Leighton Beach Facilities

Leighton Beach Facilities in Fremantle

Leighton Beach has been undergoing significant redevelopment including infrastructure, housing and beachfront facility. The City of Fremantle has provided Public Facilities to the redevelopment in the form of Access, Landscaping, a Kiosk and Changerooms designed by Bernard Seeber.

Floating Sauna Soomaa Forest

Floating Sauna in Soomaa Forests

In the middle of one the largest national parks in Estonia, Soomaa (literally meaning ‘swamp land’ in Estonian) a new attraction awaits visitors – a floating wilderness sauna built by students during an international summer school.

Paper Pavilion for CHART in Copenhagen

Paper Pavilion in Copenhagen

For the theme of Sustainability, YATA architects – Kazumasa Takada, Yuriko Yagi and Yohei Tomioka set up the design goal to create a pavilion that has an appropriate durability for an event which to be held for a short time like CHART.

Serpentine Pavilion 2017 by Francis Kéré Architect in Kensington Gardens London

Serpentine Pavilion 2017 by Francis Kéré

extended opening until 19 November. Review by architect Eleonora Nicoletti, “The first impression I had…can be summarised by a single adjective: joyous.” Also featured is architect Adrian Welch’s interview with AECOM about their role in this internationally renowned cultural project on the lawns of Kensington Gardens.