Rothco in Dublin Office Interior

Rothco in Dublin Office Interior

When designing Rothco, ODOS Architects’ brief called for a new visual identity for the company’s work spaces, drawn from both their own background in multimedia and advertising, as well as the raw energy of the space they were to inhabit.

Google Campus in Sao Paulo

Google Campus in São Paulo

Campus São Paulo, a Google Space for enterpreneurs: SuperLimão Studio retrofitted this sixth floor building, Paulista Avenue, São Paulo, Brazil, as a ‘green build’, LEED certified, using local and recycled materials.

BCG Office Interior in LA

BCG Office Interior in Los Angeles

Redesigned by architects ShubinDonaldson, BCG’s new space, on the top two floors. The client wanted the interior of their west coast HQ, in the BCG Tower, to express their shared purpose of expanding “the art of the possible”.