The Street Ratchada

The Street Ratchada in Bangkok

With over 10 million inhabitants, Bangkok continues to grow into its urban form. Architectkidd’s approach for The Street Ratchada project introduces public and urban characteristics into a newly developing neighborhood outside of the central metropolitan area.

Suning Plaza Xuzhou building by Aedas Architects

Suning Plaza in Xuzhou

Design: Benoy

Benoy, the global studio of Architects, Masterplanners, Interior and Graphic Designers has celebrated the topping out of Suning Plaza in Xuzhou, China on 29 December.

City of Sky in Vanke

City of Sky in Vanke

As the sales center of Unicity of Vanke being located in Fuzhou, WJ Design wanted to make a difference between City of Sky and traditional sales center.

Milky's in Toronto

Milky’s in Toronto

Milky’s dedication to thoughtful design is everywhere, right down to the cup a beverage is served in, which are designed by Batay-Csorba Architects, to focus all attention on the drink inside.