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Venice Biennale Italian Pavilion 2010 : Architecture

Architectural Exhibition Italy – design by Miralles Tagliabue EMBT

Venice Biennale Italian Pavilion

Italian Pavilion Design in the the 54° Biennale d’Arte di Venezia

Location: Venezia, Italy

Architect: Miralles Tagliabue EMBT, Barcelona, Spain

Italian Pavilion – 150 years of unity

Benedetta Tagliabue has presented her museum project for the Italian Pavilion in the 54th Venice Biennale d’Arte.

It is presented as a space of the collector, where art lives with literature.

Venice Biennale Italian Pavilion 2010 Italian Pavilion Venice Architecture Biennale Venice Biennale Italian Pavilion Italian Pavilion Venice Biennale
photographs : Tagliabue Miralles – Miralles tagliabue EMBT

In this edition of the Biennale commissioner Vittorio Sgarbi decided to involve intellectuals and personalities of the Italian culture. These intellectuals and artists and collectors participate in the Italian pavilion each one selecting an artist.

That’s why the pavilion was conceived as the space of the collector, who loves complexity. Benedetta Tagliabue has designed a space where art lives with literature, like the studio of an artist.

The Museography of the pavilion takes takes the form of a shelf that recreates a semi-domestic space between a warehouse and the collector space, as well as enhancing natural daylight. On the shelf from the top we can read “L’arte non è Cosa Nostra” (The art is not our thing).

The paintings and art objects are distributed throughout the space (floor, walls and ceilings), as the study of artists where the works are alive. The exhibition space cannot accommodate all the works of the artists invited to participate. Each space has been used, the works are stacked in structures, walls and ceillings … that combined with boxes of the works of artists who have not had a place in the Biennale during the exhibition but may be shown during the Biennale.

In this sense, the commissioner of the Italian Pavilion, Vittorio Sgarbi, emphasized during the presentation in Rome that, together with Benedetta Tagliabue, studying the possibility of creating an exhibition of the pieces “clandestinas, which have not had a place in the Pavilion, in large rafts situated in La Laguna, before the Arsenal building.


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