Thamesmead London Bexley aerial photo |

Southmere Village Library in Thamesmead Competition

Peabody and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) announce the launch of an international design competition for a new library building in Southmere Village, Thamesmead. This new civic building will be at the heart of the first phase of the planned 1,622 new homes to be delivered in Bexley.

Tainan Public Library Building |

Tainan Public Library in Taiwan

Design: Mecanoo and MAYU – groundbreaking news
Tainan is a city born from a history of diverse cultures, peoples and traditions. The urban fabric holds memories from the 17th century European maritime trading, the Qing Dynasty Ruling, and the Japanese settlement of the early 1900s.

NY Public Library Stapleton Branch

New York Public Library Stapleton Branch

Design: Andrew Berman Architect

The new library was intended above all to be an inviting, open, and accessible public space for the community. The library had to be on a single level, stitch new building to old, and be handicapped accessible.

Vitrolles Media Library

Vitrolles Media Library in France

Architect: Jean-Pierre Lott

Vitrolles grew too quickly. A victim of the urbanization of the 1960s, it went from the status of little Provençal village with about a thousand inhabitants, to a bedroom community comprised of soulless apartment buildings.

Geelong Library and Heritage Center

Geelong Library and Heritage Center

Design: ARM Architecture

“One of the big strategic objectives for the city was that the building actually be iconic, to be a landmark building. And I think you can say that they’ve achieved that quite successfully.”