Huayan Road Fire Station

Huayan Road Fire Station in Guizhou Province

Architects: West-line studio

The fire station is located at the very center of Guizhou Province, near its main city, Guiyang. The building grows in between two steep trapezoid-shaped picks, 30m high, facing Huayan Road, an important road artery.

Hicks Gate Fire Station

Hicks Gates Fire Station in Keynsham

Architects: AHR

The 1,700 sqm station is split into two main volumes: 5 appliance bays and a two-storey accommodation block. The building has service and operation on the ground floor and living spaces above, reducing internal response distances.

Omagh Fire Station Building

Omagh Fire Station

Omagh Fire Station, Northern Irish Architecture, News, Picture, Design Omagh Fire Station Northern Ireland Emergency Service Building – design by HLM Architects 17 Jul 2014 Northern Ireland Fire Station Design: HLM Architects Location: Omagh, Northern Ireland New facilities for Omagh’s life-saving firefighters A new £3.6 million community fire station, training facility and headquarters for Omagh’s…

Fire Station Doetinchem 3

Fire Station Doetinchem in Holland

Design: Bekkering Adams architects

Opening of Fire Station Doetinchem on Friday 21st March 2014

A new home for the Fire Brigade : Fire Station Doetinchem combines sustainability, functionality and an attractive living and working environment in a green oasis

Vitra Fire Station 1

Vitra Fire Station – German Zaha Hadid Building

Design: Zaha Hadid Architects

We initiated our design with a study of the overall factory site. Our intention was to place the elements of our commission in such a way that they would not be lost between the enormous factory sheds. We also used these elements to structure the whole site, giving identity and rhythm to the main street running through the complex.