Bubble Shade

Bubble Shade Considered for New York City Parks

Designed by Valerie Schweitzer Architects Bubble Shade are clear-stained aluminum pods with wide openings and oculi at their roofs provide a sequence of refuges for a park, urban plaza or backyard. They are modules that may increase in number depending on the size of the site and the need for shade.

Jakarta Jaya: the Green Manhattan

Jakarta Jaya: the Green Manhattan

Jakarta Jaya: the Green Manhattan, a green master plan proposal by SHAU Architects, has won a Smart Cities prize at the World Architecture Festival 2017. Residents will enjoy access to plenty of lush tropical parks, beaches, lakes and canals.

Crosstown Concourse in Memphis

Crosstown Concourse in Memphis

DIALOG Design’s redevelopment of the ancient Sears building has now been finished. Renamed Crosstown Concourse, the building has become an “urban magnet” and a true success story for regenerative design.

We New Do Beef Hot Pot Restaurant

WE NEW DO Beef Hot Pot Restaurant

Following the “slight flavor of beef” the architects Design: Middle Interior Design Shenzhen Ltd. developed an “urban ranch” design theme. Integrated red brick, granite and wood shapes an interior reflecting in the British Industrial Revolution.

Casa SFA

Casa SFA Torreón

The SFA house is a refurbishment project. Architects Arqmov Workshop initially advised a new project, given previous unfortunate refurbishment work on the home, which was 30 years old. The property was stripped its original structure.