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Porsche Pavilion, Germany : Wolfsburg Architecture

New Structure in Wolfsburg – design by Henn Architekten

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Porsche Pavilion, Wolfsburg

Design: Henn Architekten

Location: Wolfsburg, Germany

Autostadt Wolfsburg Building

For the first time since its opening in 2000, the Autostadt in Wolfsburg received another building structure in the form of the new Porsche Pavilion. The organically shaped building is sitting at the central axis of the theme park and offers 400 m² of space for exhibitions and presentations.

Porsche Pavilion Wolfsburg building
photograph : HG Esch

Curving lines and exciting bends make the Pavilion a dynamic yet reduced sculpture with its characteristics derived from the Porsche brand image. The structure captures the dynamic flow of driving with a seamless building skin. A matte-finished stainless steel cladding forms the flush envelope of this vibrant structure, creating the impression of a homogeneous unity, whilst creating a continuously changing appearance depending on light and weather conditions.

Porsche Pavilion Wolfsburg building
photo : HG Esch

At the entrance the pavilion cantilevers 25m over the lagoon’s water surface in front. Below the cantilever of the large asymmetrical roof, a sheltered external space opens up providing seating for a few hundred guests.

Porsche Pavilion Wolfsburg building
photo : HG Esch

Similar to the monocoque construction technology used for lightweight structures in the automotive and aerospace industries, the building envelope forms a spatial enclosure whilst at the same time acting as load-bearing structure. A total of 620 sheets of stainless steel cladding with welded ribs were prefabricated in a ship-yard in Stralsund and assembled on site.

Porsche Pavilion Wolfsburg building
photo : HG Esch

The use of high-grade stainless steel for both construction and cladding ensures fewer maintenance efforts and complete recyclability.

Porsche Pavilion Wolfsburg building
photo : HG Esch

Inside the pavilion a concentrated space opens up, allowing visitors to experience the sports car brand Porsche and its history, yet, casting aside the conventional limits and restraints to perception. The elliptically curved ramp embraces the dynamic principle of the architecture and leads the visitor to the lower exhibition stage areas. The exhibition and staging concept created by hg merz architekten museumsgestalter and jangled nerves combines evolution, engineering and the fascination of Porsche into an impressive image.

Porsche Pavilion Wolfsburg building
photo : HG Esch

Porsche Pavilion images / information from Henn Architekten

Henn Architekten

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