The Sail Towers Hotel

The Sail Towers Hotel in Puerto Cancún

Two pairs of white, skeletal towers designed by DNA Barcelona in Puerto Cancún. The organic-shaped buildings – in plan and section – are strongly articulated through the rhythm of their balconies. Hotels, condominiums, shopping mall, time shares and retail are present.

Amsterdam International Golf Club, Schiphol

Amsterdam Golf Club, Netherlands, Schiphol Clubhouse Design, Architect Amsterdam International Golf Club : Schiphol Building Clubhouse Building, The Netherlands – design by Mecanoo architecten 7 Jun 2012 Amsterdam International Golf Clubhouse Schiphol Design: Mecanoo architecten Construction begins on the Amsterdam International Golf Clubhouse Schiphol Construction begins on the new clubhouse for the Amsterdam International Golf…

Scandinavian Golf Club, Farum Building, Denmark

Scandinavian Golf Club, Farum Building, Danish Project, Photo, News, Design, Image Scandinavian Golf Club, Farum Architecture Development Denmark – design by Henning Larsen Architects in Jutland, Denmark 15 Sep 2010 Scandinavian Golf Club Location: Farum, Sjaelland Design: Henning Larsen Architects Photos: Peter Jarvad Scandinavian Golf Club With its location in the beautiful, hilly landscape of…