Belarusian Memorial Chapel in London

Belarusian Memorial Chapel in London

This 70sqm wooden chapel was built for the Belarusian diaspora community in the UK. Designed by Spheron Architects, the timber is a reminder of the loss of many wooden Belarusian settlements. The undulating timber frill of the flank walls energises the exterior.

American Religious Buildings – US Churches

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Vajrasana Buddhist Retreat Centre Suffolk

Vajrasana Buddhist Retreat Centre, Suffolk

Design: Walters & Cohen Architects

This exquisite building for meditation is in the depths of the Suffolk countryside. Although predominantly inward facing around courtyards it connects to the landscape beyond with views from shared communal rooms and bedrooms much as a monastic settlement might.

Stanbrook Abbey Building

Stanbrook Abbey Building, Wass, North Yorkshire

Design: Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios Architects

Simplicity, tranquillity and calm were design qualities the nuns most strongly valued. The architects felt an orthogonal plan would be most successful, providing restful vistas and axes, with a courtyard as the central focus.

The Light at Friends House

The Light at Friends House

Design: John McAslan + Partners

One of the most striking elements of the scheme is the reconfigured internal volume, now named ‘The Light’, topped with a vast, dramatic roof-light, flooding the Meeting House with daylight.

Luoyuan Protestant Church

Luoyuan Protestant Church in China

Design: INUCE Architecture Design Urbanism

Luoyuan is a rapidly growing city by the coast of Fujian, a Chinese province famous for its tea production, its Hakka ethnic minority and their distinct ring-shaped residential architecture, the so called Fujian-Tulou.

The Chapel Vietnam by A21 Studio

The Chapel Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

Design: a21studio, architects

A community space in a new urban ward on the outskirt of Ho Chi Minh City. The surrounding area lacks communal centers, therefore the building is designed to be the place for people to participate in activities such as conferences, weddings and exhibitions.