will be selected for the second round.

The closed competition is only eligible for teams of urbanists, landscape architects and ecologists with experience in tasks of comparable scope and complexity.

The Client of the competition is the Department of Natural Resources of the Voronezh region (
Organizer is PROJECT MEDIA in Moscow, curator is Bart Goldhoorn

For more information:

Triumph Architectural Treehouse Award 2014
24 Apr 2014 : closing date for Submissions
Triumph Architectural Treehouse Competition
image : ArchTriumph
Triumph Architectural Treehouse Competition
The aim of this international ideas competition is to recognise the architectural and design principle involved in designing a high quality treehouse and the role they sometimes play in shaping our ideas of low-cost, low maintenance and sustainable architectural design in many world communities.
This competition investigates, explores and emphasis the importance of sustainable concept in Treehouse design as they become ever more popular, more intricate and more commercial.

World Habitat Awards – Building and Social Housing Foundation Architecture Competition
World Habitat Awards
The World Habitat Awards will now be presented at the World Urban Forum and UN-Habitat Governing Council events in April of each year, increasing opportunities for international exposure, networking and dissemination of the award winning approaches.

Rebirth of the Bath House International Architecture Competition
Baltic thermal Pool Park Architecture Competition
Architecture Competition with US$ 7000 prizes
As the first competition in a design series focused on Liepaja Seaside Park – a historically exclusive retreat area in Liepaja, Latvia – you are presented with an opportunity to express your vision for the revitalisation and further development of the ‘Bath House’, designed by Paul Max Berchi in 1902.

Holcim Foundation Awards 2013
International Holcim Awards design
image from Holcim Awards
The 4th International Holcim Awards competition celebrates projects and visions that contribute to a more sustainable built environment and features total prize money of USD 2 million. The competition is open for projects in architecture, building and civil engineering, landscape and urban design, materials, products and construction technologies. The competition has two categories and is conducted in parallel as five separate regional competitions.

University of Science and Technology of Hanoi Competition
Request for Expression of Interest (RfEOI) foraa new Design Competition: New Model University Project in Vietnam – The University of Science and Technology of Hanoi.
Mar 27, 2014 pre-qualification registration deadline
Mar 27, 2014 submission of Expressions of Interest deadline
Hanoi Architecture Competition
ADB Quality Based Selection Procedure for Architecture and Engineering consultants with embedded Design Competiton

Space For Life International Architecture Competition
Space For Life International Architecture Competition
The Montréal Space for Life launch of an architecture competition of international scope. The competition, inspired by the Space for Life mission, will attract designs for three major projects: the Insectarium Metamorphosis, the Biodôme Renewal and a new Glass Pavilion at the Botanical Garden.
The two-stage competition, covering all three projects, is intended for multidisciplinary teams of architects, Living Building Challenge and LEED certification experts, scenic designers, landscape architects and engineers. It is designed to encourage the teams to reflect in depth on a host of issues as they seek creative architectural solutions.
Each participant may bid on one, two or all three projects, by submitting a proposal. After examining the proposals, the jury will choose four finalists for each project. In stage 2, these finalists will be invited to expand on their concepts and present them to the jury in July 2014. The public will also be invited to this exceptional meeting. A winning team will then be selected for each project.

[DUBAI 09] – Dubai Architecture School Tower Competition
Dubai Architecture School Tower Competition
image from competition organisers
Dubai Architecture School Tower Competition
This new International Competition is to offer an alternative environment for studying and training to acquire the vocational and practical skills and knowledge required to become an Architect within this global city. The new building should create a strong architectural symbol and statement within the city. Participants are challenged to create and suggest the most desirable vertical educational environment with their design proposal that best serves these students aiming to be part of the unique profession of Architecture.

Moved To Care International Design Competition
7 Feb 2014 date for registration, extended
28 Feb 2014 Closing date for all submissions
Moved to Care: International Design Competition
image from competition organiser
Moved To Care International Design Competition
Building Trust international have just announced a new international design competition, which seeks to find design proposals for a small, either mobile or relocatable healthcare facility that promotes health and wellbeing in a safe and clean environment. The competition challenges professional and student architects, designers, engineers and artists to provide a design solution which advocates creativity and promotes design excellence on a humanitarian scale improving the lives of people from some of the poorest nations in Southeast Asia.

War Port Microtecture International Architecture Competition
“Objects (…) become collective architectures when they are part of an interaction between object-place-users, from which actions result.” (Marcos Rosa, in Microplanning: Urban creative practices)
Homemade Dessert, in cooperation with the Liepaja City Council, invites you to participate in the third international architecture vision competition on Karosta, Latvia: War Town Microtecture.

Post Quake Visions Architecture Competition, Italy
Organiser: Young Architects Competitions
Post-Quake Visions Architecture Competition
image from organisers
Post Quake Visions Architecture Competition
Italy has been experiencing a delicate situation regarding historical memory preservation, in which such precious heritage is constantly put under harming risk. On one hand both protection and preservation cover a pivotal role; on the other hand national legislation is becoming more and more entangled by complex and articulated rules.

Radical Innovation 8 : In The Search For The Next Big Idea for Hotels
Radical Innovation
The 8th Annual Radical Innovation Competition — the only global award that provokes innovative hotel concepts — will again call for entries that propose feasible ideas to revolutionize the hospitality guest experience in the near term. This year, Radical 8 has refined its mission as it looks for strategies that can be implemented within 3-4 years, solving real problems within the hotel industry. Entrants have until February 3, 2014 to submit.
Radical Innovation awards $10,000 to the grand prize winner, $5,000 to a runner up,
$1,500 to an honoree and $1,500 to an outstanding student work.

The Observatory Design Competition, England
6 Feb 2014 : registration deadline
The Observatory Architecture Competition
The Observatory will create a unique and exciting sculptural and architectural structure, which is directly accessible by the public. It will offer artists the opportunity to engage with a specific place, providing space and shelter to undertake their investigations and share with an audience. It will be an inter-disciplinary project involving artists, other professionals and students providing creative learning opportunities throughout all phases.

Fairy Tales Architecture Competition
Fairy Tales Competition
image from competition organisers
Fairy Tales Architecture Competition
“Since the beginning of recorded time, and perhaps earlier, fairy tales have been a means to confront and conquer the anxieties and hardships of humankind through metaphor,” says Professor Jack Zipes, a jury member for this architecture competition.

International Museum of Astronomy Design Competition, Atacama, Chile
International Museum of Astronomy Design Competition
image from competition organiser
International Museum of Astronomy Design Competition
The objective of this competition for architecture students and young architects is to create a centre for lovers of Astronomical Tourism to learn and observe the sky. Whether in a professional or amateur capacity, this activity attracts thousands of tourists to Chile from other continents such as Europe, Asia or Australia, who want to experience the pleasure of discovering and learning about the celestial sphere.

eVolo Skyscraper Architecture Competition
eVolo Architecture Competition
image from eVolo Skyscraper Competition
eVolo Skyscraper Architecture Competition – architectural contest news
eVolo Magazine is pleased to invite architects, students, engineers, designers, and artists from around the globe to take part in the eVolo 2014 Skyscraper Competition. Established in 2006, the annual Skyscraper Competition is one of the world’s most prestigious awards for high-rise architecture. It recognizes outstanding ideas that redefine skyscraper design through the implementation of novel technologies, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations along with studies on globalization, flexibility, adaptability, and the digital revolution.

Mumbai City Museum Architecture Competition, India
Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum Building
photograph from organisers
Mumbai City Museum Architecture Competition
Malcolm Reading Consultants has been appointed to run the design competition for a major new wing to the Mumbai City Museum, known as the Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum. This architecture competition will seek a design team for a building expected to be 8,000 to 10,000 sqm, providing new galleries and facilities including, an interpretation centre, a library, an archive, conservation facilities and a new museum shop and café.

WorldWide Storefront : Proposals for Alternative Spaces around the Globe
Jan 31, 2014 : Deadline for Proposals
Storefront for Art and Architecture Competition
$1,000 Funding Available
Sep 19 – Nov 21, 2014
Storefront for Art and Architecture call for proposals for ‘WorldWide Storefront’ – spaces around the globe plus a digital platform for sharing info between architecture practices.

2013 AIM Competition, China
West Kowloon Architecture
image from design contest organiser
AIM Architecture Competition
Architects In Mission propose a design contest for the Yaan Earthquake site – based around a family style hotel

YAC – young architects competitions
10 Mar 2014 : deadline for submission of proposals
YAC - young architects competitions
image from competition organiser
YAC in partnership with OMA, Dogma, Bologna University, UNL University, ThePlan magazine and Public Institutions, has just opened an interesting call for ideas for designers: “Space To Culture”.
prize money: 15.000€
target: architects, designers, artists, students, graduates
aim: transforming a disused industrial factory into a cultural centre
early bird start: 18 Nov 2013
deadline: 10 Mar 2014

Rome Motorino Check Point Architecture Competition, Italy
31 Jan 2014 : submission deadline
RMCP Architecture Competition
image from competition organiser
Location: Rome, Italy
Challenge: For this contest we are going to consider that Rome’s city council has decided to address this issue and create a network of parking areas distributed throughout the city, specifically for motorized scooters; named “Motorino Check Points”. This network of public and free parkings will offer an attractive solution to users of this type of vehicle while simultaneously bringing order to parking in the urban landscape. The strategy is based on generating “park & ride” type stations which are located at connecting points with public transportation, creating a synergy between transportation media. This competition revolves around resolving the network’s main building; the Motorino Check Point of Termini central station. It will have the capacity to hold 1000 motorized scooters and 250 bicycles. As an annex program it will offer supplementary services such as vehicle washing, a shop for revisions and repairs, and a road safety education center. How to register:
Deadline for submission: January, 31st, 2014
1st Prize: 3.000 Euros + Publication in architecture magazines Future Arquitecturas and WA. + 1 year subscription to EL CROQUIS + 1 year subscription to ON Diseño magazine (digital edition). + Exhibition at the Architecture School of Barcelona and the Roca Barcelona Gallery.+ Reviews in several architecture webs and blogs.
2nd Prize: 1.500 Euros + Publication in architecture magazines Future Arquitecturas and WA.+ 1 year subscription to ON Diseño magazine (digital edition). + Exhibition at the Architecture School of Barcelona and the Roca Barcelona Gallery.
Reviews in several architecture webs and blogs
3rd Prize: 500 Euros + Publication in architecture magazines Future Arquitecturas and WA. + 1 year subscription to ON Diseño magazine (digital edition).+ Exhibition at the Architecture School of Barcelona and the Roca Barcelona Gallery.
Reviews in several architecture webs and blogs.

RESHAPE Digital Craft Architecture Contest, International
RESHAPE digital craft competition
RESHAPE digital craft competition
image from competition organiser
RESHAPE ® digital craft competition is a contest of computational design and digital fabrication focused, in its first edition, on the theme of LIVING space.
The competition involves IaaC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya), Fablab Barcelona, Solido 3d and the Mediterranean Fablab.
Jury members are: Tomas Diez (fablab); Luis E. Fraguada (BAD); Andrea Graziano (Co-de-It); Filippo Moroni (Solido 3d) Giorgia Olivieri (journalist); Emmanuele J. Pilia (Libreria di TransArchitettura)

Cebada Community Centre Architectural Competition, Madrid, Spain
18 Jan 2014 submission deadline
A new architecture student contest – Cebada Community Centre. It’s an intervention in the Mercado de la Cebada, in Madrid, an area in the historic centre of the city which is in need of some reform, and has the potential to benefit from it.
The site already has a number of groups working on it. From the Campo de la Cebada, Tres en Cebada or Se Traspasa Mercado, the market has quite a few minds working on repairing its problems. In fact, in 2007, the City of Madrid announced the winner of a contest – Rubio & Álvarez-Sala – who proposed a full reconstruction of the market and its surroundings.
What we are proposing, then, is a contest to find ideas from students of architecture and young architects, in an area of Madrid which not only has a lot of history, but is very active in the present. Who knows, maybe some of you have an idea of how best to fix this very complex piece of the city.
For starters, we invite you to head over here to learn more about the contest, or here to read the rules in full. We have some juicy prizes and an excellent jury, eagerly awaiting your proposals. In addition to that, and to help you on your way, we’re sending all participants a package full of useful information; 3d models, site plans, and photography of the site, just to make your life a bit easier.
The deadline for signing up is January 18th, 2014 (but we recommend you do before that, it’s cheaper!)

Singapore Bamboo Skyscraper Architecture Competition
Singapore Bamboo Skyscraper Architecture Competition
image from the competition organiser
Singapore Bamboo Skyscraper Competition
The program challenges participants to design a NEW Architect’s Village Bamboo Skyscraper that takes into account the need for a contemporary approach of bamboo construction in such an urban setting and also today’s ever-increasing need for ecological design principles. The design should be visually and aesthetically engaging in contributing to the wider investigation to the use and possibilities of bamboo in tall construction design.

Çanakkale Antenna Tower Competition, Turkey
Çanakkale Antenna Tower Competition
image from the competition organiser
Çanakkale Architecture Competition
1st Prize 100.000,00 Turkish Liras
2nd Prize 80.000,00 Turkish Liras
3rd Prize 50.000,00 Turkish Liras
1st – 5th Honorable Mention 25.000,00 Turkish Liras each
This new Turkish architecture contest is for a 100m high tower. The design and position of the project should create a destination.
– Emre Arolat, EAA
– Louis Becker, Henning Larsen Architects
– Caroline Bos, UNStudio
– Oğuz Cem Çelik, Istanbul Technical University
– Arzu Erdem, Istanbul Technical University

Central bank of Libya architectural competition, Libya
5 Aug 2013 registration closing date
21 Nov 2013 submission deadline
Central Bank of Libya Architecture Competition Design Competition
image from organisers
Central Bank of Libya Architecture Competition
One-stage, international architectural competition for the new building of the Central bank of Libya, limited to the invited participants. The purpose of the architecture competition is to choose the best design of the submitted entries. The winning design entry will act as a concept design for further design works. The winning team may be asked to provide complete design works.

TRENDS Excellence Awards in Architecture & Design, India
15 Dec submission closing date
Home & Design TRENDS magazine (India) is announcing TRENDS Excellence Awards in Architecture & Design 2013.
Categories are spread over architecture, interiors and products. Open to all architects, interior designers and product designers – the submitted works must be located in India.
Call for entry: Oct 15, 2013
Last date for submissions: Dec 15, 2013
These awards are an endeavor to bring forth the best architecture and design concepts, forms, and practices in India. For more information, go to the awards site –
Contact Kamna Malik: 022-22735887 / kamna.malik(at)

Container Vacation House Architecture Competition, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Sydney Architecture Competition
image from competition organisers
Sydney Architecture Competition, Australia
The aim of this International Competition is to design a Container Vacation House overlooking the Bondi Beach waterfront in Sydney using used freight container.

ZIM Contest, Russia
ZIM Contest Design Competition
image from organisers
ZIM Architecture Contest
The main aim of this architecture competition is to identify architectural ideas and solutions for the best way to use the potential of the territory at optimum combined implementation of modern building technologies, materials and elements with their cost effectiveness and actual applicability. The Organizer of the design contest is Joint-stock company “Russian institute for urban and investments development “Giprogor”, Moscow, Russian Federation.

Canterbury Cathedral Landscape Design Competition, Kent, England
Design teams invited to rethink how visitors and pilgrims approach the Cathedral
Canterbury Cathedral Building
picture © Canterbury Cathedral
Canterbury Cathedral Landscape Architecture Competition
Canterbury Cathedral is delighted to announce a design competition to find an outstanding team to revitalise the landscape immediately in front of the main Cathedral entrance. The competition is an opportunity for designers to reconsider the way visitors first encounter England’s leading Cathedral and Mother Church.

FYDA Architecture Competition, International
FYDA Design Competition
image from the competition organiser
FYDA Architecture Competition
This architecture contest is run by Fenn Designers with the aim to assist and develop young talented designers, expose creativity and innovations and foster a forum for creative minds. This international design competition is open to all young creative minds from all parts of the world from the ages of 18-33.

Arquideas Grant 2013 Architecture Competition
Arquideas Architecture Competition
Design contest with the collaboration of Fundacio Enric Miralles and Miralles Tagliabue EMBT architecture office.
Register: June 21, 2013 to November 8, 2013
Contestants: Architecture students and young architects
Prizes: € 4,200 + practical experience in Miralles Tagliabue EMBT architecture office

WKCDA Arts Pavilion Architecture Contest, China
West Kowloon Architecture
image : Foster + Partners
West Kowloon Arts Pavilion Architecture Competition
Planned to be completed in 2015, the proposed pavilion is to provide an exhibition and event space in WK. The building will serve as the museum’s exhibitions site before the M+ building designed by architects Herzog & de Meuron is completed in 2017.

Porto Architectural Competition, Portugal
Call For Ideas – International Competition
Urban regeneration of the block Aurifícia Porto, Portugal
Porto Architecture Competition
Submissions deadline: 17.00 (Lisbon Time) September 18th, 2013
The Portuguese Council of Architects – Northern Chapter launched the Call For Ideas – International Competition | Urban regeneration of the block Aurifícia Porto, Portugal, which intends to define urban regeneration strategies for the block bounded by Álvares Cabral Street, by República Square and Mártires da Liberdade Street, by Bragas Street, and by Cedofeita Street.

Rijeka Architecture Competition, Croatia
Open international architecture competition call for Delta and Porto Baros area
Rijeka Architecture Contest
picture from design competition organisers
Delta and Porto Baros Architecture Competition
The City of Rijeka, perhaps more than any other place along the Adriatic, transmits the concept of border, margin and limes. This border extends far beyond its urban and territorial environment, involving the entire Central-European region. At the moment of Croatia’s accession to the European Union, the Euro-Adriatic Region is acquiring greater importance in both cultural and geo-political terms.

Architectural Challenge 2013
Architectural Challenge – committed to under 40 architects and students.
Architectural Challenge Competition
image from competition organiser
Architectural Challenge Competition
72 hours to shape, imagine and fortify your ideas. A weekend to conceive. A chance to challenge each other, have fun and win awesome rewards! This design contest reach to increase the value of degraded town areas, which waiting just a smart idea to become likable urban places.
We choose no subject that will be built up for real. Also we focus in a short time the project period. That allow participants to go in for just creativity, and no spent so much time and crafts.
The design contest subject shall not released before the registrations end, ’cause the contest itself lasts only one weekend. Then, projects must be delivered 72 hours after the subject release.

Young Designers ’14 Competition, India
Indian Architect & Builder, a 27 years old magazine under Jasubhai Media Group in India, enters its 15th year of serving as a platform that launches the designers of tomorrow by featuring their designs in the February ‘Young Designers’ issue, if selected amongst the best in the following categories:
– Architecture
– Urban Design
– Landscape
– Interior Design
– Product Design
Three citations across all categories will win one complimentary pass each to the seventh edition of 361° Conference – – scheduled for 19-21 February 2014 at Nehru Centre, Mumbai.
Eligibility Criteria
– Only architects/firms that have not been published in any national/international journal previously will be eligible for participation.
– The project should have been completed in the last three years. Conceptual design proposals and projects under construction are not eligible for participation.
– Architects/Firms can participate in any number of categories, with a maximum of three projects in each category.

Submission Requirements
– A power-point presentation with the firm/ designer’s profile and images/ visuals of the submitted project(s)
– Project note about the project (800-1000 words max.)
– Material specifications and Fact File of the project
– Each project submitted must be accompanied by an individual form downloaded from the website

3rd Edition of the IS ARCH Awards
IS Arch Awards
• 7.000 € in prizes
• HP Designjet Web Connected Printer
• Subscription to On Diseño magazine and a web subscription to 2G magazine.
• Professional practices agreement at Herzog & De Meuron Studio and Zaha Hadid Architects.

5th Advanced Architecture Contest
international architectural competition open for both architects and students
Advanced Architecture Competition
image from Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Advanced Architecture Competition
The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia is pleased to announce the 5th Advanced Architecture Contest – an international architectural competition open for both architects and students.

Armstrong international architecture student competition
Armstrong Architecture Competition
image from organisers
Green building competition for Architecture students anywhere in the world. This international architecture competition for students has been introduced to help celebrate ceiling systems becoming a key element of energy conservation. The contest is run by Armstrong Ceilings. Architectural students are invited to present concepts using ceiling solutions in four categories – energy savings, waste management programme, resource management and indoor air quality.
Judges include Marie-Claire Regniers, the Belgian architectural journalist; Jacques Allard, Archi-Europe CEO; Ronald Kern, architect and vice-president of the European Architecture Foundation EURAF, and Neil Shaw, vice president of marketing for Armstrong in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Winners in each design contest category receive all expenses paid trip in November 2013 to the Batimat internal exhibition in Paris to present their project.

NCCA Architecture Competition, Moscow, Russia
NCCA Architecture Competition
The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation announces the international competition for the architecture concept of the Museum and Exhibition Complex of the National Center for Contemporary Arts. Registry applications can be submitted at the official competition website since August 20th, 2013. Architecture studios as well as young professionals are welcome to take part.

NYIT Students Plan Design Competition to Help Coastal Communities, NY, USA
Hurricane Sandy Architecture Competition
NYIT students have announced the launch of a global design competition to help communities affected by Hurricane Sandy. The initiative, 3C: Comprehensive Coastal Communities, is part of Operation Resilient Long Island (ORLI), a grassroots committee led by architecture, interior design, and construction management students at NYIT. Their goal is to explore and develop long-term building and design solutions to aid communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Registration for the competition is free and open to the public. Architecture professionals and students from around the world are invited to participate.

House Competition : opengap Design Contest, International
opengap Architecture Competition
image from competition organisers
Architecture Competition by opengap
Design a house for a client that you propose
OPENGAP invites participants to explore the boundaries and paradigms of house designing. To work in innovative and visionary proposals which can both, think in a basic housing program and the relation of identity between the customer and the project.
Each participant or team will propose the client for designing a house. This will be a person of interest and inspiration for the project.
This competition is open to all architects, designers, architecture students and to people around the world interested in the topic.
First Prize, 2000 Euro / Second Prize, 1000 Euro / Third Prize, 500 Euro

Rochdale Town Centre Architecture Competition, England
Design proposals sought to bring life back to Rochdale Town Centre
Rochdale Town Centre Architecture Competition
Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council, the RIBA and Places Matter! are challenging teams of urbanists worldwide to be inspired and inspire others in bringing life back to Rochdale’s streets.

Describing Architecture 2013
Describing Architecture Competition
image from the competition organiser
Describing Architecture Competition
Describing Architecture is an annual exhibition exploring architectural representation and its role in designing and creating built space. This year, the theme for the exhibition is ‘Work in Process’. We are asking participants to consider the process involved in commissioning, designing, constructing, inhabiting, adapting and interpreting built space. At the core of the theme is the idea that every building is a work in process.

Salford Bridge Competition, England
Salford Bridge Architecture Competition
Ambitious architects could gain an international reputation with the launch of a competition to design a new pedestrian bridge for Salford. RIBA Competitions has joined forces with Salford City Council in asking architects and engineers to put forward concepts for the new bridge, which would cross the River Irwell and join some of Salford’s untapped green spaces to residential areas. This architecture competition is open to registered architects and engineers worldwide. Team collaborations are encouraged and can either be architect or engineering led.

Kadikoy Municipality Idea Competition : Istanbul Architecture Contest, Turkey
Kadikoy Municipality Idea Competition
image from the competition organiser
Kadikoy Municipality Idea Competition
Arkitera Architecture Center have a project called “Yarışmayla Yap” which means do it with competition. The project “Yarışmayla Yap” aims to raise the number and the quality of project and idea competititons of architecture and design in Turkey, and also to create an architectural-urban public culture. Arkitera Architecture Center believe that competitions with transparent, participatory process is the right way to conceptualize projects. According to this project Kadikoy Municipality decided to open an idea competition.
There are 5 equivalent awards the amount of 80.000 TL for each project. (around 32.000 euros) (totally 400.000TL)

ONE Prize 2013, NYC, USA
ONE PRIZE Architecture Competition
This year’s architectural competition is set in the context of severe climate dynamism. How can cities adapt to the future challenges of extreme weather? The ONE Prize is a call to deploy sophisticated design to alleviate storm impact through various urban interventions such as: protective green spaces, barrier shorelines, alternative housing, waterproofing technology, and public space solutions. We wish to reinvigorate infrastructure and repurpose spaces towards environmental adaptation in order to put design in the service of the community. This design contest seeks architects, landscape architects, urban designers, planners, engineers, scientists, artists, students and individuals of all backgrounds.
ONE PRIZE is an Annual Design and Science Award to Promote Green Design in Cities.

Private Rental Housing Architecture Competition, UK
Private Rental Housing Architecture Competition
Architects and students of architecture around the world invited to submit designs for housing in the private rental market. The Royal Institute of British Architects, the Wates Group and Wates Family Enterprise Trust are delighted to announce the launch of an ideas competition for homes designed for the private rental market. Research has shown that an increasing number of households are renting rather than buying, with a predicted 1 in 5 UK households to be renting in 2016.

RAH Design Competition Adelaide, South Australia
RAH Design Competition Adelaide
The international design competition seeking innovative solutions for the current RAH site is now open for entries from registered architects and landscape architects. Marking the beginning of the International Open Ideas Design Competition, Planning Minister John Rau also announced the former National President of the Australian Institute of Architects and an editor of an international architect publication will form part of an independent expert judging panel.

ImmaginaMIRANDOLA Competition
The municipal government of Mirandola (Italy) promotes international ideas competition – “ImmaginaMIRANDOLA”.
The main objective is to acquire strategies for action that are able to hold together a more general dimension of overall vision and long-term for the historic center of Mirandola, with a more strictly operational and short-term purposes of implementing the action needed the post-earthquake reconstruction.
The most interesting project proposals will help to define the objectives and strategies of the Municipal Structural Plan of Mirandola and the means of intervention contained in the Plan of reconstruction expected by regional law 16 dated 21/12/2012.
For the inspection of the files of the competition and for more information about the competition you can see the page dedicated to the initiative by accessing the website of the City

Mano Mia Art Competition
SICM – Italian Society of Hand Surgery, on the occasion of its National Congress to be held in Rimini, Italy (3-5 Oct 2013) announces an invitation to individuals or groups of artists and designers around the world to an open competition on the theme of the hand. Organizers of the competition are Ghirardelli Architetti in collaboration with PLS – Promo Leader Service the organizer of the National Congress of SICM.

Changing the Face 2013 Architecture Competition, Rotunda Building Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw Architecture Competition
image of the Rotunda Building
Changing the Face 2013 Architecture Competition
The seventh edition of the “Changing the Face” international architectural competition, which will be focussed on an architectural project in Poland, the Rotunda building in Warsaw. The competition calls for innovative designs to revitalize Warsaw’s Rotunda building, to provide a new and sustainable face for Central Europe’s largest bank (PKO Bank Polski). While previous editions of this competition were theoretical, the innovation of this year is that the winning design of the competition will actually be built.

HYP Cup 2013 International Student Competition in Architectural Design, International
HYP Cup Student Architecture Competition
Topic: Architecture in Transformation
Sub-Topic: The Disappearance of Architecture
Purpose of the Competition: Architecture must disappear. Behind the radicalism of this statement lies something crucial for the future of architecture. Architecture as a discipline should no longer think in terms of objects. Walls, facades, structures, are only modalities of architecture, but never its finality. Design comes after. After what? After situations. Architects deal with situations. Architecture should be conceived as an integral part of the landscape. Glass, concrete or metal would in this case no longer be the elements that build architecture, but the territory, as it exists, as we relate to it.
International Supporter: Union of International Architects (UIA)

72HUA Derry~Londonderry Architecture Competition, Northern Ireland
25-28 Jul 2013 – architecture competition timeframe
72HUA Derry~Londonderry Architecture Competition
images from organisers
72HUA Derry~Londonderry Architecture Competition
10 Teams | 10 Sites | 10 Missions
3 Days and Nights to Design and Build
The international teams will include residents, architects, designers, artists, craftspeople, students and generally nice people. Teams will come to Derry~Londonderry armed with a passion for action, and ready to give their time and expertise to help with community needs.
All participants will live together on site, in a local school converted into a sleep-work camp, enriching the neighborhood with a multi-cultural and intense experience.

PLAYscapes Design Competition, International
PLAYscapes Architecture Competition
image from organisers
Building Trust International Architecture Competition
Building Trust international have just announced a new international design competition, which seeks to find exciting design proposals to transform neglected parts of cities into interactive landscapes, encouraging public engagement, community involvement and sustainable adaptive reuse. This architecture competition challenges professional and student architects, designers, engineers and artists to provide a design solution which advocates creativity and promotes outside activity, increasing socialisation.

Symbolic World Cup Structure Competition, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
[AC-CA] Design Contest
Symbolic World Cup Structure Competition
image from competition organiser
Symbolic World Cup Structure Competition
The aim of this International Competition is to design a free standing World Cup Structure in the heart of Rio de Janeiro during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The design should create a social space which includes a live big screenTV, an information area, a cafe, etc.

Taipei International Design Award
Open to innovative works in the categories “industrial design”, “visual communication design” and “public space design”. No Entry Fee, No Theme, No Replica
1st prize: NTD 500,000 (approx. US$ 16,500)
Please visit

The Architectural Review’s 2013 Global Architecture Graduate Awards
The Architectural Review’s 2013 Global Architecture Graduate Awards (GAGAs) are now receiving entries. In its second year, the awards have expanded to include both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and a new platform for teachers.
The winner of each student category will be awarded £2,500, and will be published in the special Education issue of The Architectural Review this autumn, along with all the runner-ups.
The awards were established to promote the best student projects in order to give a global perspective on the future of architecture.
This year teachers who inspire and guide architectural students and contribute to the excellence of architectural education will also win awards.

Costa Brava Architecture Competition, Spain
Costa Brava Architecture Competition Contest
image from design competition organiser
Costa Brava Architecture Competition invites architects to submit conceptual design proposal for a new construction project of Luxury Housing development in Costa Brava. The aim of the competition is to develop a luxury housing project for the Russian market. This architecture competition is open to professionals from all countries without restriction of any kind.
The winner will obtain a prize of € 9000 plus the commissioning of the project and the construction management. Two additional prizes of 1.000 and 500 € will be awarded to the second and third teams classified.

Storefront for Art and Architecture Competition, International
Storefront for Art and Architecture Competition

Nordic Built Challenge Architectural Contest, Scandinavia
Nordic Built Challenge Architecture Competitions
Five architecture competitions – one in each Nordic country – arranged in two stages. Stage one is an open design competition with anonymous evaluation.
The second stage will feature the four best entries from stage one in a negotiated project development phase with team composition requirements. A winner will then be announced for each design competition.
The 5 architecture competitions are located in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden.
Stage One
Prizes: NOK 20 x 300.000
The winners of the five architecture competitions get their design built plus get entered for the overall award and prize of NOK 1.000.000.
The five individual architecture competitions are intended to demonstrate the principles of the Nordic Built Charter by refurbishing existing buildings in innovative and sustainable ways.

Sukkahville Architecture Competition, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sukkahville Design Competition
Reimagining the Sukkah
Kehilla Residential Programme invites architects, students, artists, builders and allied design professionals to submit design proposals for the second annual Sukkahville Design Competition. The aim of this open competition is to design a temporary, free-standing Sukkah to be built in Mel Lastman Square in Toronto for the holiday of Sukkot. We encourage you to re-imagine the traditional notion of Sukkah, with a contemporary design language and approach.

Arquideas Architecture Competition, Belgium
International Gastronomic Center Brussels Academic Competition
24 May 2013 – registration closing date
14 Jun 2013 – submission deadline
IGC Brussels Design Competition
image from organisers
Arquideas Architecture Competition
Contestants: Architecture students
Prizes: € 6,350 in cash prizes + Publication/Subscription to ON Diseño + Publication/Subscription to Future Arquitecturas + Publication/ Subscription to Yorokobu + Publication in Metalocus.
The winner or winner team’s representative will be Jury member in our next architecture competition.

Belgorod City Centre Architecture Competition, Russia
Open international competition for the design of an urban block in the centre of the city of Belgorod, Russia
Belgorod City Centre Design Competition
image from organisers
Belgorod City Centre Architecture Competition
Prize fund: 50,000 US$
The competition site is quite a large urban block (around 300 x 200 m), located in the very heart of the city. The task is to replace the low rise buildings that now occupy the site with a more dense development. Though the construction of high towers is very popular in Russia with developers, the city would like to limit the maximum building height limited to 15-20 meters. At the same time it is obvious that a certain density is required to make the project viable. The task of the competitors is to find the optimum between density and quality and offer the city a recipe for redeveloping the city center as a whole, making it at an attractive place to live and work.

P54Jeff Ideas Competition, International
Jun 15 2013 – registration begins
P54Jeff Architecture Competition
image from organisers
SiTE:LAB a Grand Rapids-based arts non-profit, is sponsoring an ideas competition surrounding a decommissioned Art-Moderne style natural history museum in downtown Grand Rapids, MI, USA.
54 Jefferson, once home to the Grand Rapids Public Museum, has been closed to the public since 1994. It needs a purpose. It needs your idea. In excess of $10,000 in cash prizes, including two $1,000 student prizes. Complete competition information will be available on the competition website in early June.
Jurors will include Reed Kroloff, Director of the Cranbrook Academy of Art and former editor-in-chief of Architecture magazine.
Competition submissions will be the subject of an exhibition within 54 Jefferson during ArtPrize 2013 at SiTE:LAB, winner of the ArtPrize juried award for best venue in 2011 and 2012, an exhibition seen by over 30K people.
Go t o

SKIN competition
2nd round jury to view the four short-listed projects in October to determine the Winner:
James Carpenter / JCDA
Neil Denari / NMDA
Mic Patterson / Enclos
Bill Zahner / ZAHNER
Additional jurors will be announced at a later date.
24 – 27 Oct 2013 : Four finalists will be exhibited at ACADIA Conference and 2nd round jury convenes to determine the Winner to work with TEX-FAB and ZAHNER to develop their proposal to be exhibited in Austin in 2014.
SKIN asks designers and researchers to speculate, or if they so choose – to present existing research – on the role of the building envelope by exploring new methods to enable the performative and aesthetic qualities of a façade.

Smart Harbor Architecture Competition, dismissed shipbuilding area, Italian Adriatic coast
YAC – Young Architects Competitions Design Contest
Smart Harbor Architecture Competition
image from competition organiser
Shipbuilding industry has been hardly struck by crisis: Which future to imagine for such areas? YAC invites to redesign an old dismissed Adriatic harbor area in a play-area / wellness-entertainment centre that can amuse tourists and citizens. Aim is to design a water landmark on the Adriatic coast: a space for public relations / a waterplayground / a maritime square / a skatepark / temporary housing for tourists / whatever embodies the keywords landscape, interaction, dynamic space, fresh idea.
MARCO GAUDENZI – Gaudenzi & Associates Studio NARDO GOFFI – Pesaro Municipality City Planner Chief NICOLA LEONARDI – The Plan Director GIOVANNI LEONI – Bologna University of Bologna Architecture Department Director FRANCESCO TARENTINI – Area 17 Studio
4000 € Pubblication on Architecture magazines Pubblication on Architecture blogs and websites “The Plan” annual subscription Exhibition at Pesaro Municipality & at the Universities of Bologna, Santa Fè, Shanghai.

InstantHouse @ School 2013 Architecture Competition, International
This architecture competition is promoted by Federlegno Arredo S.r.l. for MADE Expo, in association with the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of the Politecnico di Milano.
The focus of the 2013 contest is kindergartens or nursery schools. The competition is looking for architectural ideas relating to the many ways that children perceive and interpret the world around them through the multi-sensory experience of space and architecture.
The competition is open to Italians and non-Italians who are studying or have studied architecture, engineering and industrial design and who are eligible to compete.
All projects will be on display at MADE expo, the forthcoming international construction and design trade show at the Milan Fairgrounds Rho from 2 to 5 October 2013.
1st prize: EUR 1,500
2nd prize: EUR 1,000
3rd prize: EUR 750
Entrants must forward their design concepts by no later than 12 noon, on 3 June 2013.

Zaryadye Park, International Architecture Competition, Moscow, Russia
22 May, 2013 submission of application deadline
Zaryadye Park Architecture Competition
image from Zaryadye Park Competition
Zaryadye Park Architecture Competition
Zaryadye is a unique historic district in downtown Moscow, on the bank of Moskva river, adjacent to the UNESCO World Heritage sites at Kremlin and the Red Square. After the demolition of Hotel Russia, the site has remained abandoned for over 6 years. In late January, 2012, Prime Minister and President-Elect Vladimir Putin proposed to turn this 130 000 sq. m area into a multi-functional public park. This challenging project has the potential to become the most significant public space development in Moscow for the recent decades, likely to set a new benchmark for the quality of public space in Russia.

Kiruna Stadshus Architecture Contest, Lapland, Sweden
Kiruna Stadshus Architecture Competition
The swedish city of Kiruna – the most northerly in the country – have created an architecture competition for their city hall. Five design teams will be shortlisted.

Public Space for Urban Art and Sound Architecture Competition, International
opengap Architecture Competition
image from competition organisers
OPENGAP Architecture Competition
OPENGAP organizes this open ideas competition seeking for innovative, cutting-edge, contemporary, proposals for a new kind of public space that hosts activities related to street art, fostering a climate of creation, education and relationship of users with street art.
Participants are invited to conceive a space that gives urban culture an alternative where to merge the public use with a space of artistic expression and learning; to work on a proposal to brake old established paradigms about street art.

Gold Coast Design Competition – Architectural Design Contest in eastern Australia
Gold Coast Architecture Competition
render from competition organisers
Gold Coast Architecture Competition
Prize money / Remuneration, $750.000 (AUD including VAT gross)
The Gold Coast Cultural Precinct Design Competition is a two-stage contest expected to attract a host of exciting design teams led by some of the world’s top architects and landscape architects. Stage one, from 26 March, will provide competitors with six weeks to develop and submit proposals that include a high-level design response and outline their team’s capability. An independent expert jury will assess submissions. Stage two, over 12 weeks from 18 June, during which up to three short-listed teams will each be paid AUD$250,000 to further develop their responses.

AIA Philadelphia Architecture Competition, International
American Institute of Architects – Philadelphia
Center for Architecture, 1218 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107
(p) 215 569 3186
Early Registration through Apr 26, 2013 11:59PM EST
Late Registration Apr 27 – May 3, 2013 11:59PM EST
Exhibition May 20 – Jul 22, 2013
AIA Bookstore – Washington Square, 7th & Sansom Streets

Tote 2013 International Outbuilding Architecture Competition, Scandinavia
Tote Architecture Competition
1st place will get 25% of the entry fees, 2nd place 15% and 3rd place gets 5%. The entry cost is £20 and is focussed on unpublished designs. Open international design contest, with optional sponsored entry possibilities.

TAB 2013 Vision Competition, Tallinn, Estonia
Architecture Competitions
photo : Arne Maasik
TAB 2013 Vision Architecture Competition
The Estonian Centre of Architecture in collaboration with the City of Tallinn announced the Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2013 Vision Competition: Recycling Socialism. According to the curators of TAB 2013, the aim of the open international vision competition is to gather architectural ideas and methods to enhance the current life quality as well as to envision the future of the iconic block-housing district of Väike-Õismäe (“Little Blossom Hill”) in Tallinn. The deadline of the competition entries is April 30th, 2013.

SixtyNine-Seventy, The Spaces Between: An Urban Ideas Competition, Utah, USA
SixtyNine-Seventy Architecture Competition
image from organisers
SixtyNine-Seventy Architecture Competition
SixtyNine Seventy invites design teams from around the world to re-envision the circulation areas and passages of two blocks in Salt Lake City’s downtown. The entrants will prepare comprehensive ideas for these in-between spaces, developing them into the connective tissue linking the area’s cultural amenities.

DawnTown Architecture Competition, Florida, USA
DawnTown Architecture Competition
image from organisers
DawnTown Architecture Competition
DawnTown is launching its latest ideas competition on for the 2013 season, entitled LANDMARK MIAMI. This architectural competition is centered around the idea of how cities are recognized and perceived through architecture. Many cities worldwide are instantly identified by their exclusive architectural elements.

Architecture Competition of the Jacques Rougerie Foundation, International
The Foundation’s ambition is to provide opportunities for young architects and designers to stimulate their inventiveness, creativity and boldness at the service of architectural innovation. In order to do so, the Foundation is organizing for the third consecutive year, an international architectural competition, focusing on Water and Space.
This architecture competition, organized under the aegis of the prestigious Institut de France, aims to reward the most innovative architectural projects by delivering three awards of € 10,000 each. It is open to everyone and offers a unique opportunity for architects all around the globe to make their projects come true, or simply to reward their creativity.

Arcology Skyscraper Architecture Contest, Hong Kong
Arcology Skyscraper Architecture Competition
This is a single-stage open international ideas architecture competition to seek Skyscraper design solutions and concepts. Winners of the competition will be awarded cash prizes as follows:
1st Prize: US$ 3,500
2nd Prize: US$ 1,500
3rd Prize: US$ 1,000
The objective of this architectural competition is to create an investigation into the design and construction ideas of very tall architecture and the dynamic communities within and around them.

Linking Europe Design Competition
Linking Europe Architecture Competition – Design Contest
The Fundació Mies van der Rohe and Vueling join efforts in their common aim to launch the professional career of European students through a competition to personalize an A320 Vueling airplane. The competition celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Mies Award, Europe’s most important and prestigious architecture prize. The Fundació Mies van der Rohe, created to rebuild the Barcelona Pavilion built by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929, awards on a biennial basis, the highest recognition to a work of architecture in the European Union.

[re]vive Architecture Competition, Milan, Italy
Milan Architecture Competition
image from competition organiser
[re]vive Architecture Competition
‘a contemporary factory of culture’
[im]possible living is launching an open call addressed to makers, creative people and startups to assign affordable exhibition spaces inside an unused civic library during Milan Design Week 2013.
Application window open from 14th to 25th March.

Rethinking Urbanity Architecture Competition – Project Space 2013 Contest, Austria + Hungary
wonderland Architecture Competition
image : wonderland plaform for European Architecture
Rethinking Urbanity Design Competition
– transformation of the Coffin Factory into a neighbourhood for young lively people with housing, culture centre and school
– models and concepts for urban vacancies in Budapest

IS Arch Awards – Architecture Prize
IS Arch Awards
IS Arch Awards Architecture Competition
image from organisers
The aim of these international awards for architecture students is to provide a platform for recognition and debate surrounding the architecture solutions students contribute within the framework of their university studies around the world.

SITE Santa Fe Architectural Competition, New Mexico, USA
SITE Santa Fe Competition
image from competition organiser
SITE Santa Fe Architectural Competition
The winning proposal will be constructed on the grounds in front of SITE’s building in Santa Fe, New Mexico and will be a highly visible component of SITE’s newly-defined biennial exhibition in the summer of 2014 for which it will function as the exhibition’s information and knowledge-exchange center. The project will be part of the exhibition and will be featured in the exhibition catalogue. It will have the distinction of creating a signature feature of what will be a highly-anticipated and widely publicized and reviewed six-month-long exhibition.

CANactions Architecture Competition, Ukraine
CANactions Architecture Competition
image from organisers
CANactions Architecture Competition
The Open International Ideas Competition
organizer: international architecture festival CANactions
support: the National Union of Architects of Ukraine
Theme: clear city ideas for Kyiv
“Our society is unsound: Crucial human values were substituted with consumer instincts having their roots in fear. Fear underlies cynicism which turned into a norm of social relations.”

10Up 2013 Design Competition – YAF Atlanta Design Contest, Georgia, USA
10Up 2013 Architecture Competition
image from organisers
10UP Architecture Competition
The Young Architects Forum of Atlanta (YAF Atlanta), a program of the American Institute of Architects Atlanta, is pleased to announce its fourth Annual design competition entitled 10Up. We are inviting innovative designers to step up to the 10Up challenge! This year, Modern Atlanta (MA) and YAF Atlanta are teaming up with the Lifecycle Building Center and The Architecture and Design Center to create a series of events around the 10Up installation. This year also marks the first time 10Up will be installed inside an historic structure, a former factory designed by world renowned architect Albert Kahn.

The International Architectural Competition, Nigeria
NigerianArchitecture Competition
image from competition organisers
Nigerian Architectural Competition
This African design contest is a collaboration project between the Federal Ministry of Lands, Housing & Urban Development, Abuja and INTBAU Nigeria that aims to develop a sustainable housing programme for the urban poor. The main aims of supply of land, shelter and related services at affordable prices to all sections of society, and thereby to prevent the growth of slums in urban areas.

Young Package Design Competition
Young Package Design Competition
image from organisers
Design a packaging for seniors – Competition for young designers announces new theme focused on the problems connected to aging.
18th year of the international competition aimed at young designers from all around the world.
According to the World Health Organization 605 million people over 60 live now on the Earth and by 2050 should exceed 2 billion. From the perspective of designers designing everyday objects, it is a great challenge and responsibility.
This design competition is aimed at young designers up to 30 years of age. The works can be registered in two groups: high-school students or university students and designers up to 30 years of age. The winner will receive 30,000 €, the others will also be awarded financially and other prizes donated by the competition partners. This year the special prize of Slovak Design Centre will be awarded too.
Registration online form will be closed 15 March 2013. The competition results will be announced in May 2013. Design competition website

Borderless Architecture Competition, South East Asia
30 Mar 2013 – submission deadline
Borderless Architecture Competition
image from organisers
Borderless Competition: Designing Future ASEAN Borders
The Borderless Competition brings attention to the spaces along the borders of the 10 ASEAN nations, with the aim of improving their existing conditions.
While there has been much discussion about achieving a “borderless” condition through economic and legislative intiatives, currently, the actual border spaces themselves have been neglected and are lagging behind these developments.
For many people inhabiting these areas, the border remains a place of division and uncertainty. Outdated infrastructure affects their sense of security and livelihood. Socio-economic and cultural differences lead to misunderstandings and inequalities. In some areas, borders have become spaces of conflict and dispute.

Remember the Triangle Fire Memorial Architecture Competition, International
Call for Entries: Remember the Triangle Fire Memorial Design Competition
The Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition seeks entries for an international design competition to honor the victims of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and its legacy.
Designers have the chance to wrap almost the entire façade of the New York City building where the blaze occurred. Anyone with an idea is encouraged to submit.
A jury of architects, designers, and labor activists will choose the winning design in a two-stage process, with a grand prize of $5,000.
The jury includes Daniel Libeskind, FAIA; Deborah Berke, FAIA; Wendy Feuer, Asst. Commissioner of Urban Design & Art, NYC Dept. of Transportation; Richard Greenwald, labor historian and Dean of St. Joseph’s College.
Register by March 29, 2013 at

Theatre Design Architecture Competition, Wales, UK
Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama Cardiff WCMD
photo © BFLS
Theatre Design Architecture Competition
The winning design will be built for the World Stage Design festival 2013
World Stage Design 2013 is a celebration of international performance design from the world of theatre, opera and dance. The event will take place in Cardiff in September 2013, hosted by the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama and includes an international design exhibition, a festival of performance, a series of presentations, seminars and workshops and a programme of events exploring sustainability in creative practice, including a competition to design a temporal sustainable theatre space.

London Vauxhall – The Missing Link International Design Ideas Competition, England
Missing Link Architecture Competition
image from organisers
Missing Link Architecture Competition
This area of south east London is undergoing major flux and massive capital investment. The design contest seeks design ideas to improve the public realm in the area, providing the ‘Missing Link’ between the New US Embassy and the capital’s existing cultural area close to Waterloo Station. This architecture competition is open to registered architects, landscape architects, urban designers and students worldwide, with multi-disciplinary design teams preferred.

Triumph Pavilion Architecture Competition, London, UK
Triumph Pavilion Architecture Competitions
image from competition organisers
Triumph Pavilion Architecture Competitions
Summer Showcase Pavilion – latest in a series of design competitions by Triumph
The aim of this architecture contest is to design a freestanding transportable temporary showcase pavilion. The resultant building should reflect a “peaceful space, encourage hope and highlight the need for ecological and sustainable architecture and design principles”.

AZ AWARDS – Design Competition, Canada – International
AZ AWARDS Architecture Competition
The jury: Furniture manufacturer Giulio Cappellini, architect Shirley Blumberg, product designer Todd Bracher, landscape architect Ken Smith, interior designer George Yabu and architect Todd Saunders.
AZURE, the influential contemporary design and architecture magazine announces the AZ AWARDS. The 3rd annual international competition celebrates excellence in design. Submissions are open to designers and design firms from all disciplines, manufacturers and clients.

Docomomo Ireland Central Bank Competition, Ireland
Docomomo Architecture Competition
image from organisers
Docomomo Central Bank Architecture Competition
DoCoMoMo Ireland presents Central Bank in the 21st Century: an open design competition to develop ideas for what the building might become. The architectural ideas competition seeks to generate discussion among designers and decision-makers about the future of the Central Bank building. The competition is open to all and offers a prize fund of €1500.
First prize in the general category: €1000
First prize in the student category: €300
Sponsored award: €200 for the best presentation from Inspirational Arts
Competition registration fee €20 / €10 for students
This design contest is endorsed by the Irish professional body for architects (R.I.A.I). It is a conceptual architectural competition.

University of Manitoba Architecture Competition, USA
Visionary (re)Generation open international design competition.
The University of Manitoba is issuing an open international design competition to develop a vision for the future of the Fort Garry Campus and transform it into a vibrant and dynamic urban village. The new Campus Plan will identify a physical planning and design framework to guide future growth and development of the Fort Garry Campus across a 279 hectare site. the contest is an international open design competition in 2 phases.
University of Manitoba design competition website:

Radical Innovation Design Competition, USA – International
Innovation in Hospitality Design Competition
Grand prize: $10,000, 2nd prize: $5,000, student prize: $1,500
The Radical Innovation in Hospitality international design competition aims to act as a catalyst for new ideas in hotel design. This contest has challenged designers to create innovative concepts for the past six years.

Ocean Platform Prison Competition – [AC-CA] Design Contest, International
Ocean Platform Prison Architecture
picture from design competition organisers
[AC-CA] Architecture Competitions
This design contest focuses on the imprisonment of people. It is the sixth of [AC-CA]’s architecture competitions, all of which have been posted here on the architecture competitions page. Previous contests have had a specific site but as far as we can tell this one is marine-based and fairly flexible.

120 HOURS – Architecture Competition, Norway
120 HOURS Architecture Competition
image from contest organisers
120 HOURS Architecture Competition
Architecture competitions for students, by students.
This design competition will take place in the 120 hours between 4 Feb at 14:00 and 9 Feb at 14:00.
The show begins on Monday 4 Feb at 2pm UTC+1.
This design contest is an independent architecture competition organised by students. The organizing committee comes from the three main Norwegian architecture schools. It offers fresh ideas on relevant architectural topics while giving students a voice in the current architectural discourse. It will give students a relevant first encounter with architectural competitions and should benefit the architectural community as a whole.
This architecture competition will this year focus on Bergen, with students from The Bergen School of Architecture as partners. The focus of the contest will be on the Norwegian West Coast.

Architecture of Necessity Competition, Virserum Art Museum, Sweden
Architecture of Necessity Competition
Architecture of Necessity Competition
International triennial for sustainable community building – competition + exhibition
During the autumn of 2009, Virserum Art Museum launched their international manifesto on the Architecture of Necessity. 143 entries from 28 countries were submitted for the 2012 exhibition, 42 of which went on display. Now the Architecture of Necessity is set to become an international triennial for sustainable community building.

Center for American Architecture and Design, The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Curtains Architecture Competition
image from competition organisers
Curtains Architecture Competition
CURTAINS is a multi-site installation, exhibition, and publication event designed to explore the use of fabrics in contemporary art and architecture – focusing on the theatrical and lyrical possibilities that curtains can make to buildings, not simply the functional item behind a window.

EASA 013 Pavilion Design Competition, Slovenia
EASA 013 Pavilion Architecture competition
An open, anonymous, single-stage, student and young graduates up to 5 years from graduating, international architecture competition for the pavilion on the square in Žužemberk.
The object of this design competition is the selection of an appropriate solution to build a pavilion on the site of the former Saint Jacob’s church in Žužemberk, the foundations of which are still buried underneath the square.
1st Prize: 600 euros

Italian Tile Design Competition
Italy Tile Competition
image from organisers
Ceramics of Italy Tile Competition
Free, digital design contest.
Category prizes: $4,000 + 5-day trip to Bologna, northern Italy.
North America-based architects & interior designers invited to submit architectural projects completed between Jan 2008 & Jan 2013.

A Design for Later Life – RIBA Competition, UK
Design for Later Life Architecture Competition
The UK’s leading retirement developer, McCarthy & Stone, is seeking out the country’s most creative architects to help it revolutionise housing aimed at those aged 55 and over.

Architecture competition ‘Nikola’s belvedere’, Russia
Rotonda Brodsky Nikola-Lenivets
image from competition organisers
Nikola-Lenivets Architecture Competition
This design contest is to create one of the main landmarks in Nikola-Lenivets, a creative cluster in the Kaluga region, where the natural environment comfortable for living and working in harmony with nature is being produced. The winner will receive 100,000 rubles (~3500 $).

MOA Design Contest, UK – International
Museum Of Architecture Competition
picture from design contest organiser
Museum Of Architecture Competition
The aim of this two-stage “winner of winners“ International ideas competition is to design a new Museum Of Architecture in London, on the site of the derelict Battersea Power Station building. The four chimneys must be included in design proposals.
Organised by ArchTriumph – “Triumph of Architecture + Design”
Open to architects, architecture graduates, architectural students, designers, engineers & planners.
Total prizes: $ 17,000

Boulder Civic Area Ideas Competition, USA
Boulder Architecture Competition
Designers, artists, architects, planners & landscape architects (professionals and students) are invited to participate in the Boulder Civic Area Ideas Competition. This architecture competition is being hosted by Crowdbrite.

Cambodian Sustainable Housing Design Competition, Cambodia
Cambodian Architecture Competition
image from Architecture Contest organiser
Cambodian Sustainable Housing Design Competition
International Open Design Competition
Design proposals must be below a $2000 budget and work with annual flooding that effects most residential areas. The winning house design will be built by Habitat for Humanity Cambodia. This architecture competition is a chance to make a difference to a large group of working Cambodians lives.

Cambridgeshire Design Competition, England
Great Fen Cambridgeshire
photo from RIBA Competitions
Great Fen Visitor Centre Architecture Competition
RIBA Competitions announce a two-stage Design Ideas Competition for the Great Fen Visitor Centre in Cambridgeshire. Great Fen is bold ecological vision: over the next 50-100 years, more than 3,000ha of largely arable land will be transformed into a mosaic of natural habitat: open water, lakes, ponds, ditches, reedbed, wet & dry grassland, fen, bog, marsh, woodland and scrub.

Architectural Competition for the design of a Student Village in Berlin, Germany
Berlin Architecture
photo of Hansaviertel homes by Alvar Aalto © Adrian Welch
Berlin Architecture Competition
The construction of a modern student village out of 400 shipping containers on an approximately 11,000m2 sized plot of land in the context of an “Idea and realisation” architecture competition. This is a new concept for student accommodation not seen previously in Berlin or indeed Germany. It is designed to reflect the artistic and architectural environment.
The working language is German. English is allowed for phase 1 of “The Architectural Competition”. Entrants must be legally entitled to submit building plans and construction designs in the German capital.

Canning Town Architecture competition, London, England
Flitched Upcyclers Design Competition
Ash Sakula Architects has launched #Flitched; the design competition that challenges architects, architectural technologists, designers & ecologists to design a workshop space with structural engineers at a site in Canning Town, east London, using construction waste. Design teams are to creatively utilise waste materials to form an outdoor workshop space.
The winning project will be built in Feb 2013 – the winning team will be involved throughout.
Cost: £25

Design Competition in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK
Millennium Point Architecture Competition
Architecture competition to seek design ideas to “enhance the visibility and image” of Millennium Point from a key approach. One of various RIBA Architecture Competitions launched in 2012.

Urban Design Contest – Inclusive Masterplan for Bangalore Club, India
Bangalore Club Architecture Competition
image from competition organisers
Bangalore Club Architecture Competition
Established in 1868 this colonial clubs is one of the oldest in the country. It once served British Officers from the Army and Navy Barracks. The verdant ten-acre campus forjms an oasis in the heart of Bangalore City. Architects, Urban Designers and Architecture & Urban Design practices are invited to design an inclusive master-plan for the Club, to allow future growth. Interested design professionals and practices can download the Expression of Interest until Dec 25 2012.

innatur_2 Open Ideas Competition, International
inNATUR Ideas Architecture Competition
image from Architecture Contest organiser
innatur_2 Architecture Competition
OPENGAP organizes the second edition of this open ideas competition seeking for innovative, cutting-edge, contemporary, proposals, committed to a strategy of implementing architecture in a protected natural environment. Approaches should point to find synergies between nature and the building itself. Participants are invited to find spaces that promote a deep understanding and assimilation of nature. Projects must lead through their architecture to sensitivity, awareness, understanding, enthusiasm and commitment to the natural environment around them.

Turin Architecture Student Competition, north west Italy
Turin Architecture Competition
Student design competition for a sustainable green space on a car park in Turin.
Entries are open to all currently registered students of any discipline and those who have graduated since 1 Jan 2011.
Individuals or teams of up to 4 architecture students are encouraged to enter the architecture competition.

Guildhall Architecture Competition, York, England
York Riverside
photo from RIBA Competitions
Guildhall Architecture Competition
International design competition to influence the future of York’s historic Guildhall and riverside.
City of York Council have launched a competition seeking nationally and internationally renowned architects to submit their design proposals which clearly demonstrate potential future uses for York’s historic Guildhall and riverside complex. Registered architects are invited to develop their ideas for the Guildhall, the associated office accommodation, river frontage and boat yard, as part of an ‘Open Ideas’ competition, run by The Royal Institute of British Architects.
Guildhall Architecture Competition Prizes:
1st prize – £5,000 ; 2nd prize – £3,000 ; 3rd prize – £2,000 ; 4th prize – £1,000 ; 5th prize – £1,000

USITT “Ideal Theatre” Student Design Competition, USA
Architecture and theatre students are invited to participate in USITT’s Sixth Annual “Ideal Theatre” Student Design Competition. The competition encourages architecture students to work with young theater artists to explore the emotive power of space, how space can aid storytelling, and how it can be manipulated to achieve a dramatic purpose. The design of the space itself should form the environment of the play, supplemented by costumes, props, lighting, sound, actors, and the audience. Winning design teams will interact with working professionals, receive free Conference registrations and cash prizes.
A jury of professionals will select three projects for Honor Awards. The Honor Award teams will be invited to the USITT Conference & Stage Expo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from March 20 to 23, 2013. The three teams will present their design at a special event at which time a final winner will be determined. Website:

Lamp Lighting Solutions Competition – International
Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards 2013
48.000€ in prizes
Open to: lighting designer, architect, urban planner, interior designer, engineer, landscaper or student

SuperSkyScrapers Competition, USA
19 Nov 2012 – registration closing date
30 Nov 2012 – submission deadline
AIM: The aim of this competition is to create an investigation into the design and construction ideas of high-rise or very tall architecture and the dynamic communities within and around them with attention to aesthetics, technology, material, flexibility, adaptability and sustainability at its core.
SuperSkyScrapers Architecture Competition
picture from architecture competition organiser
PROJECT: This international ideas competition challenges participants to design a NEW Hotel Tower and Sky Garden Skyscraper in New York, USA. The design should create a new iconic skyscraper in the city of skyscrapers that is New York.
– Architects
– Graduate Architects
– Architecture Students
– Team (Architects, Graduate Architect, Architecture Students)
– Inter-Disciplinary Teams (engineers, designers in-conjunction with an architect).
Every entrant shall be required to pay an entry fee as follows:
– Special Registration: $80 US from 1Aug 12:00 (GMT) to 19 Aug 2012 11:59 (GMT)
– Early Registration: $100 US from 19 Aug 12:00 (GMT) to 19 Sep 2012 11:59 (GMT)
– Standard Registration: $120 US from 19 Sep 12:00 (GMT) to 19 Oct 2012 11:59 (GMT)
– Late Registration: $150 US from 19 Oct 12:00 (GMT) to 19 Nov 2012 11:59 (GMT)
30 Nov 2012 – Closing Date for Submissions
14 Dec 2012 – Official Result Announcement / Publication
1st Prize – US$ 3,500
2nd Prize – US$ 1,500
3rd Prize – US$ 1,000
Joining the winners: 10 Special Mentions

Detroit By Design 2012: Detroit Riverfront Competition, USA
30 Nov 2012 – registration closing date
30 Nov 2012 – submission deadline
Detroit Riverfront Architecture Competition
picture from architecture competition organiser
International ideas competition for the Detroit Riverfront with jurors Daniel Libeskind, Walter Hood, Reed Kroloff, Faye Alexander Nelson, and Lola Sheppard. This architecture competition is open to all architectural students and professionals around the world.
More info about the architecture competition:
Registration begins Aug 1
Registration Closed Nov 1
Submissions due by Nov 30
Symposium Dec 6
1st Place – $5000, trip to Detroit and a lecture at an AIA sponsored event
2nd Place – $2500
3rd Place – $1000

Floating Cinema Architecture Competition, UK
Architectural Competition Launched for A New Floating Cinema
Floating Cinema Architecture Competition
UP Projects and The Architecture Foundation were delighted to announce an Open Call through which a team will be selected to design the next phase of the acclaimed Floating Cinema project. This project has been commissioned by the Legacy List and sponsored by Bloomberg as part of the Bloomberg East series of artist-led programmes to animate the waterways in East London working in partnership with the Canal and River Trust. Once built, this new cinema-craft is planned to launch to the public in June 2013.

Article 25 Research Architecture Competition, Haiti
Haiti Earthquake Zone reconstruction
photo by Wayne Rowe, ©
Article 25 Research Architecture Competition
Port-au-Prince Design Contest : The National Palace in Port-au-Prince, Haiti has shaped and been shaped by the geopolitical history of the modern world. Destroyed in the 2010 earthquake, this site has a tumultuous history. Today it is surrounded by a camp of homeless and displaced people, and it is unclear what will happen to the site in the future.

Green Boulevards Architecture Competition, International
Green Boulevards Architecture Competition
image from Architecture Contest organiser
This international architecture competition is a collaboration between the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage [ Italian Pavilion at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia] and Campania Regional Government Municipal Government of Salerno Municipal Government of Rome In/Arch NewItalianBlood
First Prizes > 5.000 + 5.000 Euro, for a grand total of 10.000 Euro 6 Felllowships/Collaborations > 5.000 Euro, for a grand total of 30.000 Euro
Professionals under 40 (Architects, Engineers, Landascape Architects, Designers, Artists, Scientists…) and students
Submission Deadline: November 15, 2012
Winners presentation: November 24, Italian Pavilion Arsenale di Venezia
Official Website, competition organization and management:
Infrastructure for mobility, as well as ensuring increasingly fluid and safe interchange of passengers and goods, become “smart & green”, ecofriendly and productive: networks for distributed generation of green energy, providing economy and employment for local communities. The aim of the competition is the design of devices for the production of energy and the ability to place them in an appropriate, artistic and evocative way in the landscape, triggering regeneration strategies of large areas.
The geographical area for the application of the ecometropolitan boulevards potential is the axis of rebalancing “Ro-Sa” future international outstanding sustainable tourist district with over 10 million inhabitants between Rome and Salerno.
Prizes: 40.000 Euro
Awards evening: Biennale di Venezia 24 Nov 2012
Official website:

Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence, International
BERKELEY PRIZE 2013 launches on September 15, 2012. The International Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence, which focuses on the social art of architecture, is celebrating its 15th prize cycle this year. Architecture Student proposals are due by November 1, 2012. Please contact info(at) for further information.

Latent Potentials Design Competition, USA
KTISMA Issue 3 explores the pervasive – the space, structure, and materials that surround us.
Have these environments become too familiar? How can these infrastructures, buildings and social manifestations be re-imagined and recreated to form equitable, conscientious, and inclusive societies? What are the foundations upon which these ideas can be conceived, manipulated and tested? KTISMAjournal is currently accepting design projects and investigations, critical articles, and artworks that explore these latent potentials present throughout design fields such as: architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, interior design, industrial design.
Submissions to Please visit for additional information. KTISMA is an independent Architecture Journal published by students of the Architecture Department at the University of Oregon.

New Sustainable Market Square in Casablanca, Morocco
[AC-CA] Architecture Contest
Casablanca Architecture Competition
picture from architecture competition organisers
Moroccan Architecture Competition
A Market square is a public open area where market stalls are traditionally set out for trading, commonly on particular days. Sustainable Architecture is a general term that describes environmentally conscious design techniques in the field of architecture. Casablanca is a young and dynamic city in Morocco with a population estimated at approximately 4 million habitants. It is the largest city in the Maghreb and the fourth largest in Africa.

Tile of Spain Awards
Open call for the 11th Tile of Spain Awards of Architecture-Interior Design
MUCA Building
photograph © David Frutos
Tile of Spain Awards

Building Trust International Competition
‘Developing World – Digital World’
Building Trust International Competition
Open Photography competition open to architects and designers.

La Spezia Arsenale 2062 Architecture Competition, West Kowloon, China
Open international design competition
Re-Thinking a city in 50 years from now
This architecture competition is a renovation project for all areas of La Spezia’s Maritime Arsenal, assuming a future scenario in which a really important and strategic military zone could be merged with the urban center. Progetto per il concorso La Spezia Arsenale 2062:

New campus of the Vietnamese-German University Competition, Vietnam
Vietnamese-German University Competition Vietnamese-German University Architecture Competition Vietnamese Architecture Competition
images from Architecture Contest organiser
Architectural Design Contest for general planners for the new campus of the Vietnamese-German University near Ho Chi Minh City/Vietnam. The submission deadline for the pre-qualification (EOI) is October 4th, 2012 (Vietnam).
The procedure is a non-open general design planning competition according to World Bank regulations. Architects have to apply with a team including landscape architects, civil engineers, building engineers (MEP), lighting engineers and acoustic engineers.
International design contest:

El Lissitzky Architecture Competition, Russia
Siberian Center for Contemporary Art (Novosibirsk) and Siberian Center for the Promotion of Architecture (Novosibirsk) invite to take part in Open international competition for the architectural concept of the symbolic object of city environment dedicated to Russian avant-garde WORLDS OF EL LISSITZKY.
The competition consists of Stage I (architectural concept) and Stage II (architectural project).
Stage I. The concept of the competition. Dates 01.09 – 20.10.2012
In Russia there are no monuments either to the Russian avant-garde movement or to Russian avant-gardist. That is why this project is unique. The realization of this project will be significant for the city and Russia. And it will underline the importance of Novosibirsk as one of the centers of Russian constructivist architecture. Competitors offer their concepts of symbolic object dedicated to Russian avant-garde (or to El Lissitzky). Concepts must be realizable.
Projects which will take the first, the second and the third places in the Stage I will get awards: I – 1 000 USD ; II – 750 USD ; III – 500 USD
Several finalists of the Stage I will be recommended by a Jury to participate in the Stage II. The winner of the Stage II will be required to enter into an agreement relating to the implementation of the winning project in Novosibirsk.
Participation in the competition is free of charge.
All projects will be exhibited on web-site
The exhibition of the second tour finalists will be hold in Siberian Center for Contemporary Art (Novosibirsk, 11 Voksalnaya Magistral st.) and within a framework of the Festival Zolotaya Kapitel 2013 (in February 2013).
Registration form must be send not later than 01.10.2012 by e-mail sarchmag(at)
Deadline 20.10.2012

Expressions of Interest Open for Flagship Museum for Visual Culture, West Kowloon, China
West Kowloon Cultural Complex
West Kowloon Complex – image by dbox branding & creative
West Kowloon Design Competition
WKCDA announce details of the design competition for M+, Hong Kong’s future museum for visual culture and launched an open invitation to architectural practices in Hong Kong and worldwide to submit Expressions of Interest to participate.

IS ARCH Competition, Barcelona, Spain
IS ARCH-Awards for Architecture Students
IS ARCH Architecture Competition
picture from competition organisers
At this first announcement the IS ARCH Awards get the support of the following jury members:
– Herzog & de Meuron Studio
– Richard Rogers Architecture Studio
– EMBT | Enric Miralles – Benedetta Tagliabue
– Koji Tsutsui
– Fernando Marquez Cecilia
On 9 Jul the second registration period started and it will remain opened until 21 Sep.
First prize €3,000
Second prize €2,000
Third prize €1,000
10 Honourable mentions
30 Finalists
Organised by team of architecture students from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC – ETSAB)
Architecture Contest:

Low Carbon Building Awards, Scotland
Low Carbon Building Awards
Designed to acknowledge and applaud the success of organisations in Scotland in designing and building low carbon buildings

San Pardo Architecture Competition, Matera, Italy
San Pardo Architecture Contest
image from design contest organisers
International architectural competition – a project for the improvement of a residential and commercial area located in “San Pardo” district in Matera, Italy : ‘Contest for design ideas’
1st prize of € 10.000,00, 2nd € 5.000,00 3rd € 1.000,00
Nemesis Group Architecture Competition

Five Senses Design Hotel Competition, Bari, Italy
Call for Artists, Architects and Designers: “Five Senses” Design Hotel
Luca Curci Architects asks artists, architects and designers from all over the world, to join a new project: styling the interior design of an exclusive five-room hotel, based on the five senses’ theme.
The Design Hotel stands at the first floor of a high-class building of the end of the 19th century, in the centre of Bari, nearby the historical Petruzzelli Theatre. It consists of five rooms (each room will be dedicated to one sense) plus the hall and breakfast room.
The interior of this new Design Hotel, projected by Luca Curci Architects, will be based on the main concept of the 5 senses: each room will be dedicated to only one of the five senses and its style will reflect them through the use of different furniture, materials, shapes and colours. The Hotel’s guests will live a different and total experience and their senses will be stimulated and delighted in every room.
The deadline for applications is October 10, 2012.

Hoop Cup 2012 International Student Competition in Architectural Design, Tianjin, China
Hoop Cup 2012 International Student Competition in Architectural Design
Competition Theme : Architecture in Transformation
Architectural Type : Cultural Complex
Architecture in Transformation should make responses to current situations and times. What concerns us is the relationship between architecture and city, and the relationship between architecture and natural environment. The competition aims at: (1) searching and constructing a human space with a sense of place in increasingly-fragmented cities or unordered villages; (2) exploring environment-friendly and sustainable ideas in the information age; (3) integrating creative design concepts with solid basic skills effectively in architectural education. The main requirements include: (1) making detailed examinations and reflections on architectural history; (2) exploring complicated requirements to architecture and environment by current users; (3) paying attention to events in specific sites; (4) configuring viable urban and architectural spaces.

Post Capitalist City Architecture Competition, International
Post Capitalist City Architecture Competition
picture from design contest organisers
Post Capitalist City Architecture Competition
CollageLab launches its 2nd competition on the cycle POST+CAPITALIST City! After 1#SHOP, it’s time to 2#WORK!
Collage Competitions is a cycle of competitions for prospective thinking in terms of urban planning, architecture, political, social and economical spaces in a global scale.
Students, architects, urban planners, designers, artists and all active thinkers are invited to submit their ideas and share their visions to the world.

Trimo Urban Crash Contest
Trimo Urban Crash Architecture Competition
The organizers of the biannual international competition for students of architecture and industrial design, found the gap between the architecture competitions too long. In view of this they have launched a summer design contest. Participants, not limited to architectural students, are asked to present their thoughts on “Sustainable urban commuting”.

Mikkeli architecture competition, Finland
1 Oct 2012, tbc – first stage submission deadline
International two-stage architecture competition. The purpose of the Mikkeli architecture competition is to increase the density of Mikkeli’s city structure by designing a new ecological housing area for 5,000 inhabitants by extending the city centre to the Lake Saimaa shoreline. Port Competition Lahti – First phase ends 2012-10-01.
Mikkeli Architecture Competition – external link

Architecture at Zero 2012 Architectural Competition, USA
1 Oct 2012 – first stage proposals submission deadline
Architecture at Zero 2012 Architectural Competition
picture from design contest organisers
The American Institute of Architects (AIA) San Francisco chapter and the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Pilot Program, in partnership with the University of California, Merced, are pleased to announce the upcoming Architecture at Zero 2012 zero net energy design competition. The competition team is extending this invitation to encourage the participation of advanced architecture, planning and urban design studios in this unique event that explores the cutting edge of energy efficient design. Up to $25,000 in total prizes will be awarded among student and professional entries.

Zero net energy buildings produce as much clean energy as they use during a year through a combination of designed energy efficiency and on-site, grid-tied renewable energy production. The Architecture at Zero competition supports an action plan of the California Public Utilities Commission for all new residential construction in California to be zero net energy by 2020 and for all new commercial construction to be zero net energy by 2030. The competition is targeted to raise awareness of ZNE design strategies and building technologies among the architectural design community.

For more information on Architecture at Zero 2011 and updates on the 2012 competition, visit Architecture at Zero 2012 Competition – external link

New Concordia Island Contest
University of Catania’s ICSplat _camping of permanent research – a research platform focusing on landscape and new forms of architecture – has launched the New Concordia Island Contest, a competition for ideas responding to the shipwreck of the Costa Concordia, a cruise ship of the Costa Crociere company, out from regular service after the shipwreck on the night of 13 January 2012 on the Giglio Island.
New Concordia Island Architecture Competition
picture from architecture competition organiser
The competition has the aim of stimulating new future visions for the Giglio Island and the shipwreck, which will become as part of the same landscape and with the same identity.
How can we rethink the future of these places? What could the shipwreck become if it remains aground for a period longer than a year? How will we program the disassembling and dragging of the parts? How to work with the shipwreck to build a form of memory? Is there any way to reconsider the Giglio island with this new outcropping rock that has changed the coastline? 

In recent decades the perception of disaster has fueled insecurity and collective fear by encouraging the development of technicist rhetoric that uses engineering as linear solution to the issues. A disaster takes such a social and cultural significance that technical knowledge and economies are forced to reorganize themselves exclusively within its logic.
“Collapse” is a suspension of time that forces a rethink on the duration of the transformations and role of architecture: we need to think fast action in long-term visions. The “collapse” is the acceleration, determined by catastrophic events (landslides, floods, earthquakes), which triggers new immediate necessities; how can time be organized in different speed and forms?
The collapse is the measure of erasing. Can architecture suspend erasure at the margins of disaster? Or, can it trigger mechanisms of metabolism and coexistence with the everyday life?

Registration for the competition runs from 31 July (start registration) to 24 September (last registration deadline). Submissions must be entered by 25 September.
All information can be downloaded from the ICSplat website:

The jury evaluating the competition entries is composed of Cristina Díaz Moreno (AMID, cero9, Madrid), Andrea Bartoli (FARM cultural farm, Favara), Luca Emanueli (SEALINElab, Ferrara), Eva Franch i Gilabert (director of Storefront for Art & Architecture, New York), Joseph Grima (director of Domus, Milan), Kamiel Klaasse (NLarchitects, Amsterdam), Geoff Manaugh (BLDGBLOG, Los Angeles), Marco Navarra (NOWA, Milan – Caltagirone), Lori Nix (New York), François Roche (R&Sie(n), Paris), Italo Rota (Milano), Yoshiharu Tsukamoto (Atelier Bow Wow, Tokyo).

High Line for London Competition, England
High Line Park
photo © Iwan Baan, 2011
High Line for London Design Competition
Registration is now open to find new ‘green’ designs for the development of London’s spaces. The Landscape Institute, Garden Museum and Mayor of London have launched ‘A High Line for London: Green Infrastructure Ideas Competition for a new London landscape’.

[International ArtExpo] Computer Graphic Competition in Venice
Computer Graphic Competition in Venice
image courtesy of Luca Curci, “Circular Borders”, 2009. Mixed media. 150×100 cm
Computer Graphic Competition
International ArtExpo is selecting five international video and photo talents operating in fields of computer graphic to include for FREE in the next 2012 Exhibition:
Liquid Identities – International Videoart Festival and Photo Exhibition at Scoletta di San Giovanni Battista e del SS. Sacramento in Bragora, Venice

European Architectural Competition ‘Re-think Athens’, Greece
The Onassis Foundation is organizing and funding a European Architectural Competition for the creation of a new city centre, a project centered around Panepistimiou Street. The competition is organized under the auspices and in collaboration with the Ministries of Environment, Energy and Climate Change and of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, the Attiko Metro S.A., the Region of Attica and the Municipality of Athens.
Those who wish to participate in the Architecture Competition may visit the Competition’s website at in order to submit their registration forms and download the technical folder of the Competition.
This Architecture Competition is open to participants coming from countries that are members of the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA), as well as countries that have signed agreements within the framework of activities of the World Trade Organization.
The Architectural Competition will be realized in two stages. During the first stage (Ideas Competition) a number of entries will be selected whose designers will qualify for the second stage (Concept Drawings Competition). The winners of the Architecture Competition will share cash prizes of a total amount of Euros One Hundred and Sixty Thousand (€160,000.-).
Architecture Competition website:

2012 AIM Competition, China
Shengsi Islands : Renewing China’s Traditional Village Lifestyle
AIM Competition Beijing
picture from design contest organisers
AIM Competition
Prizes total $16,000 USD
Architects In Mission (AIM) Competition is organized by AIM competition committee, supported by Zeybekoglu and Associates (ZNA). The goal of the annual competition is to promote high quality design among architecture students and young professionals, instill a strong sense of social responsibility, and provide a stage for them to demonstrate their design gifts and abilities.

2012 Fentress Global Challenge : Workplace of the Future, USA
Fentress Architecture Competition
picture from design contest organiser
What are the future workplace trends? The 2012 Fentress Global Challenge invites you to answer these questions through design.
Employee productivity, environmental quality, information technology and energy costs were of little concern when many of today’s buildings were designed. Today they are of vital importance, and understanding the fundamentals behind these demands will help designers create workplaces that increase productivity and promote innovation.
All students presently enrolled in a recognized college level Architectural or Interior Design program are invited to participate. Graduates that are not employed may also enter the competition. Individuals and teams are both eligible.
Contest Awards:
1st Place: US$10,000 prize and a certificate
(US$10,000 prize includes US$3,000 cash, 4-week paid internship at Fentress Architects, round-trip airfare + lodging)
2nd Place: US$1000 cash prize and a certificate
3rd Place: US$500 cash prize and a certificate
Honorable Mention: Certificate
Winning designs will be exhibited at Architecture + Design Museum in Los Angeles, California.
Registration is free:

AECOM Student Competition, International
Annual AECOM student competition ‘Frontiers’
This year, AECOM are seeking integrated design, planning, environmental restoration and engineering responses that address border, gateway and edge/fringe conditions in cities worldwide. Proposals should address urban sites currently facing chronic liveability challenges that are largely the result of a city’s location on a physical, political, cultural or economic border. Proposals should be implementable. In addition to a cash prize for the winning team, AECOM will be engaging a local organization to help advance the proposed project. Responses can range from a strategic framework to a surgical micro-response, from a whole landscape system to a single piece of architecture. Entrants should demonstrate a holistic and sustainable approach. Judges will value creativity and innovation, but your response must be fundamentally feasible.
This design competition is open to students worldwide. Students may work as individuals or in teams of up to four. The deadline for final submissions is 31 August, and pre-registration must occur by that deadline any time prior to the final submission. Finalists will be announced by 1 October. During the week of 12 November, finalists will present their submissions to a panel of judges in Shanghai, and a final winner or winners will be announced. At stake is USD$15,000 as a cash prize, as well as USD$25,000 to help see the winning scheme implemented. Ref.

2012 CLU Foundation Competition, Quebec, Canada
LIGHTITUDE: Lighting urban areas above the polar circle
What role can lighting elements play when the sun never sets or when it stays below the horizon throughout the day? Thoughts about lighting in extreme latitudes.

CLU Foundation Architecture Competition
image from design contest organisers

“The history of humanity, preferring warm and temperate countries, has poorly prepared mankind to accept the diversity of the earth, especially in high latitude locations where hours of sunshine are sometimes scarce.” Louis-Edmond Hamelin, geographer and founder of the Northern Studies Center of the Université Laval.
“LIGHTITUDE” is the theme of the 2012 CLU foundation contest. This year’s theme invites participants to reflect on lighting the communities near the Polar Circle. Due to their high latitude these communities are subjected to particular lighting phenomena. Since light is an essential part of every living organism, it or its lack thereof has a profound effect on humankind. Can these isolated communities benefit from a more adapted artificial outdoor lighting solution to satisfy their particular Nordic needs and identities?
These are some of the questions that the CLU foundation members invite the participants from all walks of life to reflect and create upon.

2012 CLU Foundation Architecture Competition
photo © Louis Gagnon

Registration to the 2012 CLU Foundation contest is free. Deadline for this architecture contest inscription is : 2 Sep. To obtain all rules and regulations to the contest and assure that all your questions are answered please fill out the registration form.

Winners will be selected from all projects received. Prizes will be awarded on merit by a Jury composed of professionals from international renown in such fields as design and urban planning. The competition prizes are:
– 1st Prize: 2 500 $CAD or a 12 weeks training course* with the industrial design and engineering teams of Philips Lumec (The training course is remunerated. Conditions may apply)
– 2nd Prize: 1 500 $CAD
– 3rd Prize: 1 000 $CAD

2012 CLU Foundation Architecture Contest
image from design contest organisers

2 Feb: Launch of the 2012 Edition
31 Aug: Deadline for submittal of questions
2 Sep, 23h59 (GMT-5): Deadline for contest entry
3 Sep, 23h59 (GMT-5): Deadline for project submittal
24 Sep: Publication of Laureates


Trondheim Architecture Competition, Norway
Trondheim municipality is working on the necessary upgrading of the town square. Limited planning and design Trondheim invites talented designers to limited planning and design competition for the design of everyday scene and furniture series in connection with the renewal of the town square in Trondheim. The municipality will involve four groups, each will receive a fee of NOK 150 000.

SAFA Architecture Competition – Otaniemi Central Campus, Finland
Aalto University Properties Ltd is organising an open international competition for the design of the Otaniemi central campus area. This design competition is divided into two phases: Phase 1 competition assignment consists of designing a lively central campus area for the use of Aalto University and the whole Otaniemi science and research community
Phase 1: 5 Apr – 10 Aug 2012.
The architecture competition jury will select approximately six best proposals for Phase 2. The second phase is scheduled to start in November 2012.
This Finnish Architecture Competition can be entered by persons who have the right to practice architect’s profession in the country where they qualified or in the country where they practice the profession. The architecture competition language is English. The total prize sum is EUR 300,000. Signing up is via the competition website. The architecture competition will be launched and the related documents released on 5 April 2012.

Cadogan Café London Competition, Duke of York Square, London, UK
Cadogan Café London Competition
Malcolm Reading Consultants (MRC) is delighted to announce a two-stage competition to find a design team for a new café at the heart of Duke of York Square, in one of London’s most sophisticated districts.
MRC is managing the competition on behalf of the Cadogan Estate and further details of the project and how to register for the competition are available on the dedicated competition microsite.

suckerPUNCH New York City Casino/Convention Center competition, USA
suckerPUNCH announce their Summer 2012 open international design competition. Recently, New York’s state government has been trying to legalize non-Indian casinos throughout the state. Current proposals are asking for the construction of seven “Vegas”-sized casinos throughout New York. Although lawmakers have pushed to keep the casinos out of New York City, this ideas competition aims to investigate what a casino would do to New York City and, likewise, what New York City would do to a casino.
This architecture competition is blind peer reviewed.
$2500 in prizes will be awarded and the winning designs will be published on suckerPUNCH.
email with questions.
Architecture competition info:

inspiration HOTEL Architecture Competition, International
Hotel Architecture Competition
picture from design contest organisers
inspiration HOTEL Open Ideas Competition – spaces for artistic creation
OPENGAP organizes this open ideas competition seeking for innovative, cutting-edge, contemporary, proposals regarding a new concept for artistic inspiration spaces. Participants are invited to design a place focused on the rental of spaces that motivate creativity and concentration, allowing users to focus, inspire and develop their artistic ideas.

Adream Architecture Competition, Europe
Adream is an European Competition in Architecture and Design realisation in Eco and Agro materials. 2012 is seeing the adream competition being held for the second time. This architectural competition is open to Students and Professsionals in Architecture and Design fields. Students can participate as individuals or in a group.
Projects can be submitted online at
The competition is endowed with 30,000€ of prize money and a 50,000€ budget for developing prototypes.
The adream competition results will be on display in a touring exhibition in Europe.

MOBILIciTY Architecture Competition, Albania
‘MOBILIciTY – Tirana Multimodal Station’ : International Architecture Competition.
This architecture competition proposes the design of a multifunctional railways station.

Tirana Architecture Contest
image from design contest organisers

Winy Mass / MVRDV / TU-Delft Holland
Besnik Aliaj / POLIS University
Rudina Toto / POLIS University
Ulrike Bega / Municipality of Tirana
Zamir Ramadani / HSH Albanian Railways
Stephan Pinkau / ANHALT University of Applied Science
Ledian Bregasi / AUA – Albanian Union of Architects
Antonello Stella / University of Ferrara

Albanian Architecture Contest
image from design contest organisers

1st Prize: 1500€
2nd Prize: 1000€
3rd Prize: 500€
5 honorable mentions
Winning projects and honourable mentions will be published in a special issue of Headline and will be displayed at the Tirana Architecture Week Exhibition.

Buenos Aires Architectural Competition
[AC-CA] Architecture Contest
Buenos Aires Architecture Competition
image from design contest organisers
Architecture Competition
Paintings and scupltures are the most commonly displayed art objects; however, drawings, collages, prints, photographs and installation art including other artistic activities, such as performance art, land’art, web art to name a few are also regularly shown. This is an open international competition to generate progressive contemporary design ideas.

Arquideas Architecture Competition
Landscape, Architecture & Wine academic competition
Arquideas Architecture Competition
image from design contest organiser
The aim of the present architecture students competition – ‘Landscape, Architecture & Wine’ – is to contribute innovative ideas to the, increasingly common, strategy of opening wineries to tourism and to their immediate surroundings, thus providing new experiences for the visitor.

5100 euros in cash + Publication of awarded projects in WA Wettbewerbe Aktuell magazine + 1 year free subscription to WA Wettbewerbe Aktuell magazine + 1 year free subscription to EL CROQUIS magazine + 1 year free subscription to 2G magazine.
The winner will be in the Jury in the next architecture competition.
All projects will be exhibed in

– Martha Thorne
Executive Director of the Pritzker Architecture Prize
– Benedetta Tagliabue
Director of the architecture office Miralles Tagliabue-EMBT
– Fernando Marquez Cecilia
Editor in chief of the internacional architecture magazine EL CROQUIS
– Maria Urrutia Ybarra
Board Member and Marketing Director of Bodegas CVNE
– Sara Ouass Chemlal
Winner of the Coworking Building (COB) Madrid academic competition
Publication of design contest results: Aug 6, 2012

Post Capitalist City Architecture Competition, International
collagelab Architecture Contest
Post Capitalist City Architecture Competition
picture from design contest organisers
Post Capitalist City Architecture Competition
With successive declines on the financial markets, recent times have seen a growing interest in the theoretical debate about alternatives to the ongoing capitalist system. Gathering international thinkers from all walks of political life, the diagnosis on the ongoing economic crisis situation tends to demonstrate that the system as it is nowadays needs to be rethought and perhaps re-established globally.
Entry fee: 30 Euros / submission

Project Space Architecture Competition, International
Call for ideas : The Project Space 2012 brings up the topic of new appearing challenges for urban space design in different European cities and discusses possible approaches. The design of our cities is one of the biggest and most pressing fields of activities, particularly for the young and European orientated architecture generation.
Project Space 2012 is an International Competition for European young teams to challenge the proposed sites.
Wonderland Design Contest

Floornature International Architecture Contest, Venice
Floornature International Architecture Competition
picture from FLOORNATURE
Floornature International Architecture Competition
FLOORNATURE, the portal for architecture, design and design culture, and IUSVE are promoting the first NEXT LANDMARK: an architecture contest for university graduates. The winning projects will be exhibited in an event held on the same dates as the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale.

ONE PRIZE Competition, International
ONE PRIZE Competition
image from design contest organisers
ONE PRIZE Competition
Terreform ONE is now accepting submissions for the 2012 ONE Prize Competition: BLIGHT TO MIGHT. ONE Prize 2012 is a call to put design in the service of disenfranchised communities, to reinvigorate deindustrialized and depressed urban areas, and to repurpose spaces for economic growth and job creation. Situated in the context of a struggling U.S. economy and the tension of stagnant unemployment, ONE Prize 2012 aims to explore the socially, economically, and ecologically regenerative possibilities of urban transformation and design. The competition is powered by the idea that social, ecological, and economic struggles can simultaneously be addressed through collaborative action and innovative planning.

NOVA Innovation Architecture Competition, International
Fourth NOVA Innovation Competition
NOVA External Venturing – the Saint-Gobain team of analysts that identifies start-up companies that are a good strategic fit with Saint-Gobain businesses – will reward innovations in the fields of construction products, advanced materials, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability with cash prizes and consideration for partnership opportunities with Saint-Gobain.
Start-ups from all over the world can participate. Final selection will take place at the Saint-Gobain booth at Greenbuild in San Francisco on November 15, 2012, where the most promising 8-12 start-ups will take part in a “speed-dating” session. Three winners will be chosen.
The design competition winners will benefit from:
– top three cash prizes are: $50,000 (1st place), $25,000 (2nd place) and $10,000 (3rd place)
– NOVA External Venturing team will work with the most promising start-ups to assess the possibility of partnerships with Saint-Gobain (joint development, license, financing, etc.)

HOME International Open Design Competition, International
HOME Architecture Competition
picture from design contest organisers
Building Trust international open design competition, which seeks to find well designed homes for the elderly or homeless within some of the World’s richest countries. The growing rate in single occupancy households has led to increased numbers of young and elderly people affected by poverty being forced to live in substandard living conditions and in the worst cases sleeping rough. We are asking designers, engineers, architects and house builders to provide a solution to the housing crisis by offering sustainable, affordable small homes that give those that are alienated or marginalised within society a safe place to live.

King’s College London Design Competition, UK
King’s College London Design Competition
image from RIBA Competitions
King’s College London Design Competition
RIBA Competitions is delighted to announce the launch of a new Invited Design Competition on behalf of King’s College London. Expressions of Interest are sought from architects or architectural practices for the redevelopment of the Quadrangle and its associated buildings at the College’s historic Strand Campus in London WC2.

Trieste Contemporanea Design Competition, Italy
Trieste Contemporanea Design Contest 2012
The Trieste Contemporanea Committee announced DOUBLE TRACK, the tenth edition of its International Design Contest organised under the patronage of C.E.I. (Central European Initiative). This design contest represents an interesting opportunity also for all the young designers and the architecture students who can show their own ability and promote their works in an international context.

Call for Proposals – Seismic Zones Buildings, Toronto, Canada
Completed or on the boards projects that were/are built in seismic zones can be considered for the following call for proposals.
Curators Dr. Effie Bouras and Professor Ghyslaine McClure of McGill University, Department of Civil Engineering, are seeking completed building projects and research that engage innovative approach to seismic design for an exhibit that will be held at the internationally renowned Design Exchange in downtown Toronto Canada during the months of Sep/Oct 2012.
Buildings, as we have been reminded by too many recent catastrophic earthquakes, are complex dynamic systems, oftentimes, aesthetic consideration is put on hold in favor of cost and engineering restraint; with this in mind, we are seeking proposals that surpass conventional approaches, ones that do not sacrifice a design aesthetic for conventional structural solution. These buildings feature elegant structural solution to seismic considerations, while remaining true to the designer’s vision. Featuring drawings, models and various multimedia platforms, the exhibition aims to convey the cutting-edge character of some of the most creative projects around the world.

Rethink Hotels Architecture Competition, International
Open Architecture Contest
Entry Fee: Free
Awards: overall Prize Value up to $20,000
Rethink Hotels Competition

Bridging Prague Architecture Competition, Czech Republic
reSITE / Skanska Design Contest
Bridging Prague Architecture Competition
picture from design contest organisers
Bridging Prague Architecture Competition
This design contest presents a challenge for interdisciplinary collaboration on new conceptions to connect the river with the historical capital city.

Young Arab Architects International competition
lnstitut du Monde Arabe
photo © Jean Nouvel ; photograph: Georges Fessy
CA’ASI, located in Venice and founded by AS.Architecture-Studio, is designed as a venue open to all those who are fond of architecture, urban planning and art. It functions like a laboratory and makes professional debate available for the general public. On the occasion of the International Architecture Biennale in Venice, CA’ASI opens its doors for young architects and “architectures”, in order to offer an offbeat perspective on the chosen theme of the Biennale or Venice’s relation with architecture.

Eisteddfod Architecture Competition, Wales
Eisteddfod Architecture Pavilion Competition
For the first time in its history, the 2012 National Eisteddfod of Wales Architecture Pavilion will be created by a Welsh Designer.

Troldtekt Architecture Competition, International
Danish Architecture Contest
Troldtekt Architecture Competition
picture from design contest organisers
Architecture Competition – winners announced 2 Jul 2012

Living in the Spacial Shift Competition, Mannheim, Germany
Spacial Shift Architecture Competition
image from design contest organisers
Living in the Spacial Shift Competition

alterMALL Architecture Competition, International
alterMALL architecture competition
image from design contest organisers
alterMALL Competition : opengap Design Contest news

The Heart of the Metropolis – Helsinki Central Library Open International Architectural Competition, Finland
Helsinki Central Library
picture from design contest organisers
Helsinki Architecture Competition
Design contest open to all design teams that fulfil the architecture competition eligibility requirements. Each design team must include an energy-technology expert.

Tirana Cultural Complex Architecture Contest, Albania
Tirana Competition
picture from design contest organisers
Tirana Architecture Competition

Re-Thinking Shanghai 2012 – Architecture Competition, International
RE-THINKING SHANGHAI 2012 – International Design Competition
This design competition is open to all students, architectural professionals, and artists. The aim of the competition is to further and expand a dialog about green thinking in Asia. The architecture competition site is located in Shanghai, China.
Re-Thinking Shanghai architecture competition
image from design contest organisers
Entries will be evaluated upon design merit, quality of sustainable ideas, and the impact proposal will have on Shanghai. The winner of the design competition will get 3 months to work in 10 DESIGN’s Hong Kong or Shanghai office to further develop their ideas. An international jury composed of magazine editors, educators, and design professionals will select the winning entry. An exhibit of the winning entries and other notable submissions will be held both in Hong Kong and Shanghai and then at various universities and venues around the world.

Call for application, features space available in Tent London 2012, UK
Tent London is the annual design trade show during the London Design Festival, and this year they are are targeting architects to design one of 4 feature spaces in the show. These designs will be presented to Tent London’s 20,000 visitors.
London Design Festival

Doodlit Napkin Competition, February 2012 “My Ceiling…on a napkin”
Doodlit Design Contest
image from design contest organisers

Pedestrian Bridge Architecture Competition, Amsterdam
[AMSTERDAM 03] – Iconic Pedestrian Bridge Architectural Competition
Amsterdam Pedestrian Bridge Architecture Competition
pictures from [AC-CA]
Amsterdam Iconic Bridge Competition
The aim of this international architecture competition is to design an Iconic Pedestrian Bridge in the Heart of Amsterdam. This is an open international competition hosted by [AC-CA] to generate progressive contemporary design ideas. There are no plans for the Iconic Pedestrian Bridge to be built.

‘The Kelpies’ Design Competition, Scotland
The Kelpies
picture : Graeme Gilmour
Scottish Architecture Competition
The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland organised this architecture competition to select an architect-led, multi disciplinary, team. The competition is for the design of the internal space within a giant sculpture of a horse’s head. This architecture competition also seeks the design of a complementary visitor hub on the same site.

Ceramics of Italy Tile Competition, North America
Ceramics of Italy Competition
image from competition organiser
Ceramic Tile Architecture Competition

Arquine Competition
Arquine Architecture Competition
picture from Architecture Competition organisers
Arquine’s 14th International Architecture Competition : A Shelter for the Displaced

LifeEdited Challenge Competition, NYC, USA
Open Design Review and Ideas Challenge
LifeEdited Architecture Competition
photo from design contest organiser
LifeEdited Challenge Architecture Competition

Bab Al Bahrain square Architecture Competition, Bahrain
Bab Al Bahrain square Bab Al Bahrain square in 1950
pictures from Architecture Competition organisers
On the occasion of Manama: Capital of Culture of the Arab World 2012, the Ministry of Culture of the Kingdom of Bahrain is organising an international open ideas competition for the redesign of the Bab Al Bahrain square. The square holds the potential of becoming one of the most representative and significant public spaces in the Island due to its central location, although it is currently little more than an accumulation of surface parking areas.

CAPITheticAL Design Contest, Canberra, Australia
Canberra plan
picture courtesy of National Library of Australia
CAPITheticAL Competition : Canberra Design Contest

eVolo 2012 Skyscraper Competition
Architects, students, engineers + designers invited to participate in this architecture competition
eVolo Skyscraper Competition – 2011 for ref.

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