LIFE Hamburg Germany

LIFE Hamburg in Germany

Architectural firm LAVA joined forces with urban agricultural collective Cityplot to design LIFE Hamburg, a new building that is energy self-sufficient, and brings inside and outside together.

The Cultural Block Paris

The Cultural Block in Paris

Designed by Tolila+Gilliland and TVK The Cultural Block consists of a cinema, a community center, concert space, dance studios, 342 residential units, shared garden and retail spaces.

Selvika, Structure at Havøysund, Finnmark Design

Selvika, Structure at Havøysund, Finnmark Design

Selvika, Finnmark, Norway, design by Reiulf Ramstad Architects, singling out and magnifying the experience of walking from roadside to seaside at this very special place at Havøysund. The path itself is a means of refocusing the experiential mode: a measured, restrained approach that creates awareness.