Line of Form Showroom in Moscow

Line of Form Showroom in Moscow

Designed by architect Maxim Kashin, the Line of Form Showroom pavilion shows a person space created not by the usual shape of the walls but created by the geometry of the line, which is the shaping element of this space.

iGuzzini Iberica SA HQ

iGuzzini Ibérica SA Headquarters in Barcelona

Designed by architect Josep Miàs the new iGuzzini Ibérica S.A. headquarters has two parts, each with a different function: one is low, extensive and underground, with no natural light and built in concrete; the other is spherical and with a glass shell, floating over the landscape.

JOOOS Fitting Room

JOOOS Fitting Room in Hangzhou

Design: X+Living

JOOOS Fitting Room integrates many of the Top fashion brands in the sales list of Tmall. The store hopes to make up the sense of emptiness of fitting brought by modern online shopping.

Volkswagen Home

Volkswagen Home in Warsaw, Poland

mode:lina designed this Volkswagen Home in Warsaw, Poland. Volkswagen has always been a truly visionary brand with a penchant for design. New technologies rapidly transform the style of living and customers’ expectations.

The Jade Blue Lounge in Ahmedabad

The Jade Blue Lounge in Ahmedabad

Group DCA’s project the Jade Blue Lounge in Ahmedabad combines a contemporary design and rich materials to create a exclusive lounge space. The old artwork and stylish framed photographs further create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere which is characteristic of the studio.

Marazzi Showroom

Marazzi Showroom in Clerkenwell

Architects: MARCEL MAUER

Italian brand Marazzi, leading international player in the ceramic tiles sector, will launch its first showroom in London at the end of May 2017, in the heart of Clerkenwell, one of the most renowned design hubs worldwide.

Hyundai Motorstudio

Hyundai Motorstudio in Goyang


The Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang has opened its doors. It is the largest centre of automotive culture in Korea, a brand world used by car maker Hyundai to present itself to a broad public.

Grey Container LP Auto Gallery

Grey. Container in Guangdong

Design: C.DD, architects

LP Auto Gallery is co-founded by an outstanding young entrepreneur (L) and a professional racing driver (P). The Gallery focuses on redefining the artistic integration of supercars and refitted vehicles.

Kiefer Technic Showroom, Bad Gleichenberg, Austria

Kiefer Technic Showroom, Bad Gleichenberg, Austria, Architect, Office, Images Kiefer Technic Showroom Austrian Building – design by Giselbrecht + Partner 8 Jun 2008 Kiefer Technic Bad Gleichenberg Dynamic facade 2007 Architect: Giselbrecht + Partner ZT GmbH Photos © Paul Ott Showroom in Bad Gleichenberg In earlier times, façades were characterised by window arrangements and axes.…