Body Factory

Body Factory in New York

BFDO Architects has designed a dramatically-lit, eye-catching retail space for Dermalogica, an award-winning skincare line, leads to a series of closed, private therapy rooms in back.

Lanesborough Hotel & Spa London interior

Lanesborough Hotel & Spa, London Luxury Club

Spread over 18,000 sqft this world class Members Club offers an integrated approach to wellbeing. The project drew on expertise across the sector to develop a world class solution for one of its most prestigious hotels. Located in the heart of London, between Mayfair and Belgravia, the club and spa has sumptuous interiors that reflect the elegant architecture of the grand Regency-period building that houses this landmark hotel.

Sidi Harazem Thermal Bath Complex

Sidi Harazem Thermal Bath Complex, Morocco

Nestled in a Moroccan oasis where ancient mineral springs have drawn visitors for centuries, the Sidi Harazem Thermal Bath Complex represents a marriage of nature, public space, and modern architecture. Built four years after Moroccan independence, the complex is the ambitious statement of a new nation determined to create modern and forward-thinking gathering places for its citizens.

Yangshuo Blossom Dreams Hotel

Yangshuo Blossom Dreams Hotel in the Guangxi Province

Architects: Co-Direction Interior

This hotel has a total of twenty-six guest rooms, divided according to the different orientation landscapes and sizes. The designers applied regional colors for the guest room area to create different situational experiences, giving the spaces more natural spirituality and vitality.

Etobicoke Commons

Etobicoke Commons in Toronto

Design: Diamond Schmitt Architects

Diamond Schmitt Architects is among a shortlist of firms selected to design a new civic centre for the Toronto suburb of Etobicoke. The scheme was recently presented at a public event.

Aquatic Complex

Aquatic Complex in Laval

Architects: NFOE / HCMA consortium

The destination facility will offer a unique experience for recreation and competitive swimmers alike. The team looks forward to seeing it come to life in the coming years.

Manh Manh Salon

Mành Mành Salon in Hanoi

Design: H&P Architects: the Mành Mành Salon project develops an approach to reuse available materials such as doors, glass, tables and chairs, bricks, low-quality wood, to create a fresh and distinctive but friendly space to the nature.

Thermal Bath in Liepaja

Thermal Bath in Liepāja

Design: Steven Christensen Architecture

The design for Liepāja Thermal Bath and Hotel originates from a keen interest in the formal associations of the dome throughout architectural history, and more precisely, its role within the typology of the public bath.

Curve Cutting

Curve Cutting in Dongguan

Design: C.DD, architects

In the design of Savour Dalang hairdressing salon, what the designer strives to achieve is: to impress and spoil the customers and make them come back.

Dusai Resort and Spa

Dusai Resort & Spa in Sreemangal

Architects: VITTI Sthapati Brindo Ltd.

This Resort is the essence of traditional village design with its formation along the slope of the hills. Trees shape the setting of the cottages, thereby leaving the surrounding nature and contour site remain untouched.

Ayia Napa Marina

Ayia Napa Marina in Cyprus

Design: SmithGroupJJR

Luxury apartments, penthouses and villas directly overlooking the marina and featuring walk-out access to private berths welcoming seafarers, residents and visitors.