WeGrow School in New York City

WeGrow school in New York City

BIG and WeWork’s collaboration and belief in creativity manifests through the first WeGrow school in New York City. The interactive learning landscape supports a conscious approach to education, nurturing the growth, spirit and mind of the 21st century child.

The Winsor School, Lubin O'Donnell Center for Performing Arts and Wellness interior

The Winsor School Boston, Massachusetts

The Winsor School Boston, Massachusetts, USA – design by William Rawn Associates, Architect, Inc. – almost doubles historic all-girls school size with 143,000 sqft project combining arts and athletics to encourage leadership, collaboration, and creative risk taking.

American School Buildings – US Schools

American School Buildings, Architecture, Architects, United States of America American School Designs : Architecture Key American Educational Developments American Architecture : links American School Building – Design Award Central Los Angeles Area High School #9 for the Visual and Performing Arts, CA 2008 Coop Himmelb(l)au with HMC Architects photo © Duccio Malagamba American High School…

School Proposal for Lounovice near Prague

School Proposal for Lounovice near Prague

JDAP has proposed a scheme for the Lounovice School to form an integrated complex of buildings forming a light, soft building envelope gently enclosing the school functions, allowing its inhabitants to claim it over time and make it their own.