Home 901 in Sabino Springs Tucson

Home 901 in Sabino Springs, Tucson

There are only a few instances in an architectural career where a client and an architect’s vision unify into an immaculate and complete expression of art and architecture. For this project Kevin B. Howard Architects were very fortunate to work with a couple who, devoted to the ideals of minimalism’s stark allure.

The French Laundry Restaurant in Yountville California

The French Laundry in Yountville, California

Snøhetta unveils The French Laundry’s Kitchen Expansion and Courtyard Renovation. The design is the first major overhaul to the historic site in over two decades and doubles the size of the existing landscape for guests while providing a world-class working environment for Keller and his team to innovate their craft and service.

bistro EK, Ljubljana Interior

bistro EK, Ljubljana Interior

The empty and forgotten semi-basement space in the 19th century Ljubljana corner building, which faces the riverside and a rarely frequented stairs-street, housed diverse ventures in the past, from a local butcher shop to a wholesale wine store. Design: dekleva gregorič architects.