House for Four Generations

House for Four Generations in Tokyo

This is an interior renovation project of an existing two-story timber structure house in Tokyo which was built approximately 40 years ago. The clients, a young couple and the wife’s parents, were already living there before the renovation by tomomi kito architect & associates .

Yuhua Showflat E

Yuhua Showflat E in Henan

FAN Life has looked at what kind of collision will occur, when traditional spirit is expressed in an actual form, and when classical soul is hovering in a simple realistic space. This project is an expression of the integrated aesthetics of the Chinese and Western style.

Dancing House

Dancing House in Melbourne

The design of Dancing House was inspired by the Client’s fondness for tranquil, forested clearings, the interplay between the new and existing frames three courtyards which orchestrate an unfolding engagement with the nuances of nature and the site.

Ness Point

Ness Point in Dover

Ness Point has been designed by Tonkin Liu Architects as if it had grown out of the land in which it is embedded. Ness Point is one of two more of the UK’s best new homes are added to the RIBA House of the Year shortlist

Birdhut in Windermere

Birdhut in Windermere

Designed and built by Studio North the Birdhut is a treetop perch that sits on wooden stilts along a forested hillside. Immersed in the tree canopy, the hut accommodates two people, twelve varieties of birds, and whatever inquisitive critters come by to visit.

Pyramid House in Sysma

Pyramid House in Sysmä, Finland

The owner of a beautiful plot stuck between a mountain forest and a lake in Finland wanted a house with a distinctive character that would offer the comfort of a contemporary lifestyle and, at the same time, establish a tight connection with the strong and beautiful natural features of the site.