Henry Royce Institute, University of Manchester

Henry Royce Institute, University of Manchester

Construction work on Manchester hub for the Henry Royce National Institute, the national body promoting research and applications in advanced materials. The University of Manchester has now entered into contract on the creation of the 46m high building, to be a prominent new landmark on the skyline.

Year 5 Unit 2 December 2017 Exhibition Home

Scott Sutherland School of Architecture: RGU Aberdeen

Current work of Year 5 of Unit 2 at Scott Sutherland: ‘Home’. MArch, a full two year, four semester course of study on a single project allows greater time to do full research work which would benefit students doing their individual projects but be of such high quality that it could be published and accessed.

Paulinum University Leipzig Aula Building

Paulinum University Leipzig Building

New buildings at second oldest University of Germany finally completed. Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat says: “By far the most challenging project in my career so far. I am very delighted with the final result. It reflects every detail of our design intentions.”