Clover House

Clover House in Okazaki

Design: MAD architects

MAD architects have completed their first project in Japan, the Clover House kindergarten. Located in the small town of Okazaki, the school’s setting boasts views of the paddy fields and mountains, characteristic of the Aichi Prefecture.

Smartno Timeshare Kindergarden

Smartno Timeshare Kindergarden

Design: Arhitektura Jure Kotnik. The Smartno Timeshare Kindergarden was designed to encourage interaction, peer learning and self-learning. It has an open floor plan, which merges poorly used spaces such as wardrobes, corridors and stairs into one learning landscape together with playrooms.

Kindergarten Bijelo Polje Montenegro building

Kindergarten Bijelo Polje – Montenegro

A diagonal brace, domineering two sides of the cube, was made for a reason and so it became a dominating element of a building structure. It is because the kindergarten, consisting of basement+ground floor+one floor, should be located near the existing building.

Consell Kindergarten Mallorca Nursery building

Consell Kindergarten – Mallorca Nursery Building

Consell Kindergarten is the extension of the School Complex “Bartomeu Ordines” in Consell, Mallorca, Spain. This new Spanish nursery building is composed of: six classrooms (for children between 3 and 5 years old), one psychomotor classroom and a dining area including kitchen.

Kindergarten Rome Building design

Kindergarten in Rome: Nursery School

A very basic one; since it’s virtually impossible for the adult to wear such tiny shoes once more and re-imagine the needs and the states of mind worn by children of early age (1-3 years in the case of this Kindergarten).

Tourrette Levens Childcare Center, France

Childcare Center, Tourrette-Levens Building, France Nursery Development, French Architecture Childcare Center Tourrette-Levens French Nursery Building – design by Heams & Michel Architectes 30 Apr 2013 Tourrette Levens Nursery Design: Heams & Michel Architectes Location: Tourrette Levens, Alpes – Maritimes, southern France Tourrette Levens Childcare Center Measuring Program The new building includes a family day care…

Forfatterhuset Kindergarden: Copenhagen Nursery

Forfatterhuset Kindergarden Copenhagen, Danish Nursery School, Architecture, Architect, Design Forfatterhuset Kindergarden, København : Copenhagen Nursery Copenhagen Education Building, Denmark – design by LETH & GORI + EMA 26 Oct 2012 Forfatterhuset Kindergarden Copenhagen Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Architect: LETH & GORI + EMA FORFATTERHUSET KINDERGARTEN The project for Forfatterhuset Kindergarden is the result of an invited…