Pratic 2 HQ in Udine

PRATIC 2 HQ in Udine

Designed by GEA Gri e Zucchi Architettura srl, the Pratic Headquarters dialogue with the earth and the sky, with light and shadow. The productive and directional functions relate to the landscape without mimicry.

iGuzzini Iberica SA HQ

iGuzzini Ibérica SA Headquarters in Barcelona

Designed by architect Josep Miàs the new iGuzzini Ibérica S.A. headquarters has two parts, each with a different function: one is low, extensive and underground, with no natural light and built in concrete; the other is spherical and with a glass shell, floating over the landscape.

Sven Wingquist Test Centre

Sven Wingquist Test Centre in Schweinfurt

Design: TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten

In June 2017 the worldwide highest-performance test centre for large scale bearings opened in Schweinfurt. The new Sven Wingquist Test Centre is situated in the south of the city and completes the SKF competence centre as the final element.

Anatolia Tiles Warehouse

Anatolia Tiles Warehouse in Izmir

This warehouse and administration building in western Turkey design by IGLO Architects uses its architectural style to establish a bond with the surroundings. Internal design focuses on employee comfort and productivity principles.

BFI Master Film Store, Edward Cullinan Architects

BFI Acetate & Nitrate Film Stores, Warwickshire Architecture, Architects, English Project, News BFI Master Film Store Building BFI Acetate & Nitrate Film Stores Building, Warwickshire, UK – design by Edward Cullinan Architects 28 Jun 2012 BFI Acetate & Nitrate Film Stores Design: Edward Cullinan Architects RIBA Awards 2012 Citation: BFI Master Film Store This building…