Dushan School Complex

Dushan School Complex in Baiquan Town

This complex of buildings, designed by West-line studio, grows on the top of a long foundation stripe, 527m long and 330m wide. The north area is mountainous and mostly residential, on the west there is the highway and both east and south are arterial roads.

Skovbakken School

Skovbakken School in Odder

CEBRA Architects designed the new building replaces an existing school and is in its scale, its architectonic expression and in its materials inspired by its surroundings: the neighbourhood and the public forest.

Ecole louis De vion Montévrain school buildng in France

Ecole louis De vion Montévrain – School

New school building by Vincent Parreira Atelier Architecture – AAVP: once past the threshold, the child comes out of his family cocoon to walk into a non-standard world, dappled with reflections, rustling with echoes, a world of oddities, an unexpected blending and surprising collapsing of spaces.

Central Foundation Boys School 3

Central Foundation Boys School

Hawkins\Brown’s renovation project will secure the future of the school on a constrained site, delivering state-of the-art facilities that will match the aspiration and excellence of the school. Central Foundation Boys’ School is made up of a collection of seven buildings, on a limited inner city site, next to Old Street roundabout.