Molly Club Wuhan

Molly Club in Wuhan

Designed by J.H Architecture, Molly Club, combining entertainment and basic restaurant service, is one example of this trend, providing a relaxing place for young people after a long, stressful day at work.

CRAZY_Undr, Constanta Club

CRAZY_Undr, Constanta Club, Romania

CRAZY_Undr Club in Constanta: “the background of musical, urban events into a central location in Constanta is the theme for a potential manifesto. We are dominated by mental flashbacks of some residual urban spaces”.

Paradise City

Paradise City in Seoul

Design: MVRDV Architects

MVRDV have designed Paradise City, a 9,800sqm entertainment plaza which sits within a larger tourist hub just 10 minutes from Incheon Airport in Seoul. Two buildings shape a retail complex and a nightclub within fluid, yet monolithic, forms.

supperclub Amsterdam

supperclub Amsterdam Singel 460

Design: concrete

The supperclub has found a new location in the Odeon building on the Singel. It offers a “complete harmony of food, drinks, lights and sound, merged into an atmosphere that offers an escape from the everyday world.”

Grace Belgravia

Grace Belgravia – London Private Members Club

Design: Studio RHE

This is London’s first ever women’s only private members’ club.

It is for health-conscious women who want the very best in therapeutic and medical treatments. Members can have workout sessions with celebrity personal trainer, Matt Roberts, or be treated by the Queen’s doctor, Dr Tim Evans.

Eskada Club Porto Nightclub

Eskada Club – Porto Nightclub

Drawing on themes from luxury, glamorous and trendy blends Eskada Club Porto stands for an invigorating atmosphere. Thought from a range of differently design rooms, each with its own special feature

Bike Stand at the Groucho Club, Soho Design Contest

Groucho Club Soho, 45 Dean Street, Bike Architecture Competition, News Bike Stand at the Groucho Club Make a Stand Competition, London : Soho Design Contest – winners 18 Jul 2012 Make a Stand – Groucho Club Soho Address: 45 Dean St, London W1D 4PZ The Groucho Club in Soho The Aerogenerator Project, in association with…

M.N.ROY Club, Roma – Mexico City Interior Design

M.N.ROY is a project made as an open question, the one has for goal not to answer obviously what’s actually the M.N.ROY. In this way, the place can be perceived as an anti-project of what could be the commission of a private club in Mexico City, an more precisely in its Roma neighborhood.