The House of Sports in Bezons

The House of Sports in Bezons

Designed by agence ENGASSER & associés the Sports Centre pulls together a large number of elements from different briefs, i.e. an already-existing gymnasium, swimming pool and indoor tennis courts with the creation of a multi-purpose arena, boxing hall, bodybuilding hall etc

Black Box Gym

Black Box Gym in Chengdu

Designed by design by HAD & Epos Architects the Black Box Gym features steel beam-to-column, corrugated steel and perforated steel plates, which are widely applied in temporary architecture. The gym provides fitness facilities and space for people nearby.

Solar Egg Sauna

Solar Egg in Paris

Riksbyggen’s internationally-acclaimed egg-shaped sauna, Solar Egg, by artists Bigert and Bergström, has been invited to be part of the Swedish Design Moves Paris initiative. For three weeks, starting on the 25th of November, Parisians will get the chance to experience both Swedish design and sauna traditions.

Place Bell in Laval

Place Bell in Laval

The new home of the Laval Rocket – an American Hockey League team affiliated with the Montreal Canadiens – Place Bell, designed by Lemay, features a 10,000-seat arena with NHL-compliant ice rink that can easily transform into a performance amphitheatre.

London Cat Clinic

The London Cat Clinic in Bermondsey

This project designed by Gort Scott is driven by careful consideration of the welfare of feline patients and their owners, reflecting the client’s core values. The design works hard to ensure that cats and their owners are at ease.