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Zoo Architecture : Building Information + Images

Major Animal-related Building Projects from around the World

Zoo Building – Latest Designs

22 Apr 2018
Schönbrunn Zoo Aquarium, Vienna, Austria
Schönbrunn Zoo Aquarium Vienna Building
rendering : 3XN

Schönbrunn Zoo Aquarium
The design for an aquarium by 3XN and GERNER GERNER PLUS manifests itself as elegant, simple and mysterious, lying across the landscape like a great veil.

1 Oct 2016
Islands at Chester Zoo Building, England, UK
Design: AECOM, Architects
Islands at Chester Zoo Building
photo courtesy Novum Structures UK

Islands at Chester Zoo Building – 1 Oct 2016

Ozeanium, Zoo Basel, Switzerland
Design: HHF architects & BURCKHARDT+PARTNER
Basel Aquarium Building
image © HHF Architekten & Burckhardt+Partner AG

Basel Aquarium – 21 Dec 2012
Zoo Basel is embedded in the city and used as a park by residents and visitors. The redesigning of the green area Nachtigallenwäldeli and the construction of the new Ozeanium, an ocean aquarium, on the Heuwaage are bringing the zoo and the park area even closer to the city center, to form an attractive living environment and recreational area.

Emmen Theatre and Zoo, The Netherlands
Design: Henning Larsen Architects + Van den Berg Groep
Emmen Theatre Zoo Building
picture from Henning Larsen Architects

Emmen Theatre and Zoo – 16 Apr 2012
Henning Larsen Architects and Van den Berg Groep have won first prize in an international competition for a 16,000 m2 theatre building that will also comprise the entrance to the zoological park in Emmen, the Netherlands. The well-known Dutch architecture companies MVRDV and Mecanoo also participated in the competition. Emmen Theatre and Zoo is a unique cultural building that brings together culture and nature.

Zoo Building – Recent Design

Adelaide Zoo Entrance Precinct, Australia
Adelaide Zoo Precinct
photo : Peter Bennetts

Adelaide Zoo Entrance Precinct
The Adelaide Zoo Entrance Precinct breathes new life into a once neglected part of the city of Adelaide. Dispensing with the traditional boundary between the Zoo and its surrounds, the new entrance invites visitors to view the sights and sounds from public forecourts. This building boasts Australia’s first purpose-designed ‘green roof’ to support wildlife shelter and extensive ‘living walls’ of native plants, making it a significant horticultural park and research centre as well as a world class zoo.

Zoo Design – Buildings

Key Zoological Architecture Projects, alphabetical:

Adelaide Zoo Giant Panda Forest, South Australia
Adelaide Giant Panda Forest
photo : Ben Wrigley

Adelaide Zoo Giant Panda Forest

Budongo Primate Experience – Chimp House, Edinburgh, Scotland
Design: Cooper Cromar Architects
Budongo Primate Experience
photo © Alan Macateer

Edinburgh Zoo Budongo Trail – Primate Enclosure building

Copenhagen Zoo – New Elephant House, Roskildevej 32, Denmark
Design: Foster & Partners
Copenhagen Zoo Building
image : Foster + Partners

Copenhagen Zoo building

Copenhagen Zoo Building – Entrance, Denmark
Design: Entasis
Copenhagen Zoo Entrance
photograph from architect

Copenhagen Zoo Building – Entrance

Perth Zoological Gardens Orang-utan Enclosure, Australia
Design: Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects
Perth Zoo Orang-utan Enclosure
photo © Shannon McGrath

Perth Zoo Orang-utan Enclosure

More Zoological Buildings online soon

Related Zoological Building:

OZEANEUM, Stralsund, Baltic Coast, northeast Germany
Behnisch Architekten
photo : Roland Halbe

Ozeaneum : Oceanographic Museum

Zoological Architecture Projects – no images, alphabetical:

London Zoo, Regent’s Park, England, UK

various architects, incl. Berthold Lubetkin
London Zoo Buildings

Related Zoological Building Project:

Animal Refuge Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
arons en gelauff architecten
Animal Refuge Centre
photo : Luuk Kramer

Animal Refuge Centre

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