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Peter Märkli Architecture, Zurich : Architects

Contemporary Swiss Architect – Professur an der ETH Zürich

Peter Märkli – Key Projects

Novartis HQ, Basel, Switzerland
Date built:-
Novartis Campus Building
photo : building owner
Peter Märkli : Novartis HQ Basel – added 3 Jun 2011

La Congiunta Foundation, Giornico, Switzerland
Date built:-

Office Development on Picassoplatz, Basel, Switzerland
Date built: 2007

Im Birch school Building, Zurich , Switzerland
Date built:-

More architectural projects by Peter Märkli arkitekt online soon

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Peter Märkli – Practice Information

Architect studio based in Switzerland


Professor Peter Märkli based at ETH, Zurich, Switzerland

Peter Märkli : Swiss Architect Studio

Peter Märkli on Education Research and Practice in Architecture:

Uploaded on 31 Jan 2012
Peter Märkli talks about education, research and practice in architecture. Part of a series by the Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands). The other two people interviewed in this series are Paul Robbrecht and Stephen Bates.

Swiss Buildings
Cocoon Offices
picture : Camenzind Evolution, Zurich

“We don’t use numberslike 1,3,5,7, we prefer 2, 4, 8, 16 and things like that”, says this Swiss architect. Smelling faintly of cigarettes and sweeping his silvery fringe away from his face, he speaks slowly and carefully of the beauty of the golden section, reeling off numbers and exuding more the qualities of a bohemian mystic than a revered architect. The architect, aged 55, comes from Zurich, and like his fellow Swiss box-makers Peter Zumthor and Valerio Olgiati, he has quietly accumulated cult status.

Website: ETH, Zurich

German Buildings
Military History Museum Dresden
photo © Hufton+Crow Photography

Swiss Architect Studios

Architects Studios

Website: Zürich, Switzerland

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