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New Houses in BC – Contemporary South West Canada Properties

posted 7 Jan 2019

Vancouver Houses

Vancouver Houses – latest British Columbia home additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

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7 Jan 2019
The Edge House
Design: Vallely Architecture
The Edge House in Vancouver
photographer : Ema Peter

House on North Shore Mountains
Situated on the south facing slopes of Vancouver’s North Shore mountains, the Edge House pays homage to the tenets of modern architecture while incorporating distinctly regional elements of exposed wood and timber to create a clean, contemporary West Coast esthetic.

14 Dec 2018
Aperture Apartments, 5688 Willow Street
Design: Arno Matis Architecture
Aperture Apartments in Vancouver
photography : Michael Elkan Photography

Aperture Apartments
Façade openings are programmed to provide passive shading, and act like an Aperture: opening and closing in response to the unique solar exposure of each façade. Apertures are deeper on the south elevation to provide increased sun shading, and more shallow and open to the North, to allow for additional light.

15 Aug 2018
Saint George House
Design: Falken Reynolds Interiors and Randy Bens
Saint George House in Vancouver Saint George House in Vancouver
photograph : Ema Peter

Saint George House
Can a home feel spacious through innovative design? Vancouver Interior Design firm Falken Reynolds Interiors opens the doors to their latest modern-home interior design project, the Saint George House, which highlights innovative design strategies to create space and serenity.

31 Jul 2018
Coal Harbour Apartment
Design: Haeccity Studio Architecture
Coal Harbour Apartment in Vancouver
photograph : Andrew Latreille

Coal Harbour Apartment
This spacious apartment in downtown Vancouver’s picturesque Coal Harbour was customized to serve as a multi-generational gathering space.

18 Jun 2018
Mingo Residence, West Vancouver, BC
Design: Architecture Building Culture
Mingo Residence in Vancouver
photo : Andrew Latreille

Mingo Residence in West Vancouver
This British Columbia residential project takes its cue from the landscape. It is a single story house that climbs the sloping property in four large steps. Living is at street level and each bedroom is on its own terrace with the master bedroom at the top.

28 May 2018
Sunset House
Architects: McLeod Bovell Modern Houses
New House in West Vancouver
photos : Martin Tessler and Ema Peter

New House in West Vancouver
Located on a steep and technically challenging site in West Vancouver, the Sunset House is designed to capture immediate views of heavy marine traffic and the open sea to the west.

24 May 2018
G’day House
Architects: McLeod Bovell Modern Houses
Contemporary Vancouver Residence
photograph © Ema Peter

Contemporary Vancouver Residence
This British Columbia property resuloted from a commission for an Australian ex-patriate family, who requested a home that would support a relaxed attitude toward daily life and would help them re-connect with a warm-weather lifestyle.

23 May 2018
Esquimalt House
Architects: McLeod Bovell Modern Houses
Esquimalt House in Vancouver
photograph © Martin Tessler

Esquimalt House
This new British Columbia house is situated on an steep and unusually wide property with significant views of downtown Vancouver, the Lion’s Gate Bridge and Burrard Inlet.

16 May 2018
Gulf Islands Residence
Architects: RUFproject
Gulf Islands Residence on Salt Spring Island British Columbia
photograph : Ivan Hunter

Gulf Islands Residence
The design of this Gulf Islands’ private residence responds to the Client’s brief for the creation of a ‘modern log cabin’ on a precious piece of ocean-front property.

3 Dec 2016
Backcountry Hut, British Columbia
Architect: Leckie Studio Architecture + Design
Backcountry Hut
image Courtesy architecture office

Backcountry Hut in Vancouver
The Backcountry Hut Company has been honoured with a 2016 Canadian Architect Award of Merit. “For over 40 years, Canadian Architect has sponsored an annual national awards program, the only national awards that recognize projects in the design stage.

30 Sep 2016
Cadence, Lantzville, Vancouver Island, BC
Design: Keith Baker Design Inc.
Residence on Vancouver Island
photograph : Mia Dominguez, Artez Photography, Nanaimo, BC

New Residence on Vancouver Island
This property was designed as a series of pavilions, nestled along the sunny shoreline of Lantzville on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. This stunning home was an award-winner even while it was on the ‘drawing board’.

14 Oct 2015
St James House, West Vancouver
Architect: Randy Bens Architect
St James House
photograph : Ema Peter

St Georges House in West Vancouver
The home’s H-shape creates a great variety of exterior spaces (moss garden to the north, and paved surfaces and reflecting pool to the south). The upper floor aligns with the center of the H, and cantilevers over both ends of the lower floor.

14 Oct 2015
Prince Albert House in East Vancouver
Architect: Randy Bens Architect
Prince Albert House
photo : Ema Peter

Prince Albert House in East Vancouver
This new residential project is located on the east side of Vancouver. The developed corner lot contains a 3 storey house that is 2600 sq.ft., which includes a rental suite on the lowest floor. The section rental accommodation on the site is a 510 sqft Lane Way House.

14 Aug 2014
Mathers Residence, 3255 Mathers Avenue, West Vancouver, BC, Canada
Design: Eurohouse Construction
Mathers Residence Canada
image from architects

Mathers Residence
This spectacular residence is a vivid example of the West Coast style brought to its excellence. Beautiful natural granite envelopes the house exterior together with colossal cedar elements, integrates completely with the natural rock and secular cedar trees around the house.

1 Feb 2015
Groveland House
Design: Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses
Groveland House
photo : Ema Peter

Groveland House
A gentle three-story sloping site offers significant connections to grade on all levels of this contemporary British Columbia residence: a putting green on the upper floor, pool and entertainment on the middle level and more intimate views to natural bedrock all the lower level.

9 Dec 2014
430 House
Design: D’Arcy Jones Architecture Inc
430 House
photograph : Sama Jim Canzian

430 House
The renovation of a 1981 Vancouver Special on a 33 foot wide lot retained the entire foundation and structure of the house. The interior layout was flipped, moving the kitchen, dining and living areas from the upper floor down to the main floor, so the most important interior spaces could be at grade.

7 Jun 2014
Choklit Vancouver, The Fairview
Architect: Arthur Erickson
Choklit Vancouver
photograph : Kate- Video Open House

Vancouver Town House
Young Canadian architect Arthur Erickson had an office in The Fairview neighbourhood of Vancouver British Columbia. The building also housed Purdy’s Chocolates. Many years later when he had the opportunity to design a triplex in the same area he called it “Choklit”.

New House in Southlands

House 23, Surrey, BC
House in Vancouver
image from architect
House in Vancouver

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