Pratic 2 HQ in Udine

PRATIC 2 HQ in Udine

Designed by GEA Gri e Zucchi Architettura srl, the Pratic Headquarters dialogue with the earth and the sky, with light and shadow. The productive and directional functions relate to the landscape without mimicry.

The Fantoni Plaxil 8 in Udine

The Fantoni Plaxil 8 in Udine

The manufacturing building “Plaxil 8” by Studio Valle Architetti Associati, was designed by Pietro Valle together with architect Roland Henning, engineer Mario Gallinaro and manufacturer Dieffenbacher.

Bombas Gens Centre in Valencia

Bombas Gens Centre in Valencia, Art Deco Building

Spanish architect Ramón Esteve awarded the Land Rover Born Prize in the Architecture section for his work in the rehabilitation project of the Bombas Gens Centre in Valencia; a former factory with an unquestionable social-historical value and one of the rare remaining examples of the industrial architecture of the thirties.

Dalston Works Mixed-Use Development

Dalston Works Mixed-Use Development Hackney

Dalston Works was designed by Waugh Thistleton Architects and comprises 121 apartments for rent alongside two ground level courtyards flanked by retail and restaurant spaces, and a flexible workspace hub caters to the growing creative community in Dalston.

Brom Building, Neot Hovav, Israel

Brom Building, Neot Hovav, Israel

Design: Miron Sorin, from Miron Sorin Architects

The harsh desert climate environment and the industrial neighborhood imposed limited openings size and acoustic design for the upper floors. The lobby has wide, shaded structural glazing walls.

Western Base

Western Base in Melbourne

Architects: Six Degrees. A key strategic project for the City of Melton and the Department of Sustainability, Western Business Accelerator & Centre for Excellence operates as a ‘business incubator’ for startup businesses in Melton, where there is very limited opportunities for local employment.

Vegetable Palace

The Vegetable Palace in Belgium

Design: van Bergen Kolpa Architects

The Vegetable Palace is an ambitious project for research and demonstration of vegetable cultivation that will further connect Inagro, the Flemish institute for agriculture, to the agro-logistical sector and the food-consumer.

Bestseller Logistikcenter: Haderslev Building

Bestseller Logistics Center, Haderslev Development, Danish Industrial Building, Denmark, Property Bestseller Logistikcenter : Haderslev Building Industrial Building Denmark – design by C.F. Møller 8 Feb 2013 Bestseller Logistics Center Location: Denmark Design: C.F. Møller C.F. Møller shortlisted for Mipim Award 2013 Once again there is chance that Denmark can win the prestigious MIPIM Award –…