Maxco Flagship Store in Madrid

MAX&Co. Flagship Store in Madrid

Designed by Ciszak Dalmas, Andrea Tognon, Studio Pepe and the Max Mara design office the first flagship store in Spain for MAX&Co., the Italian fashion brand with an innovative approach to fashion, is now open in Madrid.

Moschinos Showroom in Paris

Moschino’s Showroom in Paris

Architect Fabio Ferrillo designs the new Moschino boutique in Paris, a store concept halfway between a retail space and art gallery. The shop is divided on two levels, visually connected by an imposing curved staircase that becomes the focus of the space.

Tower Junction in Christchurch

Tower Junction in Christchurch

Completed in mid-2018, the revitalisation and expansion of Ngai Tahu Property’s Tower Junction in Addington was designed by Buchan to make better use of expansive parking lots and increase foot traffic to underutilised spaces.

American Retail Buildings – US Store Designs

American Retail Buildings, Architecture, Architects, United States of America American Retail Designs : Architecture Key American Shopping Developments American Architecture : links US Retail Buildings We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of US Retail Buildings. We aim to include shop buildings / projects that are either of top quality or interesting, or…

IF Mall in Ningbo

If Mall in Ningbo

Benoy has announced its second project with Hong Kong China Travel Service – the Ningbo ‘If mall’, a future community-focused retail and commercial destination.