National Holocaust Memorial design by Diamond Schmitt Architects with Martha Schwartz Partners

National Holocaust Memorial Competition

Watch a stellar list of 10 design teams make their presentations! Free, public event on Sunday 17 September. Shortlisted designs for architecture competition on display at V&A. Ten world-class architects teams vying for new National Holocaust Memorial next to UK Parliament.

9/11 Pentagon Memorial Visitor Education Center

9/11 Pentagon Memorial Visitor Education Center

The VEC will be the companion visitor center to the existing memorial that memorializes the 184 lives lost during the tragic events of September 11, 2001, when American Airlines Flight 77 was hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon. The tragedy took lives of Pentagon employees and all passengers and crew aboard Flight 77.

Bing'an Red Memorial

Bing’an Red Memorial in Guizhou

Architects: West-line studio

The Red Army Memorial Museum is situated in the rural Bing’an Warf, a shoal in the middle of the Chishui river, on the border between the regions of Guizhou and Sichuan, in South-West China.

Princess Diana Fountain, London Memorial

Princess Diana Fountain, London Memorial, Designer, Award, Hyde Park, England Princess of Wales Fountain, London : Diana Memorial Diana Memorial Fountain London, England, UK – design by Gustafson Porter Landscape Archietcts page updated 14 Sep 2016 Diana Memorial Fountain Memorial Fountain : Information from Gustafson Porter Location: Hyde Park Design: Gustafson Porter Landscape Archietcts Diana…