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5 Jul 2018
World Museum, Vienna, Austria
Design: Hoskins Architects
World Museum in Vienna
photography © Ralph Appelbaum Associates/Hoskins Architects

World Museum Vienna Building
Following an international open competition in 2013, Hoskins Architects – in collaboration with Ralph Appelbaum Associates – were appointed to redevelop the Weltmuseum Wien’s exhibition and visitor facilities. The 7,500m² museum is situated in the historic Hofburg Palace in Vienna and includes 2,400m² of permanent exhibits and 1,400m² of temporary exhibition spaces.

7 Jun 2018
Nordbahnhof High-rise Building
Design: AllesWirdGut, architects
High-rise Building at Nordbahnhof Vienna
Rendering: spiritpixel – Simonicek / AllesWirdGut

Nordbahnhof High-rise Building
The structure of the new building concentrates on the edge around a freespace in the middle, in accordance with the urban planning concept, which results in a correspondingly high density with a high building mass.

22 Apr 2018
Schönbrunn Zoo Aquarium, Vienna, Austria
Schönbrunn Zoo Aquarium Vienna Building
rendering : 3XN

Schönbrunn Zoo Aquarium
The design for an aquarium by 3XN and GERNER GERNER PLUS manifests itself as elegant, simple and mysterious, lying across the landscape like a great veil.

22 Dec 2017
Telegraf 7 Building, Lehargasse
Design: BEHF Architects
Telegraf 7 Building
photograph : Hertha Hurnaus

Telegraf 7 Building in Vienna
BEHF Architects has received five prestigious architecture awards for the Telegraf 7 project, a former telephone exchange of the K. u. K. Post- und Telegrafendirektion (postal and telegraphic administration) in Vienna:

16 Dec 2017
„17 Turks“, a new office for Caramel
Architects: Caramel Architekten
Caramel Architects Office Vienna
photo : Hertha Hurnaus

Caramel Architects Office Vienna
The new office, a former “shop unit” with a separate office level was linked to unity, with many free time rooms next to the compact ThinkTank spaces, it was perfectly designed for the 20 member team. With efficient, compact working spaces and flexible spaces for anything you can think of, working, cooking, partying, relaxing and communicating – so tempting generous that the employees never feel the urge to go home…

8 Dec 2017
mill24 Vienna
Architects: Caramel Architekten
mill24 House Roof Vienna
photo : Hertha Hurnaus

mill24 House Roof Vienna
Because of specific composition of the newest project „mill24“ by caramel architects, the urban recompaction, implemented by an expansion of the roof of an early days house, can hardly be noticed from the street area. Outdoor space is gliding into the inside space and the on the roof created idyllic garden can be experienced and reached from every room and is even surrounded by each single one of it.

16 Nov 2017 + 30 Jun 2015
ORBI-Tower in Vienna
Design: Zechner & Zechner ZT GmbH
ORBI Tower
photo :

ORBI-Tower in Vienna
After winning the 2013 architectural competition, construction started in 2015, and the office tower was completed in 2017. The project developers were Wiener Stadtwerke Holding AG, and STC – Swiss Town Consult AG.

14 Nov 2017 – Archeology in a Jazz Club, Wasagasse
Architects: Büro KLK in Vienna
photo : David Schreyer in Vienna
During the renovation works on an ancient heritage building from the late 18th century on Vienna’s traditional Berggasse, a bricked up staircase was found. It led to a twelve meters deep, second cellar area with approximately 250 square meters. Located between Votivkirche and Sigmund Freud’s apartment, this cocktail and underground bar is an aesthetical gem.

6 Nov 2017
Green Urban Housing, Weyringergasse
Green Urban Housing in Vienna
photo : GERNER GERNER PLUS – Matthias Raiger

Green Urban Housing in Vienna
As the outcome of an invited competition GERNER GERNER PLUS recently completed a residential building with the Wolfshof in the twelfth urban district of Vienna that offers residents not only top-quality living space but also a spacious communal courtyard with “Naschgarten” – “snack garden”.

Sonnwendviertel 2, Bauteil Ost, Wien

Skyscaper Balcony Project in Vienna: Himmelsfalter

OEAMTC Headquarters in Vienna

CJ5 Housing Vienna

Urban Reflections in Vienna

Businesspark Breitensee in Viennaa

Breitensee Studios in Vienna

Wohnen mit Scharf, Vienna

HoHo Wien

New office tower Schnirchgasse 11

Kunsthistorisches Museum Cafe and Bistro in Vienna

Lingenhel Restaurant in Vienna

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Law Faculties and Central Administration Buildings for Wirtschafts University
Design: CRAB Studio, Architects
Law Faculties and Central Administration Buildings in Vienna
photo © Kurt Kuball

Wirtschafts University Building

21er Haus
Design: Architekt Krischanitz ZT GmbH
21er Haus Wien
photo : Belvedere, Vienna / Wolfgang Thaler

21er Haus Vienna

Hotel Daniel
Architects: Atelier Heiss Architekten
Hotel Daniel Vienna
photo : Peter Burgstaller

Hotel Daniel Vienna

Rochus Wien, Bauernfeldplatz, 1090 Vienna
Design: Söhne & Partner Architekten
1090 Rochus Vienna
photo : Severin Wurnig

Rochus Wien
Mansory Villa
Daneshgar Architects
Mansory Villa Vienna
image from architect

Mansory Villa

Fendigasse Housing, Vienna, Austria
Design: Daneshgar Architects
Fendigasse Housing Building Vienna
image from architects

Fendigasse Housing

Building on edge of Vienna:

Hotel Caldor, Austria
Söhne & Partners
Hotel Caldor
image from architect

Hotel Caldor

Vienna architect – Hans Hollein

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