Loyly Sauna

Löyly Sauna in Helsinki

Design: Avanto Architects – communal saunas used to be typical in most major cities in Finland, but now that most new homes have a sauna of their own, the number of public saunas have diminished greatly: a winner of International Architecture Awards 2018.

Relax Underground in Prague

Relax Underground in Prague

Lenka Míková designed a special „relax“ centre that serves as an hour hotel. It was a really unusual brief and a big challenge – as well as the given underground space with no windows.

Mini Hill Lily Nails Salon

Mini Hill – Lily Nails Salon in Beijing

The nails salon is designed, by ARCHSTUDIO, to achieve a kind of natural sense in artificial environment, and to attract customers by creating an amusing experience of being in the hill. The rectangular space of 60 sqm is embedded a hill that is gradually rising from outside to inside.