Villa Zuv

Villa ZüV in Alicante

Situated in a consolidated residential neighbourhood of the city and surrounded by other houses on three sides with dividing walls. Tomás Amat Estudio de Arquitectura designed this villa which sits on a 1.000 sqm plot with a total built area of 590 sqm.

Ave House

AVE House in Lima

Design: Arq. Martín Dulanto

A white box, a habitat platform and the space generated between both elements, composes this project. The box is separated from the base creating a large space open to the landscape.

Mirante House in SP

Mirante House in São Paulo

Designed by FGMF Arquitetos Casa Mirante has strong modernist roots, which include the intensive use of brise-soleil, free plant and facade, also proposing relations with the view, nature and gardens.

La Grange Pavilion

La Grange Pavilion in Texas

La Grange Pavilion was designed, by Murray Legge Architecture, as part of a landscape intervention for a house perched on a bluff overlooking the forest and farmland of Colorado River basin seventy miles east of Austin.

Westlake Pool House in Ohio

Westlake Pool House in Ohio

Situated in the City of West Lake Hills, this pool house, swimming pool, spa, and terraced landscape use a unique sustainable design strategy employed by Murray Legge Architecture. Impervious cover and storm water run-off regulations within the city are very restrictive.

Leadwood Loop

Leadwood Loop

Metropole Architects ‘Leadwood Loop’ project has beautiful views out to the Indian Ocean with warm sunlight and shielding from the winds, The swimming pool creates a peaceful area to relax with a natural stone waterfall.

Chino Canyon House

Chino Canyon House in Palm Springs

The architects, Hundred Mile House’s primary goal with the Chino Canyon House project was to maintain the unique character of the original structure while upgrading and renovating the home to be more energy efficient, spacious and functional.